9mm HK P30 vs Sig


May 5, 2012, 10:42 AM
I think I am getting out of the AK game. I have a Polish 1960 milled that I have fallen outta lust with.

What I have fallen in lust with is the HK P30 DA/SA with no safety. The only complaint I can find on the net is some don't like the trigger reset. The issue I see for me is the factory threaded barrel is over $300 if I can find one in stock (I haven't yet) Anyone else heard of any other issues?

I know someone who wants my AK and is a die hard Sig 9mm collector. He has several 226,229 etc. I have had Sigs and they have never failed me. But the dissimilar metal thing doesn sit well with me (I do a lot of work with metal) something about a stainless slide riding on aluminum rails. A plus in the Sig column is, they have the reputation of being the quietest suppressor host and factory threaded barrels are $200ish.

Primary use range, followed by some winter time ccw. Neither pistol falls into a "need" category. The only 9mm currently in the stable is a G19 gen 4. Hopefully I will be able to bring my Osprey home next month and looking for a host.

One of the things I look at is how many used guns of a particular model I see for sale. And I rarely see used P30s for sale. But I know there are waaaaay more Sigs produced.

Any and all input would be appreciated.

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May 5, 2012, 11:51 AM
SIG pistols with alloy frames are anodized. With proper maintenance that includes changing recoil springs and breech block pins (cabon steel folded slides) every 5000 rounds and religious lubing of the frame rails an alloy frame SIG can easily go 60,000 rounds or more with many reports of 100,000 round plus alloy SIG pistols. Many use high quality grease on the frame rails of their alloy frame SIGs to insure long frame life.

If that still is a concern then look into a stainless steel frame SIG pistol for a little bit more than the alloy frame models but of course they will weigh several ounces more. SIG also makes the poly SP2022 pistol that I own and prefer over any other poly frame pistol other than the Walther P99/PPQ.

IMO number of used pistols for sale of a particular model is a poor indicator of how much a pistol is liked. Many times used pistols are police trade ins. I never see used High Point pistols for sale but that does not motivate me to want to buy one. ;)

Good luck finding what you want and as always it is best for YOU to try out whatever you are considering to see what works best for you.

May 5, 2012, 01:19 PM
I have never used an HK as a host for a suppressor, but I have fired a P226 side-by-side a G17 using an AAC Ti-RANT 9mm and the Sig was noticeably quieter.

You would not be disappointed with a Sig, that's for sure. But you would also not regret getting the HK, IMO.

So I guess that means that I am no help :o good luck!

May 5, 2012, 02:11 PM
I like the HK P30, but I have never liked their (HK) triggers. IMO, for $1K it should have a better trigger. I dont like the LEM either. Its sad that I can pay half the cost of a HK to get a Glock. Add a connector then have a much better trigger than the one on the HK. Now, if HK started refining their triggers, I may start sending money their way. YMMV

I really like my Sigs. I have an older milled slide P226 9mm and a P228 that was an over run from the US Army's last order of M11's. They have been great shooters, but like the HK's, the trigger reset is awful. Thankfully, Sig has the SRT trigger parts available. I have found them running from $50-$80.

I recommend Top Gun Supply for Sig parts. Second Midway USA.

May 5, 2012, 08:14 PM
I was thinking of sending the P30 to Bill Springfield for a trigger reset job and smoothing of the DA pull.

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