Friends/relatives guns you covet but that they won't sell?


May 19, 2012, 08:48 PM
This was inspired by the "everyone has their price" thread, got me to thinking about guns we know others have that but they would never part with. My brother has a large collection of cheap stuff, think Jennings, Raven, etc. The nicest stuff he has is stuff I've given him as a gift. However, his wife has her father's pristine S&W 27-2 that I've only handled once and had to put away because I was getting all "Lord of the Rings" about it (must.. have.. the precious..) Her dad bought it in the late 70's(?) and fired a cylinder or two and then put it away, never to fire it again. It's a gorgeous gun with that deep, deep blue finish. She'll never part with it because it was her late father's and I would never ask her to. I still covet the heck out of it though. So let's hear about the one's you all have to admire from afar, knowing you probably won't ever get your grubby mitts on 'em.

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May 19, 2012, 09:13 PM
Yup a S&W model 657 3" 41 mag my little 21 year old brother has that he bought from a coworker that has cancer for only $350! I offered him $700 and he won't sell it. Little punk .... other than that i easily have the nicest weapons between my friends and family. The rest of their guns are things like old Remington's which I don't care for (I'm a winchester guy) and pistol's like llamas, ruger p95, old 22's nothing of interest.

May 19, 2012, 09:24 PM
My uncle's 219 Ackley Improved Zipper, done at Ackleys shop. I think it got pawned for a guitar amp :barf:

May 19, 2012, 09:28 PM
^ I hope that was a very spendy and nice amp!

May 19, 2012, 11:05 PM
My uncle's 219 Ackley Improved Zipper, done at Ackleys shop. I think it got pawned for a guitar amp


May 20, 2012, 01:03 AM
Ohhhh the attitudes and mindsets of when we covet what others have :what:.

May 20, 2012, 01:07 AM
my grandfathers browning a5, he used it in 3 country's hunting and for years on the skeet range, but my brother wont sale!!!

Ignition Override
May 20, 2012, 01:19 AM
An older friend of my wife has a Walther 9mm handgun which her late father brought back from Europe in WW2. She had called it a Mauser until we were there for dinner and she let us look at at.

Nobody in her family uses their few guns, but Barbara seems to be keeping the Walther simply as a momento, if that's the correct term.
The gun has the Waffenamt and swastikas.

Tim the student
May 20, 2012, 03:58 AM
None really. The ones that I really want are family guns, and I'm not about to ask them to sell them to me.

That said, my FIL has some nice rifles, and is thinking about getting a nice 1911, which I'm sure I'll like.

May 20, 2012, 06:38 AM
Friend of mine had a pristine 9MM Polish Radom he refused to part with. He's passed away now and I'm betting one of his kids has it. It's the only gun I ever wanted and couldn't get.

May 20, 2012, 07:57 AM
No There are no firearms that any of my family or friends have that I wanted and they would not part with. I got my grandfathers 30 M1 carbine and a couple of his revolvers. I guess I am not the kind of guy that has to have what others already own. I just appreciate what makes others choices different than mine with respect to firearms.:)

Jolly Rogers
May 20, 2012, 08:26 AM
About 40 years ago my Cousin had a Model 70 heavy barrel .243 . It was so beautiful and shot so well it has been on my list ever since. I lost track of that part of the family 30 years ago and he has passed on but I still want one.

May 20, 2012, 08:41 AM
A German Luger that my dad's cousin brought back from WWII. He said he slept "many a night" with it in his hand. He was in the Battle of the Bulge and others. He was awarded the Purple Heart and a Silver Star.

He sold it when his wife got cancer.

tightgroup tiger
May 20, 2012, 09:00 AM
I had my coveted gun, a 1946 Model 70 that was my fathers, and when he passed, it went to to me with all the rest of his guns.

My father was confused when the time got near and the last words he had with my identical twin brother was through a cload of narcotics and pain.

The words weren't good and it hurt my brother badly. He had wanted only the model 70 because all of our fond memories of dad mostly included it. Same reason I wanted it.

I put the rifles in the trunk of my car except for the model 70 which I handed to my brother.

So I only had it for a few moments, I have no regrets.

May 20, 2012, 09:10 AM
I cannot recall any firearms that I wanted to obtain but the owner refused to sell. However, I am VERY thankful that my mother refused to part with her first anniversary present (Win M1895 .405, mf'd circa 1907) and my father's WWII 6.5 "Mummed" Arisaka (re-chambered for 6.5 Roberts). Not long after my dad passed on, our next door neighbor apparently twisted my mom's arm fairly heavily to sell them, but no go :D!!!!!

Apparently the latter may have actually been mf'd/used in WWI as well...

May 20, 2012, 09:21 AM
My dad's nickel plated 6" Colt Python...sold it to someone without even letting me have a chance to buy it! COLD!!!

May 20, 2012, 09:24 AM
My great uncles G43 with all matching #s

May 20, 2012, 09:40 AM
Before my grandfather became really sick (emphysema, slowly drowning for 25 years) and couldn't get around, he asked my mom if he should save his guns for my brother (22 yrs old at the time, I was 15) or sell them. My non-gun-loving mom told him to sell them. Two that he sold were Model 70s in 30-06 (might have been consecutively numbered?), one mid-grade, one with heavy target stock and barrel. If we boys had been 10 yrs older, we'd have them, and about 10 other beautiful guns that my grandfather purchased on a low income and cherished. I do have his Savage 99 (.308 Win.) that I'll never part with.

May 20, 2012, 10:00 PM
A co-worker has a US model 1873 Springfield trapdoor carbine that belonged to his father. I LOVE that rifle.

May 20, 2012, 10:22 PM
Father in law has a T series BHP that cannot wait to get my hands on LOL.... Actually it will be mine eventually.

May 21, 2012, 08:42 AM
Anybody ever read, The Ten Commandments, I draw your attention to number 10................

May 21, 2012, 09:51 AM
My brother has a couple of guns that I would dearly love to have. One is a mint Springfield Model 1903A3 that I got for him years ago when he was in the Army. He was collecting U.S. martial arms at the time and this was one that he needed for his collection.

Another one that would be on my short list is his DSA FAL that he bought when they first came out. An extremely well made rifle that has the perfect blend of design, function, and balance for a battle rifle.

May 21, 2012, 10:00 AM
My father in law sold his Browning Hi-Power that he carried when he was a LEO to his son. I've been trying to talk him out of that thing for a couple of years now. He's come close to giving in on a trade a time or two then balked but I'm getting close. Maybe this will be my year.

May 21, 2012, 10:54 AM
Dear friend has a few guns I would buy if he would sell. I've offered him double what he paid for them (he bought them in the 1960's so I'm not as honorable as it appears). An unfired High Standard Supermatic Citation. A Browning Hi-Power (less than 1 Mag through it), an unfired Baby Browning 25 acp and one silly little pistol that just looks good - a Llama .380 acp (I've fired the only rounds ever shot through it.

Yeah, I'll pay you exactly double what you paid for them new..... Yeah, that's it.

Silly me, he gave (GAVE) my wife his Anschutz 22 magnum but won't sell me the other pieces.

May 21, 2012, 02:08 PM
A friend getting into his eighties has a big collection he wants to pare down (sons not interested) including a pristine Krag-Jorgensen that I would love to have.
Every time I see him he offers to give it to me, and every time I insist on buying it for a fair price. We reverse dicker for a while and then, when I next see him, we go through the whole thing again. I'm pretty sure he has beginning Alzheimer's...he doesn't remember the previous conversations...and I'm sure as hell not going to take advantage of him. I'm not quite sure how to proceed.


May 21, 2012, 02:58 PM
Either you want the Krag or ya don't. Next time you see him, hand him 800 in cash when the topic comes up and be done with it.
Same with some of these other people, put up some cash if you really want the gun. Nobody owes their gun to you if or when they die, almost sound like vultures on some of these posts, or at least angry you didn't get what you wanted.
When I reach that point in my life, I,ll gift them to to family who will appreciate the various pieces in my collection. Or sell them outright if no one in the family has any interest.
I will make the request to be buried with my MAS 49/56 and Colt Python.

May 21, 2012, 03:03 PM
The trick to winning is own all the guns that your family/friends covet but wont sell.

May 21, 2012, 04:32 PM
It isn't so much covet but my brother has a WWII era Beretta 1934 9mm corto, (.380) that my dad brought back. It isn't original it had been reblued about 50 years ago so the collectible value isn't there but it was dads and that makes it special to me.
He did have it appraised at Cabelas and the offered him $100.00 for it. I told him I would trade an FEG Hi-Power PJK 9 HP for it if he really wanted to sell it and he's thinking about it.

Mauser lover
May 21, 2012, 10:49 PM
I don't really covet them, but my dad has a Ruger M77 from.... Oh, about the late '70s, or early '80s, sporter barrel, .30-06, shoots half minute of angle at 200 yards with factory Winchester ammo, bought it used (barely) with a Leopold scope for less than $300.00, not sure how much exactly. He has a Browning High Power that he bought just before the ban here on standard capacity magazines. It is a pity that we only get ten shots in a pistol that deserves 13, but at least CA let us keep the gun, even if they didn't let us keep the normal mags.

The reason that I don't covet them is because he never shoots anymore, he gives excuses about his eyesight, but he really doesn't enjoy shooting like I do. Anyway, I get to "borrow" his guns whenever I want.:D

May 21, 2012, 11:07 PM
I have never asked a friend if they were interested in selling. Most folks I know like to buy and hold.

May 22, 2012, 12:06 PM
Anybody ever read, The Ten Commandments, I draw your attention to number 10................

Ha! I don't buy those fairy stories.


May 22, 2012, 02:23 PM
Anybody ever read, The Ten Commandments, I draw your attention to number 10................

cov·et [kuhv-it]
verb (used with object) desire wrongfully, inordinately, or without due regard for the rights of others

In other words: it's ok to want your father's guns, but not ok to hope he dies so you get them.

May 22, 2012, 02:46 PM
I'm with the "it's wrong to covet" group. I can honestly say I have never seen a privately owned firearm that I wanted so badly that I would be willing to badger the owner to sell it to me.

I often compliment someone on his/her gun, and have at times been offered a chance to handle or shoot one after having openly admired it. But IMHO, a gentlemen does not ask ask, "May I." He waits for the offer. It usually comes.

Coveting is at least a step beyond asking, "May I?"

May 22, 2012, 02:51 PM
^ I am great at coveting in secret. Let's keep this thread true to the OP
s request, and seriously lets keep the religious nonsense out of it.

May 22, 2012, 02:56 PM
A friend of mine has a s&w 2213. Been trying to buy it for years. Even offered 300. I love them little pistols. Havent came across one yet

May 22, 2012, 02:59 PM
A friend's bright stainless Python that he recently sold.

And pretty much half of the collection of my friendly neighborhood class 3 dealer.

Oh, and another friend's AK74 variant.

May 22, 2012, 11:58 PM
In other words: it's ok to want your father's guns, but not ok to hope he dies so you get them.
Psalm 23:1.............

May 23, 2012, 09:45 AM
My usage of the word "covet" has led us down a tumultuous path here. I mentioned in my original post that I would never ask my sister-in-law to sell her dead father's gun to me. Never have, never will. I would love to have it because it is a beautiful example of a fine handgun, but under these circumstances I can only admire it from afar and maybe buy it's twin brother someday. I guess I should have used a different word to avoid the admonishment of others here...

May 23, 2012, 10:16 AM
My grandfather has several that I'd like to be in charge of when the time comes. I would rather that time not come as he's still the best hunting partner I could ask for even at age 92.

Most of what he has wouldn't turn a true collector's eye, but it's part of our heritage some of the other family members might see differently.

Sorta related... I bought my first Garand recently. When I got it home and opened the case in front of my 3 yr old son, after explaining in kid terms what it was, I told him it would be his at some point. He went and told my wife all about "his" rifle which garnered me plenty of dirty looks, however the seed has been planted.

hang fire
May 24, 2012, 05:19 PM
Took me several years to get my heart's desire from neighbor, he knew they were worth much more, but sold them to me at a very low price.

#1- A JM Marlin Ballard #5 Pacific in .45-70. circa 1878.

#2-A Colt 1873 SA in .44-40, got Colt letter and was made in 1886.

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