Baikal \ EAA shotguns any good?


January 30, 2003, 03:58 PM
what is the overall quality like on baikal \ eaa double bbl. and o\u shotguns ? on the parts, steel used, workmanship? thanks

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January 30, 2003, 04:07 PM
I've only shot one, a 20ga O/U. The finish was nothing to get excited about, but it seemed well-built, and the action was pretty tight. It shot both barrels to point of aim, and worked quite nicely on the pheasants we were shooting.

I've considered getting a 26" SxS in 20ga for use as a grouse gun, but haven't done it yet. Every time I begin seriously considering it, I pick up the gun and don't "click" with it. I've got several shotguns (a couple Benellis, Winchester Model 12, Browning 425, Remington 870 WM), and I like all of them for how they shoot, how they look and how they feel. The Baikal shoots fine, which should be enough, but somehow isn't for me.

That being said, I've read several good reviews, and the few people I know who hunt with them are very pleased. And the people I hunt with have any number of far more pricey and pedigreed shotguns to choose from.

For the price, you could always pick one up and try it. I can't imagine that it would lose too much in resale if you didn't like it.

January 30, 2003, 07:57 PM
for the most part the EAA/Baikal guns can be summed up by the following. "the Russians build em like tanks" as in tough, rough, and ugly with the main focus on tough and ugly. :D for many a Baikal will need a little smoothing out and if you get one of the SxS guns i suggest you visit this site ( it's geared toward getting a Baikal tuned up to shoot in a Cowboy action match, but some of the tricks would come in handy for anyone.

personally if i was going to get a gun such as this i would go with the Stoeger model that was closest, over the EAA model (the above link can be used to get to similar instructions for stoeger as well), but that's my oppinion. just seemed to me that the stoegers were just as solid, only slightly more, if at all, and much better looking.

February 1, 2003, 10:16 AM
I have developed a real interest lately in the Baikal IZH 27 Sporting model. Would appreciate anyones thoughts on this new version and approximately what you paid for it. Thanks, Quadcab

February 2, 2003, 11:04 AM
I have an IZH-27 and love it. It has all the bells & whistles of guns costing 3-5 times as much and shoots just as well. I have never had a functioning problem. I know almost a dozen other people who have one also. One is a gunsmith, who has several thousand rounds thru his and no problems. Another friend is an NRA certified instructor and teaches shotgunning to 4-H classes. He has one that he uses as a loaner gun for kids who don't have a gun. It has performed beautifully. Nobody can tell me a Beretta or Browning will shoot 4 times better than the Baikal, so why should I spend 4 times as much? Fit and finish? For an entry level /field gun, I don't mind laying it on the ground or against a "bob-war" fence. Just brush it off and keep shooting! It was a little stiff at first, but has broken in nicely now. I heartily recommend them. The "Sporting" offers ported barrels and a nickel receiver, but neither make much difference in anything. From my research, it seems porting just makes more noise and that is about all it does. I paid $350 for my IZH-27 a couple of years ago. Even if they are twice that now, it is still worth it. Check out discussions on them at in the forum section

Tropical Z
February 5, 2003, 01:22 PM
My FFL closely examined my Baikal SxS when it came in and he said it was built as good as any shotgun hes ever seen.I also have one of their single shots and though the finish is a little rough its ahead of the SAR's that everybody worships so much.

February 6, 2003, 12:41 PM
The Baikals have a long-standing reputation of quite adequate performance and a longevity surpassing the political system they were born in. Built like tanks indeed.

Brad Johnson
February 10, 2003, 05:14 PM
I've shot a couple of the Baikals, and they seem to be adequate in terms of performance and durability. Factor in the low cost compared to competitors guns and they become a pretty good bargain.

As pointed out, the fit and finish may not be on the same level as more expensive guns, but for a gun that will probably spend most of it's time rattling around in the gun rack or on the back of a 4-wheeler it's plenty fine. The ergonomics don't work well for me, but that's a problem with my big, hammy mitts and not the gun. It seems to be fine for more folks of more "average" dimensions.


February 12, 2003, 11:35 AM
I checked out the various Baikal models last weekend at the San Antonio Gun Show, and was rather impressed.

Metal to wood finish was rather good. Metal finish was good, with minimal engraving. The barrel choice button on the SXSs is conventional, although rectangular and rough looking. The O/U choice is made by pushing forward on the trigger. Opening the gun automatically returns to the standard barrel. Guns fitted with choke tubes come with all three choke tubes. All guns seem to come standard with chromed bores, which is a very nice feature! (One reason the AKs worked so reliably in Vietnam versus our M16s.) The semi-autos looked good, also.

Actions were rather tight...which I'd prefer to being too loose! I'm sure they will improve after shooting break in.

The guns appear to be excellent value for the money! Sort of fell in love with an attractive little 28-ga SxS in the better grade, which would make a great upland bird gun. And my wife could use a sporting clays gun of her own...will have to have her look at the Baikals!:D

October 13, 2005, 10:29 PM
I got a 20 ga Spartan from a major gun shop. Triggers not bad and as I snap on old shells both seem to be getting better or I am becoming more accustomed. Nice stock but with mis-shapen checkering panels on the grip. Beavertaiul nice but wider on left side. Can excuse this as a concession to holding with left hand or can make it symmetrical with right side.

Went to a Kane County, Ill gun show and found a Baikal 12. Nice work with no slop and good trigger feel to both as with the Spartan 20. The guy had five which he was dumping at $239 so I bought the 12 he had at the show. He wanted to give me a new one in the box but I go for mechanics and this one had passable triggers - better than some legit American production cheapos (Mossberg 500, etc) and likely a bit better than my 1998 Citori 12 ga O/U.

The Baikal had a better finish (no waves to speak of) on the barrel than did the Spartan which had a more enthusiastic polishing. This can be stoned out and I will do that and refinish. I will take these apart and work on both and do some practice gunsmithing just top get into SxS mechanics and culture.

October 26, 2005, 06:15 PM
I have since sawn off the pistol grip on the 20 ga. and am now slowly forming it to the same profile as the rest of the stock - which also has a couple sanding waves at the bottom edge left side. The top and side of the grip are being reshaped and a proper radius put on the left side panels with Japanese chisels. The comb is being moved back.

I fired the EAA Baikal 12 on the 25th and found it to be solid. The grip may be cut off straight later. The front sights on these must die a slow lingering death. The small Hi Viz front sights with optional threaded inserts will fit a Baikal. The EAA version had a longer stock with a short plastic buttoplate while the Remington Spartans (I am speaking of the 220 models with double trigger in these cases) have a deeper recoil pad and shorter stock. My EAA 12 was better finished on the barrels with no dips. There was also thin but enhanceable line engraving. The EAA Baikal had fixed Mod and full 28" bbls. while the same Remington version comes with the choke options

I have two of these rats for shooting in the double gun culture. From an ol' crotch traditional standpoint I like the double triggers. I will try to improve the shape of the trigger guard. I will likely get a third 12, the Remington Spartan just mentioned, as my shop had one they didn't know was there. Now I will have three of these rats to chop and saw on.

I was shooting improvised hand thrown trap at an Illinois conservation range. Loaned my 12 to a guy who was using an 870. Explained the operation and let him use my ammunition. He was quite impressed if only because he could get off a second shot quickly. He liked the gun. He never fired a double so I am sure he will pass the word around to others.

June 9, 2007, 10:51 AM
I purchased this gun nine months ago. Shot well for a field gun, was cheap ($800 CND), looked ok. Three months in the top ejector worked 40%. Sent the gun back, Baikal put in new ejectors. Great. Not even a month later it stops working again, the finish on the stock starts to lift in spots, a lubed choke tube gets seized in a barrel, and the filler between barrels starts to fall out, and you guessed it the top ejector not working every time again. It goes back again, this time I ask for a new gun. The dealer agrees but has to ask the supplier. The gunsmith agrees, Baikal does not. They put on brand new barrels and refinish the stock and forend( very shotty job sanding marks, and dry spots). Still I try to be good about it and just accept it. The first outing with it and the top ejector fails 100% of the time. I take it apart and oil it liberally. No go. Then the top barrel fails to fire sporadically. All the guys at the gun range knew the history and just shook their heads. I take it back again, and let my dealer know that this is the last time I want to touch this shotgun ever. He agrees and is calling Baikal and says the client does not want this gun after it has failed the third time, not to mention all the other problems. He says ok but wants to talk to the gunsmith first. They have told me I will get a brand new gun in a box. Good, because when I get it I will sell it to the dealer. Stay away from this gun.

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