Walther P22 broke and fixed


June 14, 2012, 09:19 PM
Just wanted to relate my recent experience with my Walther P22.
I have a Walther P22 that goes with me on every range trip since I bought it in early 2008. The pistol was bought in Jan as a host for my suppressor which got stamped in March 2008. I normally shoot it with the suppressor attached. Based on some rough calculations I'm pretty sure it has seen more than 12-15K rounds through it, maybe as high as 20-23K. :D
Until recently the gun had performed pretty well. Some issues with feeding from the mags from time to time, but overall very good. It eats up the bulk fodder without issues.
I did have one failure with it about two weeks ago. The hammer spring snapped in two. After finding a good instruction online for full dis-assembly, found the broken spring and called Walther (S&W). Apparently, according to their CS that is the more common failed part. Less than a week later, I received the replacement spring and it's back in play.
The slide is "light" but so far no issues other than a wear spot at the slide lock notch area.
So, kudos to Walther (S&W) support/service and let's see how many more rounds it goes through before the next service interval. :cool:


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June 15, 2012, 10:14 AM
S&W/Walther America customer service is among the best in the business.

June 15, 2012, 04:53 PM
These guns seem to get a lot of trash talk on various forums. Maybe they are hit or miss on quality so to speak, or maybe it's just that people don't get on line just to say their's runs fine every time they shoot it.

I have one too, about the same age as yours, but no where near the round count. Like you I shoot mine every time I go to the range, and like yours (until this) I have had zero issues, no matter what ammo I shoot.

In my mind and for what I want, it's a great gun. For practice shooting and drawing from a holster, it's comparable in size to my carry gun. Its also fun and easy on the wallet too.

Glad to hear yours is holding up so well.

June 15, 2012, 05:53 PM
Mine is an 09 model, so far so good but I have less than 7k rounds through it. I would like to get rid of it personally but it is one of the few guns my wife actually enjoys shooting.

June 15, 2012, 10:45 PM
I agree, the CS from them is exemplary. They also came through when I had an issue with my S&W 22A some years ago. Told them the problem -- broken frame - they emailed me a prepaid shipping label, and about 2 weeks later I had the pistol back in my hands. This was around 2007, IIRC.

I honestly didn't research it much before I bought it, but I was sold on the threaded barrel and the easy availability of the adapter so it could be the host for my can. A couple of buddies had them, one of them with his suppressor and they had been fine. I think the bad rap came from the earlier models that did have a few teething issues. My other buddy had some issues with his from early on. Problems with the safety lever engaging on its own and something else. His is one of the first models. He took care of the safety lever and it's been fine since.
But, you are right, you only hear or find the negative on things -- not often the positive -- I mean who wants to read a post like this one -- "Hey this gun has rocked for X thousand rounds without a hiccup -- it broke and now less than a week later it's fixed (for free)!"
I do know the mags can be finicky, and they have gone through some upgrades on the mags and followers.
But, overall, I can't complain about that little pistol. Some of my other 22s (S&W 22A, 2 Ruger 22/45s, Sig Mosquito) might shoot better, but they don't come close to the sheer functionality and ease of it. The Mosquito can be finicky about ammo. The Rugers like to be mostly clean and don't get me started on reassembly on them! The 22A is great and accurate, but it needs a threaded barrel. One of these days.

Kiln, don't sell it, just give it to the wife and that way she is happy and you can get "your" pistol and be happy too.

BTW, you just cant' match the smile factor when someone shoots it with the suppressor for the first time. And for me - after so many rounds through it -- it STILL brings a smile and even giggles to my face!


June 15, 2012, 10:53 PM
Glad to hear your P22 ran so long flawlessly, as I have just purchased a 'lightly used' (500rds) one for my wife. It is great, only issue I have so far is the rear sight is loose. Anyone else have experience with this?

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