Accurate 2520


June 22, 2012, 06:13 PM
For the last few years I’ve been using Varget for both .223 and Win .308. I'm looking for something that meters better and a friend of mine, who shoots NRA Service Rifle, suggested trying Accurate 2520. I’m using 55 gr. FMJs loaded with a Hornady LNL AP for the .223 and 150gr. Sierra Pro Hunters loaded with a Rock Chucker and throwing charges with a Uniflow for the .308.

Anyone with thoughts or experiences? TIA

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June 22, 2012, 06:24 PM
No experience in .308 but I've shot quite a bit of it in .303 British. No complaints at all so far - I'd say give it a try.


June 22, 2012, 09:23 PM
I've used in .308 Win with excellent results. Can't remember the exact powder charge, but I started with around 43 grn behind a 175 Sierra Matchking.

Jim Watson
June 22, 2012, 11:30 PM
Meters great, but I still get better accuracy with Varget or Re15.
Your rifle might be different, it is sure worth a try.

June 22, 2012, 11:48 PM
Use 2520 in my Savage .260 and my 6.5 Grendel. Meters great and consistant rusults with very good accuracy in both calibers

June 24, 2012, 12:16 PM
have used 2520 in .223 .308 winch .303 brit with good performance. the only thing with this powder is its fine texture and density might have some issues with high capacity cases. loaded it in .223 with no problems went to load some .303 with 174gr bullets and cci standard large rifle primers with 37.5gr of 2520 and had fail to fire. primer went off put the bullet half way down the barrel and powder allover the action. so 223 is ok with standard primers but 303 and 308 i use mag primers from now on. the 308 rounds have been really accurate out the fal with 43gr of 2520 with 168gr bullets cci mlrp col 2.8 @ 2540 fps. my 16 inch ar likes the 2520 at 25.7gr cci msrp 55gr bullets col 2.22 @ 2820 fps. as with all loads start 10% down and work up this powder can jump up with just .3gr of powder in .223. that same load at 26gr of 2520 in my mini 14 was over 3000 fps and the barrel is only about an inch longer. hopes this helps.

June 24, 2012, 06:02 PM
I have shot kegs of AA2520 and don't recommend it unless it is cheap. Which is how I got it.

The stuff is dirty, leaves a lot of fouling in semi auto mechanisms. While it meters better than stick powders, there is no difference on paper. People often think that the appearance of precision somehow means better control, which is not necessarily so in terms of accuracy and powder charges.

Accurate Arms told me AA2520 duplicates the pressure curve of IMR 4895. Even so, AA2520 seems to have a smaller sweet spot than IMR 4895. In my experience it does not give much warning before blowing primers.

It will shoot very well once you find your best load.

You will have a hard time beating Varget in the .223 or 308.

June 25, 2012, 12:10 AM
AA2520 is nicknamed the Camp Perry powder so it's no wonder many like it in the .308. BUT, not all powder that shoot well in the .308 will also shoot well in the other NATO round, the .223. It's my opinion H335 is a better choice for the .223 than AA2520. If you want to use an Accurate Arms powder for the .223 try AA2230 which was specifically designed for the .223 round.

IMO: (Ball Powders)
.223/5.56 NATO
H335, WC844, AA2230

.308/7.62 NATO
BL-C(2), WC846, W748, AA2520

There are others from Alliant, Ramshot and Vihtavuori but I have not tried tried them so I won't recommend them.

June 25, 2012, 12:25 AM
I've used #2520 and liked it in the .338MarlinExpress, but LVR is better. It was "ok" but unremarkable in my .223's.

In the .223, I've used just about everything to come along in the last 25yrs.
I still haven't found any thing better than BLC2.

High velocity and superlative accuracy. I even prefer it over H335 which is #3 on my list for the .223. My #2 is Reloader15.
However, due to pressure limitations, the #2520 is better than either BLC2 or RL15 in the .338MarlinExpress for higher velocities. But, BLC2 and RL15 are still more accurate.

For the very least expesive loading of the .308 or .223, Wideners has WC844 in stock. It is essentially mil-spec H335. At about $75 plus hazmat for 8lbs, you won't find a better deal.
btw: H335, BLC2 and WC844 are all "sperical" or "ball" powders just like #2520. I also like Acc.#2460 in the .223. Velocities are lower than BLC2, but whereas I'm using 27.0gr of BLC2, you'll only use 25.0gr of #2460, H335, or WC844.

June 25, 2012, 10:24 AM
AA2520 is nicknamed the Camp Perry powder so it's no wonder many like it in the .308.

Accurate Arms “nicknamed” AA2520 the Camp Perry powder. No one else calls it that. Corporations are psychopaths and they are shameless in their pursuit of profit. I never heard anyone at Camp Perry call it “The Camp Perry Powder”.

AA2520 came out in the 80’s when there were far less powders on the market then today. Lots of people tried AA2520, and because its pressure curve was appropriate for the M1a, a lot of people used it in competition. And they did well. Chronographs were not available so the claim of better metering meant better everything, could be made, but not tested. I have chronographed AA2520 and its ES’s and STD’s are not necessarily better than IMR 4895 in the 308 or 30-06.

I was squadded with one Camp Perry National Champ who was very unhappy with AA2520. He said his lot of AA2520 had so much glass that it ate his Palma barrel up in 150 rounds. He called Accurate Arms, not only did they know about it, they informed him it was his tough luck. Of course that was back in the 80’s, and the vendors AA buys their powders from has gone around the circle several times.

One other thing about the competitive community, they are the ultimate fashionista’s. Every new thing is tried, ballyhooed as the ultimate, end of history, until the new, new thing comes along. Then it is discarded on the ash heap of history as the fashionista’s chase the lastest trend.

June 25, 2012, 07:34 PM
Thank you for all the responses and advice. I think I’ll just go with H335 and be done with it.

Thanks again.

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