Paraklese ammo... experiences, anyone?


A strange person
July 15, 2012, 05:45 PM
I just heard about this company:

Thanks to SHR970 for the link.

These guys are making some AWESOME looking shotgun ammo, loads that simply don't otherwise exist (Nickel-plated BB in 20GA, heavy .410 slugs, etc.) and at reasonable prices to boot (compared to most premium ammo.)

Has anyone used any of their stuff? How was performance and consistency? Shipping time, and customer service? Do you still have hands?

And yes, I did a search before posting this. No hits whatsoever. They seem to be a relatively new company.

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July 15, 2012, 07:37 PM
Gimmicks rarely work. I THINK this is the company I ordered some 12 gauge from, "0000" buckshot. I ordered just 10 rounds to try, public hog hunting area that requires buckshot I thought I might use it for. It's staggered in the shell and don't pattern for squat at 40 yards. It had an over-card, too, wasn't crimped with a normal crimp, coulda been what messed up patterns, don't know. Got 3 ball out of 8 in a 30" circle from a modified barrel, no better from the full choke, of course. Was using a fixed choke double, the one I wanted to hunt with. I doubt IC would work, either, though. The shell just looked abnormal with the staggered shot.

When I went down there hunting this year, someone had made a kill because I found a 12 gauge hull on the ground marked "number one buck". :rolleyes: I guess 00 is adequate. LOL I went back to carrying my 10 gauge down there with 00 loads, 15 pellets and at least they're on target.

Try 'em if you must.

A strange person
July 16, 2012, 01:24 PM
Gimmicks rarely work.

Most of their ammo doesn't really seem "gimmicky" to me, just unique. The nickel-plated BB 20GA load seems, on paper, to perhaps be the best possible load for coon and coyote in that gauge. If their .410 slug load is reasonably accurate, it would turn the weapon into a truly viable deer gun. They make buckshot in all gauges with more and/or larger shot than is typically available. Then there are "hog shot" loads consisting of 2-3 .58 caliber balls that will make fist-size "patterns" or better at 25 yards. There is also the "George Washington" load, consisting of a slug over buckshot. The slug is evidently fairly accurate (according to them), and the buckshot would be extra insurance, and make more bleeding holes. Trying to find a fatally wounded deer even with a 50-yard circle in the Northeastern woods can be absurdly challenging sometimes, and anything that will make it die faster and bleed more is a good thing.

July 16, 2012, 01:37 PM
I bought 20 gauge tactical 00buck from them. Good people. Pricey but it's ammo that otherwise would be nearly impossible to find.

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