Trijicon TA11J-308


July 30, 2012, 11:34 PM
So I'm really stuck on trying to buy this model of ACOG. The problem is I can not find anybody to buy one from!

So I have a few questions.

1. Any product that you can suggest that would be comparable to this ACOG?

2. Any model of ACOG you'd take over the TA11J-308?

3. Does anybody know where I can buy a TA11J-308? I put that in the trading post section, but I'll throw it in here too.

Thanks for your help.

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August 1, 2012, 12:10 PM
Here is the best deal I've found on them:

You might also search for some coupon codes from Botach, or call and ask if they have any available.

I bought my TA55A ACOG from them a couple years ago for an already great price, and they gave me another 15% off with a coupon code. I wound up getting a $1500 scope for $1180.

FYI, Some people complain about their slow shipping. It did take a month for me to get my order, but I ordered right before Christmas, so it was expected.

Also, if this is for a .308 rifle, you might consider what ammo you are going to be using. The stadia lines are calibrated to a 168 grain match load. If you shoot mostly 147 grain surplus, the 5.56 model is the closest to your trajectory (good enough for hits out to 600m).

August 3, 2012, 05:25 PM
If you want one of the 3.5x35's then don't settle for anything less as you will regret it.

The TA11J-308 is in my opinion the best ACOG Trijicon has developed and yes they are very difficult to get. I think Opticsplanet has some of the chevron styles currently available to ship. The Chevron for me seems to lose a little bit of accuracy in exchange for quick target acquisition using the BAC, but it seems to be the more popular style from what I have gathered from other TA11J-308 owners.

I personally went with the dual crosshair which I think goes the opposite way in that I get better accuracy especially in the 100-300 yard range at the expense of the slower target acquisition when shooting with both eyes open. In fact the Bindon Aiming Concept barely works for me with this scope, but it DOES work. I'm just spoiled by the Aimpoint Micro T1 which I am trying to wean myself off of as I now have it sitting on an 11 o'clock offset rail in addition to the ACOG.

August 4, 2012, 07:44 PM
Botach has been out of stock forever. I think optics planet is getting a few in so i won't have to "settle". W will see though. Shipping times on these range from 2-12 Weeks

August 4, 2012, 09:20 PM
You might try

They are local to me and where I buy most of my Nightforce scopes. They keep a pretty big inventory of what they sell.

As for the scope itself, I believe the TA11 to be the most user friendly ACOGs and a good way to go, if you NEED that type of equipment and it will do what you need it to. Although I'm a big fan of the smaller ACOGs, the 1.5Xs and such, I found that a good 1-4X variable is more flexible for me.

What sort of rifle are you putting this on? If it's some sort of AR type of rifle, I've found that something along the lines of a Nightforce 2.5-10X32 offers speed and more precision. If you like the BDC reticle of the ACOG, Nightforce has the Velocity reticle that works like a BDC reticle. The Nightforce doesn't have the cool factor of the ACOG, but for my uses, it rarely leaves me wishing that I had something else.

August 4, 2012, 10:27 PM
Swfa has a bunch

August 5, 2012, 01:32 AM
I was just glancing over the specs (below) and noticed the eye relief of 2.4". Isn't that a bit close, for .308 Win/7.62x51mm NATO? 3-1/2 to 4" is more normal. At 2.4" I would fear "scope bite" on my eye brow with this heavy round. Something I am missing why this is not an issue?

Magnification __________ 3.5
Objective Size _________ 35
Bullet Drop Compensator Yes
Length (in) ___________ 8.00
Weight (oz) __________ 14.0 w/o mount
Illumination source Fiber Optics & Tritium
Reticle Pattern ________ Crosshair
Day Reticle Color ______ Red
Night Reticle Color _____ Red
Calibration ___________ 0.308
Bindon Aiming Concept _ Y
Eye Relief (in) _________ 2.40
Exit Pupil (mm) ________ 10.00
Field of View () _______ 5.50
Field of View @ 100yrds (ft) 28.90
Adjustment @ 100 yds (clicks/in) 4.0
Tube Size _____________ N/A
Mount ________________ TA51

August 5, 2012, 01:41 AM
I love the TA11H on my FAR308, next year I'm going to buy the TA33 model.

August 5, 2012, 06:48 PM
zstephens, I've owned quite a few ACOGs, ranging from the little 1.5Xs to the 4Xs. One thing that I know is that you really can't read the specs and expect to know how the scope is actually going to work for you.

On some models, like the 4Xs, they spec the scope as having something around 1.5" of eye relief and, in my experience, there is a pretty narrow range of distance that your eye has to be from the eye piece to get a clear view through the scope. Many years ago, I tried a couple of 4Xs, sold them and decided that I just didn't like ACOGs.

Well, years after that, a local gun shop started stocking ACOGs and I was able to try many of them. The 4Xs were what I remembered them to be. The funny thing is that the specs seem to mean different things for different lines of ACOGs. For the 4Xs, eye relief meant that your eye had to be right around 1.5" or so from the eye piece to see through the scope; but for the lower magnification scopes, it seemed that the eye relief spec meant more like the minimum distance that your eye had to be from the scope before you could see through it.

With the 3.5X models, the spec'd eye relief is still short at 2.4" or so, but the range of distance that your eye can be from the scope is more forgiving, so you could have your eye anywhere from 2.4 to maybe 3.5" from the eye piece and see through the scope.

Another example is the little 3X model. It's eye relief is spec'd at being pretty short too. Something like 1.5" as well, but in use, the actual eye relief needed to be able to see through the scope is pretty darned forgiving. I mean, really forgiving. The only reason I got away from the 3X ACOGs, was in favor of the Sightron SII Big Sky scopes which weren't much bigger but offer a variable magnification range of 1.5-5X, with better glass and a wider field of view.

A further example is the little TA44S-10, 1.5X. It's eye relief is spec'd at 2.4", but in use, the range of distance that your eye can be from the eye piece is so broad that even considering the eye relief spec isn't needed. In fact, due to astigmatism, I've abandoned using red dots sights all together, in favor the 1.5X ACOGs. I run and use them just like red dots, without consideration for having to have my eye in just the right place.

I can't speak for the higher magnification ACOGs. For my uses, the 2.5-10X32 Nightforce scopes were more flexible, so I went that route.

In the end, my point is that you should check them out before you buy; or at the least, buy from a retailer that will let you return it, if you don't like it.

ACOGs are pretty specialized optics and, although they carry a very high "cool" factor, they aren't for everybody. The main reason that I've never been a fan of BDC reticles is that they are dependent upon load specifics to work well, or well enough for me. I prefer something along the lines of a reticle with either MOA or mil hash marks for purposes of ranging and holdovers.

August 6, 2012, 02:39 PM
Cool factor means squat to me. I want functional and durable both of which the ACOG provides me.

I'm with you 100% on the 4X ACOG's I tried them and hated them. In spite of the price tag they seem like a bare bones kind of optic to get a job done along the lines of GI issued combat boots. Sure they protect your feet, but there are a lot better choices out there that do the same thing with a lot more comfort & protection that make it easier to do the job.

The 3.5X35 ACOG for me is in a class of its own which is why I stressed to the OP about not settling for anything else. As mentioned though it's not for everybody. Optics are very subjective and need to be personalized to the individual user. Some guys love the Aimpoint's with the 3X Magnifier and while I concur it gets the job done I don't like the view I get through the magnifier. Different strokes for different folks and everybody has their own set of likes & dislikes or even just basic requirements from a scope. I can think of several scenarios where a variable 1-4 would be much preferable over a fixed ACOG and of course the Micro T-1 is just bad ass for quick target acquisition up close. In my mind the 3.5X35 ACOG bridges the gap between them. It's a compromise for sure, but it also gives you something more to work with in other areas like light gathering, no batteries and the eye relief you already mentioned which btw I thought you stated very well in the differences between different ACOG's.

October 5, 2012, 07:44 AM
I got my TA11J-308 for a great price here:

I think they are out of stock but they do have another TA11 308 available for the same price, it's a TA11c vs TA11J:

I can not believe how bright and clear this scope is, would highly recommend it!

October 5, 2012, 07:55 PM
I just looked through our distributors web sites and none of them any longer list the TA11J-308 any longer with the exception of 1 who never has much in stock, not sure why that is as the TA11J-RMR is listed (for a 223). Last night I put a TA11H-308 on an FNAR for a customer and was very impressed with it although personally I do not have any experience with the 2 models side by side so I cannot make a recomendation. The 11H-308 is available and if I can help you out with one just let me know. Best of luck with your search.....

October 5, 2012, 08:20 PM
$1130 and in stock here (

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