Glock 35 Gen4 mini review


August 19, 2012, 02:19 AM
I got a Glock 35, I haven't taken her to the range yet (and I haven't officially named her yet) but I'll give a mini review first, and then probably attach a range report later in the week.

First off, the box.. The glock box that the gun came with is horrible; it's cheap plastic and my Steyr M40 box is about 10x better. Aside from the Glock 35, there was 3x 10 round magazines.. I wish they gave me hi-cap mags; but oh well. It came with a mag lip depressor; a cable lock, a brush head, and a lot of documents. All in all, not impressed with the box; it didn't really close; and everything was just kind of thrown in there loosely together.

Glock 35 Gen4: the gun itself:

I own a Steyr M40, which I love; but was considering getting into perhaps pistol competitions, and so decided longer barrel and sight radius should help. I prefer the ergonomics of the Steyr, and I like the old "camelback"; but I do have to admit, with sweaty hands, the Steyr grip isn't that great. People say they cured that with the M40-A1, but I haven't tried one so I couldn't answer to it. The gun itself seems well made, and the new quad-pyramid pebbling on the grip does give a firm grip. I don't know if the mag release is considered an extended one, but it sticks out quite a ways.

Side story about glock mag releases: I was at the range one time, shooting my Steyr, when a beautiful female off-duty cop was in the next booth. We got talking, and she was shooting a Glock 23 at the time, and so we decided to try each other's guns. Well... I am left handed; and so the first shot I took, the mag release dug and ripped my middle finger open; it an artery, blood was squirting everywhere; she freaked out, the rangemaster announced on the PA "You, please stop bleeding in my range"... errr...

So ever since; I have had bitterness towards glocks, and especially their mag releases. So when I got the gun home, the first thing I did was get out my file, and file the entire mag release down; so there were no sharp corners. Incidently, some people report that when they use an extended mag release and holster their guns, the release gets hit, and so when they draw their guns, the mag falls out. Not good. So.. mag release, FILED.

The gun came with an extended slide release; I will see if that presents a problem or not; I personally like it, because being left handed, I rack the slide with an overhand right hand grip; but if the slide is back, I use my left index finger to depress the slide stop.

Being a Gen 4, I took it apart to take a look. The biggie change obviously was the 2 stage recoil spring. It looks cheaply made to me; the metal kick piece that sits on the barrel is made out of cheaply stamped metal that is not even even. <== not a typo, I mean to say not even even. I have ordered a replacement steel guide rod and Gen4 recoil rod from glockstore which should come on Monday.

I pulled the trigger basically twice; once at gun store to make sure it worked, and then once again at home, to take the gun apart. That's it, I had every intent to replace some parts of it and so I figure why bother shooting it first if I knew it was going to happen. So I did a full disassembly of the gun; and I replaced the trigger connector with a 3.5# ghost connector. I guess the gen 3's all came 3.5# but the Gen 4 is 4.5# stock. I figure since I had the gun apart already, I went ahead and did the $0.25 cent glock trigger job. I guess you get for what you pay, I polished up all the contact points until it was like a mirror; smoother? I can't tell the difference, the only thing that is stopping me from complaining about it is the fact that I didn't expect it to be a miracle worker; and I basically used up a drop of flitz and some elbow grease. So would I recommend the 25 cent trigger job? Sure, if you've got time to kill, but don't expect miracles; and you will barely notice the difference, but it's cheap!

After I put the gun back together; I tried the trigger again; a little bit better; but still stacks a bit at the end. Glock triggers are just that I guess.

That being said, we come to the one item that I have the biggest gripe about. The trigger safety, I am not sure if it's just MY GUN, or what, but first off, I seem to remember the trigger safety to be slightly wider; mine is thin almost like a blade. Second, it's SHARP! Depressing it a few times, I can feel a blister forming on my shooting finger!! Not good. So any suggestions of how to combat this; is welcome. I ended up using the 1 cent fix method; aka put a bandaid on my trigger finger tip. NOT GOOD. So I need to do something about the sharpness of it.

What I do like about the gun: First, the sight radius. Somewhere on THR there is a post by me about sight radius; went deep into the nerd math and covered difference in arc minute etc. Needless to say; my go for getting the gun was sight radius.

The second of course, was barrel length. I own a 2.25" Ruger SP101, and a 5" Ruger GP100 (again, not a typo, I own a 5" and it's AWESOME). The biggest tell-tale was when I shot at 25 feet with both guns; the GP100 grouped about 2" while the SP101 opened up to over 5". Sight radius and barrel length.

The gun didn't feel as front heavy as I thought it would; I guess I was expecting a lot of nose-heaviness because of all the people who complain about it all the time. Honestly, not a big deal.

Overall, not too bad of a gun. My wife's comment when I showed it to her was that "That gun looks so fake it's not funny." Plastic Fantastic.

Caliber: .40SW

Now my biggest reservation about the gun is the unsupported barrel; My Steyr is fully supported; and so in the back of my mind, Glock .40 kb! are things I can't get out of my mind; and I can't ignore; and so answer to it was, I ordered a Storm Lake barrel for the gun (which will come on Monday as well). I'm not even going to shoot the OEM barrel. That solves that.

I guess the question people ask is, if I'm so worried about it, why didn't I just get a Glock 34 in 9mm and be done with it? Well, I like the ballistics of the .40 better; and also, I seriously think that I will probably end up moving to 357Sig later on in my future. And so the better ballistics and the upgradeability to 357Sig was what sold me. Years ago, when I was deciding on what auto pistol to get, I did my homework and came to the conclusion that .40SW seems to be the best compromise between size, capacity, manageability, availability, and shootability, not to mention stopping power. A lot of people ten years ago told me I made bad choice because look at all the agencies, they all shoot 9mm. Well.. fast forward 10 years later, and most of the agencies have moved off the 9mm and to the .40 and some to the 357Sig. I think honestly, the 357Sig is the superior round, but until costs come down, I will probably be shooting the .40SW.


Looking at the reviews; and reading about them, I seem to have to agree, I think the older generation guns were 9mm guns adapted to .40SW. I think with the Gen 4's, I think they are .40SW adapted to 9mm. It seems like they thought more in terms of .40SW with this gun than they did with all the previous generations. That is good for me, and the glock 35. When the glock 35 first came out; I thought FOR SURE, that the glock 36 would be a practical tactical in .357Sig. Oh well.

Pet peeves:
I wish Glock just used a different spring; but they didn't, they used the same spring as the Glock 22, and so in order to make sure the gun cycled reliably; a whole has been cut out the top of the slide to make the Glock 35 slide weigh the same as the glock 22's slide; thus the same spring can be used. Now like the Beretta 92, this is a pet peeve. Why would you "on purpose" expose the slide to the possibility of crap falling in between the slide and the barrel so the gun can jam? That seems stupid to me. And WORST case scenario, something dents the barrel! I know I know, Tamara has told me a thousand times, the barrels are so hard they won't dent, but still there's a possibility. When a slide gets dented, the gun jams. When a barrel gets dented, the gun blows up in your hands, (and blows up your hands). So I WISH the slide didn't have a whole cut into it. Bad design IMHO.

Practical Tactical:

So these guns are sometimes called Practical Tacticals;
For target practice; the longer sight radius and the longer barrel should provide to "practical" portion of the name.
I'm watching on youtube, all the videos of people shooting 100 yards with these guns. AMAZING! So from a tactical point of view; 100 yard guns means you can engage a target at ranges previously reserved for rifles. Don't get me wrong, don't bring a handgun to a rifle fight; but it's warm and fuzzy to know if I was actually a good enough shooter; this gun will "reach out and touch someone" at 100 yards. I don't know what the terminal ballistics are at that range, but I don't want to stand at 100 yards and have someone shoot me to find out.

I will be ordering Dawson Precision sights, as the stock sights are not worth the material they are made on. Monday, my Storm lake barrel should come, as well as my slug plug. If they arrive on time, I'll take her to the range Tuesday and give you guys a range report.

Not the most scientific of reviews, and not so mini...

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george d dennis
August 19, 2012, 09:05 AM
thankyou for the write up, let us know how she shoots.

August 19, 2012, 02:46 PM

August 19, 2012, 05:18 PM
You might want to caveat your review/logic with "Just Joking" or no one is ever going to take you serious again.

August 19, 2012, 06:29 PM
I would have replied sooner, but I wet myself reading your review and spent several minutes wiping up the mess. I assume your review is intended to be amusing. If not, please sell all of your firearms immediately and take up something like curling.

I have owned several glocks: G23, G20, G37, G38, G21sf, G27, G24, G32, G19, and G35. They are all Gen 3 and they are fantastic guns. Accurate, reliable, and safe to shoot. I've never injured myself with any of them, no arterial bleeding, no self-inflicted pre-frontal lobotomy, nothing. How in the hell did you manage to produce arterial bleeding with a Glock mag-release.

Now to the G35. Concern about the opening on top of the slide are absurd unless you intend on shooting in a gravel storm. You would need a hydraulic press to dent a Glock slide, and the barrels are just as tough. If under normal conditions you manage to damage the gun you should not be allowed to play with anything more dangerous than a pillow.

Glock barrels are, in my opinion, the best barrels on the planet. I shoot jacketed, plated, and hard-cast lead thru my Glocks, and chronograph my reloads for comparison. Glock barrels typically produce higher velocities than similar length barrels from Storm Lake, KKM or LWD in the same gun (meaning aftermarket barrels dropped into the Glock). They clean easier, produce equal accuracy, and I have never experienced a problem with brass bulging or bursting. I reload properly and don't shoot idiot-loads that are above SAAMI specs. Gen3 and Gen4 barrels are great and will not give you a problem unless you shoot unsafe ammo.

If you are not willing to use your OEM barrel, send it to me. I'll give it a good home with plenty of love and lead.

As I said, I assume your post was intended to be comical. If it wasn't, you damn-sure shouldn't be polishing trigger components, let-alone shooting near other humans. My advice is put down the gun and take a shooting course from a reputable, qualified trainer. It will revolutionize your life, and prevent arterial bleeding while practicing a tactical reload.

Offered partially in jest.

August 19, 2012, 07:04 PM
With so many preconceived ideas and dislikes about not only the brand but also about this particular design, why on Earth would you buy one?

Ron E
August 19, 2012, 07:10 PM
If you are really doing a serious evaluation, then you are , in my opinion an idiot and you do not need to own any type of firearm ,as a matter of fact you should not even be allowed to eat with a fork :neener:

gun addict
August 19, 2012, 07:21 PM
what the hell is wrong with some of these guys that signs in , post once, and insults the reviewer's personal character? Am i missing something here??

August 19, 2012, 07:35 PM
I bought a G35 Gen 4, and its the softest shooting 40cal I have ever fired. The accuracy rivals my CZ40B, which is superb! No issues firing it to speak of, and the 9mm conversion barrel that came with it works like a charm. As long as you change out the 40cal trigger housing for a 9mm, that is.... It even shoots 9mm out of the 40cal mags:) Love the new dull finish too!!

August 19, 2012, 10:36 PM
Wow, what a review. This can not be serious.

August 19, 2012, 10:53 PM
what the hell is wrong with some of these guys that signs in , post once, and insults the reviewer's personal character? Am i missing something here??

Well, for starters, this thread was also linked over at Glock Talk and criticism of the fan-boys favorite will bring them out of the wood work.
However, a magazine release that causes arterial bleeding?:scrutiny: I've heard of people shooting themselves in the foot/leg with a Glock, seen plenty of shooters with an M9 hanging off their hand when the slide went forward on the web of their hand while handling it but this is a first for me ever hearing of arterial bleeding caused by a magazine release.
Next is a review when the OP seems to go into it with pre-concieved notions and let's be honest, a bias towards his Styer. The OP likes his Styer and that's great, I have no problem with that but when the review starts out with the tone that it did, lots of folks are going to stop listening right then and there. Then there is the paronoia of Glock KB failures. Have they happened? Sure, they most certainly have but I haven't really heard of ratio of .40 Glocks that are out there on the market to the .40 Glocks that have exploded and under what circumstances. The replacement of the barrel even before firing the first round to many seems to be a bit premature and somewhat paraniod. Other things like fear about the top of the slide allowing the barrel to be dented is another thing that in the opinion of many is a bit over the top in things to worry about. Again, how many 34/35 Glocks are out there along with other variants with exposed barrels (the ported models for example) and have reported a dented barrel due to debris being caught in there? I mean, it could happen I suppose but then again, I could be hit by a falling sattalite. Possible but not even closely probable and again, this is going to bother the fan boys.

August 20, 2012, 11:52 AM
I can't believe he never even fired it...
Before I ever did any smithing or replaced the barrel, I would shoot the pistol...just to have a baseline.
Really, the whole thread is unbelievable.

August 20, 2012, 03:20 PM
What I did for my G22 Gen 4 was keep the trigger forward by putting in a pencil behind the trigger to prevent rearward movement, then I used a small file on the trigger safety so just filed the safety flush with the trigger when the safety is depressed. When released, it looks like it should, but now, there's no more bite :)

Andrew Wyatt
August 20, 2012, 03:23 PM

August 21, 2012, 09:24 PM
Nice post. We all learned a lot about you but nothing about the gun. Can't wait till you've fired it. That should be priceless.:D

August 21, 2012, 09:38 PM
Might as well do my own mini review of my Glock 19 gen 4, and Glock 23 gen 3.
They're squarish almost ugly guns. Right out of the box they're more accurate than most shooters will ever be, they're rugged and reliable to the point that I trust the lives of my family and myself with them implicitly.

August 21, 2012, 10:30 PM
How can you possibly cut you MIDDLE finger on the mag release. Just doesn't seem possible.

August 22, 2012, 01:02 AM
I assume all of you who are talking trash aren't left handed... That seems to be blatantly obvious to me.

You can troll all you want; please go buy an extended mag release, and shoot 100 round left-handed; and then go ahead and tell me how that feels. Because chances are, you won't because all you do is troll behind a keyboard. Because none of you have the balls to actually try it. Every right hander can act macho behind the keyboard. If glock didn't see it as a problem, then why do the Gen4's have reversable mag releases? You really don't know how stupid you sound when you haven't shot a gun left handed but claim to know everything about it. As a left hander, I have given myself a bloody lip racking the bolt on my Mauser K98; because guns AREN'T designed to be left-hander friendly, have you tried finding a left handed holster? Yeah, I didn't think so. So unless you are left handed, I'd just quit while you are behind.

When you see someone who is afraid of spiders; do you just laugh at them, tell them that the chances of them being bit by a spider is minute and that their fear is irrational and that they are idiots? Probably not, but yet my fear of something wedging in between the slide and the barrel seems offensive to most of you; I have no idea why. Throw the glock 35 into a bucket of sand; swirl it around, pour some water on it, rack it in a bucket of sand a few times, and then tell me how intelligent a cutout on top is. Better yet, go ahead and pour a few packets of sugar in the cutout on top, and then go fire a few hundred rounds; that should do a great job carmelizing the sugar; but hey, if Glock designed it, must be great. You fan boyz kick your wives out of the bed and sleep with your glocks if she'd let you.
I can't believe he never even fired it...
Before I ever did any smithing or replaced the barrel, I would shoot the pistol...just to have a baseline.
Really, the whole thread is unbelievable.

I'm curious; why do I need a baseline? What does that get me? If someone bought a car; and before they even drove the car off the lot; they replaced the stock brakes; would you laugh at them and say they should have done a baseline test of the stock brakes even though they knew they were going to yank out the brakes right afterwards? You all seem to be trying to sell me the concept of having a baseline as being important. The G35 gen 3's came with a 3.5# connector; and so when you bought a Gen3, did you replace it with a 5.5# connector just to get a "baseline"? I seriously doubt it, but when in reverse, I'm now the idiot? Your logic fails at every level.

If you are really doing a serious evaluation, then you are , in my opinion an idiot and you do not need to own any type of firearm ,as a matter of fact you should not even be allowed to eat with a fork

You sir, make me ashamed to be a gun owner. Your comments tear down people and serve no purpose except to see your own lips flap. And I use chopsticks thank you very much.

I SWEAR a mod is going to close this thread because it has gotten out of control. You have your opinion, I have mine; I have reservations about the gun, but I bought it anyways. Why does your opinion trump mine? Do you even OWN a glock 35? Probably not, I do, and I gave a review of it. If you don't like it, don't read it! It's a free country (unless you live **********).

If you have nothing constructive to say, then don't bother posting, that seems simple enough. Your trolling of my thread does what for you exactly? Strokes your ego? If you need ego stroking; go to glocktalk.

That being said..

I did go shoot it yesterday.

Range Report:

1) The springs on the ********** 10 round mags were very difficult to load the 10th round. It came with 3 magazines, and so I rotated them, all of them fit solidly and had no problems.

2) The first 10 shots @ 7 yards were maybe a 5 inch group. I'm generally a decent shooter with my Steyr M40, maybe 2" groups, so I figure the gun needed a little bit of settling time..

The 2nd ten shots, tightened up quite a bit, one of my steyr magazines has either a dent I can't quite see, or something is screwy with the follower or magazine spring; because the 3rd shot is always a flyer, and I was afraid that was the situation with the glock, but not so. All 3 magazines performed very well.

The 3rd set of 10 shots the gun seem to have gotten over the initial settling period; and most shots were in the 1" box; some in the 2" box, but almost all shots were touching. So the gun is a much better shooter than I am. I am using the stock sights which I find to be horrible, so will be ordering Dawson Precisions tonight. I think the grouping can be tighter; I think 50% of the blame are on the sights.

3) Recoil: compared to my Steyr, the recoil on this gun is LOW. VERY VERY LOW. So low in fact; I could not believe that both guns shoot the same round; and so apparently the double spring system does do its job reducing recoil. That was impressive; the newer quandangle pyramid on the gun, did increase grip without ripping into the hand after so many shots. The recoil was a softer slower push, unlike the snap I'm more use to out of my Steyr, so I thought follow up shots are easier in the G35.

Complaints: The gun cycled flawlessly, it shot well, and is a better shooter than I am. My only complaints with the gun are:

1) Apparently the fan boyz that poopoo all over you when you even consider saying something negative about it.

2) That trigger safety. It is sharp, I don't recall any of my friend's glocks to be that sharp; but for some reason mine is; so I am thinking of taking a dremel and a felt wheel to it; to see if I can reduce the bite on that trigger safety.

The gun is a good gun; shoots well, soft recoil, seemed nose heavy empty, but well balanced when you have a full mag; more accurate than I am, and while my bullet count isn't high on the gun yet; it just seems to work flawlessly without much drama.

Great gun, glad I bought it, fan boyz aside. And my goal was to give my honest opinion and review; whether you take me seriously or not, is of little concern to me.

Andrew Wyatt
August 22, 2012, 01:53 AM
on a more serious note, I'm left handed, and i fixed the mag release biting problem on my 19 by hitting the bottom corner with a file. it doesn't have an extended release, though.

as for the plug, i don't think it'll fit the gen 4, since that area of the gun is smaller than on the gen 3 guns.

I'm a little baffled about the barrel replacement. are you planning on shooting a bunch of lead?

were it my gun, i'd have gone a different direction with it, maybe. i'd replace the extended release with a g17 one, and i'd put big dots or other equivalent sights on it. i'd keep the stock barrel, and forgo the plug.

as for the cut in the slide, it's not a problem. the force necessary to dent the barrel is enough to hurt you badly if you're holding it or possibly kill you if its in the holster.

you still on AIM?

August 22, 2012, 04:34 AM
Twoblink, I did post a suggestion about softening that trigger-safety. I like the way it feels after, I barely notice it.

~On The Road Again...~

August 22, 2012, 08:32 AM
Interesting review. If it makes you feel better, I carried an issue Glock 35 for 12 years. So did every uniformed member of my department. About 200 guns. Every gun had a stock barrel, stock trigger, stock magazine release. They were not modified or "improved" in any way. Both right handed and left handed shooters fired the guns. At the very least, half a million rounds of .40 were fired. (the actual number is likely much higher, just basing it on mandatory quals)

These are the major problems we had with the guns over the course of 12 years:

I wish you the best with yours.

August 22, 2012, 01:47 PM

I apologize for the disparaging remarks I made. I somehow overlooked that you're lefthanded (an opportunity for disparaging remarks about my observation skills), and the extended mag release is pretty sharp. I have large hands and the mag release edges do feel sharp against my middle finger when I wrap my right hand around the grip. For a right-handed shooter it's nothing a small file won't fix, but I can see where having the extended mag release sticking into your palm would be a real problem.

One option for the mag release issue might be shooting gloves. Also, my wife is left handed but has learned to shoot right handed and seems pretty comfortable with the adjustment. It would be great if every maker had left handed models, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

The trigger safety on my G23 had a sharp ridge on it from the molding process. I took the trigger out and filed the ridge down. That solved the problem. If you plan on keeping the gun, I would round out the face of the trigger safety to suit your taste.

I suspect that the more you shoot the G35 the more you will like it. If I were going to open carry a Glock, it would be a G35 with an RTF2 frame. You might want to give Double Tap Ammunitions' 200gr WFNGC rounds a try. They pack some punch but aren't above SAAMI specs. If you want to have real fun, try putting a 357sig barrel in the G35. As I stated in my first post, I much prefer the Glock OEM barrels, but a 6" LWD 357sig barrel in a G35, or even better, in a G24, is quite a handful of fun and they shoot like a laser.


August 22, 2012, 03:21 PM
why did you buy this gun? seem to hate it.....

August 22, 2012, 04:48 PM
I'm guessing the "mini review" is that the majority of the review is based on preconceived notions and personal bias as opposed to actually reviewing the weapon.

I'm very curious to know, though, how is the Glock Gen4 built with .40 in mind, while the previous generations were built with 9 in mind? All they did was change the recoil spring and update a few features (i.e. reversible mag release, interchangeable backstraps). From my understanding, the majority is the same weapon.

I am not a Glock fanboi by any means (in fact, I do not anticipate ever owning a Glock at this time), but I have to say that I think most of your fears are unfounded.
-If the open slide were an issue, the Beretta 92 would be a flop. Guess what? It's the M9.
-Most KBs (which can really occur in any gun) are the result of either Bubba modifications or Tim the-tool-man Taylor handloads. Considering how many Glocks are out there with OEM barrels, I don't think there's a danger in shooting one.
-I can understand waiting until you get the parts you want in it to test the weapon, but I'd also suggest waiting until you got the parts to do a review. I know the OEM sights on my first XDm were a bit off, and the night sights I got were spot on. So when I got a compact, I had new sights put on before I tested it. Still, an untested gun doesn't lend much to the review.
-I'm a little confused that for this application you want a .40. It appears to me you got this for competition shooting, and I'm pretty sure external ballistics are better on a 9. For self defense, I'm with you in that I currently carry a .40, and I will agree the .357 Sig probably has better ballistics than both 9 and .40 (but the lighter recoil of the 9 will help with competition shooting as well). Although, candidly, the only reason I chose .40 is because I couldn't decide between 9 and .45. I'm trying to make that decision now, and I'm honestly leaning towards 9.

I am going to ask what another poster asked: why did you buy this gun? Since you already consider it unsafe, especially for lefties, why didn't you look into any of the numerous other options out there that might offer a better option?

August 22, 2012, 10:42 PM
I am a lefty so I guess I can post here. I have none of the problems that the OP finds with Glocks. Have never cut my finger on the extended mag release or trigger. I have 2 Gen 4 (9mm and 40 S&W). I also own Sigs, H&K and Beretta's but I have slowly but surely drifted to the Glock as My primary shooting gun of choice.

I am like several others really wondering why you bought the Glock if you had all these prejudices against it to start with?

August 22, 2012, 10:51 PM
Isn't the gen4 mag release reversible for lefties?

August 22, 2012, 10:56 PM
@Skribs, yes, I had a LOT of preconceived notions going into the purchase; and I think I will go ahead and call BS if someone says they didn't going into a purchase. With this day and age of the internet; I knew a bit about the gun going in; and I have so many friends to encouraged me to buy the gun, because they think it a good purchase that I would be happy with.

Well, I am pretty happy with the gun; it really is the softest shooter .40 I've shot so far; and the longer sight radius does help a bit.

I seriously do not understand the hostility; I was honest in my presentation of my bias; and I am honest in my assessment of the gun after I've owned it. I have not told anybody not to buy the gun; I have not told anybody to not use the stock barrel if they choose to; I have not told anybody they have to modify the gun; I have not told anybody what to do. As a libertarian; do as you wish; and let me do as I wish. After all, it is __MY__ gun and I paid for it with my money, and so shouldn't I have the freedom to do with it as a please?

When I am about to take my wife out to a nice place for dinner; should I "go to Del Taco for lunch" so I can get a baseline? Most of what has been said to me in this thread makes NO SENSE.

My handsize is such that the mag release corner sticks right behind the middle knuckle on my middle finger, if you don't grip the gun hard, the gun will move just a little bit; and that digs deep into the part of my finger where there's very little meat, and a piece of bone behind it. It cuts. I wish I had pics of it, but I don't, nor am I going to try to get my finger cut open again just to satisfy glock trolls.

@Hastings, no harm no foul. We are cool.

Let me see if I have some time tonight to take pics. I will show you the quality of the glockstore spring vs the stock. I also will pull out all 3 barrels (Steyr, Glock, Storm Lake) and see I can't get a pic of them all with a bullet in it.

No I'm not stupid, and yes I completely understand the amount of force it will take to dent a gun barrel. That doesn't matter; the fact that it's exposed makes me nervous.

One consideration that most haven't thought, and I had posted about this before concerning the Berettas; when a pistol that is a modified tilt browning action (like the glocks and most modern handguns) fire; the barrel tilts, the slide recoils backwards, and it slams when the spring is at full compression; the brunt of the force ends up at the FRONT part of the slide; that is why I think the Beretta design is stupid; and why when you see a Beretta failure; it's the front part of the slide has cracked. They made the part that takes the most force, the smallest. A cutout in the slide has got to do something to the structural integrity of the slide. Now granted I think the slide is plenty beefy and shouldn't be a concern in reality; they should have just used a full slide and a different spring assembly. That would solve my pet peeve about the gun; but hey, I suppose Glock perfection includes cutting corners (literally).

I am going to ask what another poster asked: why did you buy this gun? Since you already consider it unsafe, especially for lefties, why didn't you look into any of the numerous other options out there that might offer a better option?

I already own a Steyr M40, which I think is a better gun than the glocks. If they had a long slide version, I would have bought one; but I wanted something that was long slide. The XD's have a much higher bore axis; and I did not like that.

The issues I have with the G35:

1) Unsupported barrel. Mitigation: New barrel.
2) Trigger sucks. Mitigation: Trigger mods.
3) Lefty unfriendly. Mitigation: My file + 20 minutes.
4) Trigger safety bite: Mitigation: Dremel + 20 seconds.
5) Open top on slide. Mitigation: Technically I could get a new slide from one of the custom smiths that do make glock slides.

All the "issues" I have with the G35, I can actually mitigate for the most part. I get a softer shooter; longer sight radius, and I assume a little bit more zip on the bullet from the slightly longer barrel.

But in reverse, I can't get a longer sight radius or longer working barrel in my Steyr M40. No way to mitigate it.

As far as picking the .40; If you know anything about me, I am the king of logistics; and so I decided long time ago, that I would have only 3 calibers for pistol:


9mm is NATO; and so is the 45. But the biggest problem I had with the 45's was that if I ever had to CCW a gun; I was unhappy with the smaller guns in 45 because of the number of rounds it would hold. I can get almost 9mm speed with almost a 45 sized hole. And I can do that with almost the same capacity as the 9mm. So to me, the 40 seemed like the best choice.

A G35 as a holstered sidearm and a G27 as a CCW seems intelligent. And logistical. Why I'm disappointed in the Steyr series; as the series never proliferated.

I have a SP101, GP100, and a Timberwolf .357 Rifle. <== Very definition of logistical. HK's aren't; the compact HK's don't use the same magazines as the regular sized HK's to the best of my knowledge. So logistics, and accessories are a consideration.

My friend Brian has a G34, and LOVES IT. And encouraged me to get a G35; he thought that if I bought it and shot it, most of my preconceived notions about it will be proven wrong.

I don't "hate it", I was wondering if I could mitigate and live with the compromises of the gun.

August 22, 2012, 11:09 PM
Huey Ho, good neighbors! I see no reason to let this continue since the signal to noise is already pretty high.

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