Information about a '66 (?) Colt Python


Screamin' bullet
September 6, 2012, 06:18 PM
Dear All,

I'd really appreciate if someone could give me some suggestions about the doubts I report hereinafter:

a seller proposed me a '66 Python, with box and test target. The target was dated november 1966, the serial number reported on is 62427, the same on the gun frame and crane. From that serial number the Python was made in 1967. Moreover, on the left side frame the number 67 is stamped and enclosed by a rectangle. Could someone explain me the date discrepancy between the target date and the one following the serial number? I'm dealing with a fake?

In addition the blueing color of this gun is a little bit lighter than the ones of more recent Pythons (from '70) I had the opportunity to see. The blueing of these last is close to a black-blue color, the one of the Python I'm speaking about has blue reflexes. Has the famous Colt Royal Blue had some changes along the years or it has ever had the same tonality along 50 production years? The gun box reports Colt Python, 6’’ barrel, Colt Blue.
Last doubt: the grips of that gun are woodden made. The boundary knurling area under the Colt medallion is slash cutted. On a '66 Python I expected to find the grips with the knurling area boundary partially reproducing the Colt medallion arc. Could someone explain me the different periods when Colt adopted the three different woodden grip shapes?
I thank you in advance for your replies and lavished time.

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September 6, 2012, 07:09 PM
Hard to say without some photos. See if the seller will offer detailed photos, or allow you to take some if it's a local sale

September 6, 2012, 07:50 PM
A lot smells funny.

62427 is a 1967 Python.
The year started with 61000. 1968 started with 73800.

The 67 enclosed in a rectangle is not a Colt factory marking.

The markings on the Python, other than the Colt Pony on the frame and the standard barrel markings are:
An inspectors single number stamp on the left rear side of the trigger guard web.
A "VP" in a triangle on the left front of the trigger guard web. This is the Colt Verified Proof.

The correct grips for a 1967 would be the Colt Second Type Target grips as shown below. There's uncertainty exactly when Colt switched from one style of grips to another.
A Colt catalog might show a new style of grip, but guns would continue to ship with the old type until the supply was exhausted.
The grips may have changed, but catalogs continued to show the old types.
It's generally thought that Colt went to the Third type grips sometime in the mid-1970's.

Second Type Colt Target grips.

Third type Colt Target grips.

Odd things do and did happen at Colt, but what typically causes confusion with Colt's is a gun is listed as being produced in one year but not shipping until sometime later.
As example I ordered a new 6" Python in 1988 with a serial of T748XX.
In 1990 I ordered a new 4" Python. That serial number was T683XX.
To be clear, the higher serial numbered gun shipped over 2 years BEFORE the lower numbered gun.
Since I personally ordered these Pythons from major gun distributors, there's little chance of one gun sitting on the distributor's shelves for over two years.

However, I've not heard of a Colt being manufactured and targeted a year before it's production date.
The 1966 dated test target and the odd stamp on the frame raise questions.

September 6, 2012, 09:27 PM

You are one lucky man to have ordered two of those beauties! I have a Python I bought from a LGS, NIB, just picked up a Colt Trooper ,38 spl. today, made in 1961, 98% $425 OTD ! I'm happy !!

Screamin' bullet
September 10, 2012, 12:49 PM
Dear All,
thanks a lot for your reply. I haven't had the opportunity to take a picture of that gun, it’s for that reason I outlined my question in more general terms.
Dfariswheel, another very accurate reply. I read some of your replies in Honestly, I hoped to find one of yours among the other ones. Thanks a lot.
In my opinion the Colt Python is the best revolver ever built and the most beautiful. My preference is for 6’’ and 3’’ barrel Python. Ok, even 2.5’’ barrel is a very good one and the 4'' the most balanced.
I hope in the near future to let you know my firing experience with one of them.

All the Best


September 10, 2012, 07:33 PM
Careful, Pythons are addictive.

If you're thinking about buying a 3" Python, first, bring a heavily loaded wallet. The 3" Python is the most rare and prices are now often over $5,000 or MORE.

Also, the 3" Python is so rare and so high dollar, they're often counterfeited by installing spare 3" barrels on guns that shipped with other length barrels.
In fact, now days people are making counterfeit boxes, papers, and even making phony Colt factory Archive letters.
If you find one and want to buy it, order your OWN Archive letter from Colt to avoid being taken.

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