Remington 870 Barrel, 18.5", Tritium Rifle Sights, Fixed MOD Choke, Parkerized


Fred Fuller
September 11, 2012, 02:59 PM
Originally discussed four years ago here -

Seems there is another "run" of these barrels available - MidwayUSA had them listed in a sales flier recently, and I ordered another one to add to the two I already had.

Why? Well, I decided to take Gun #1 from the previous thread (linked above) to my recent shotgun refresher class with Louis Awerbuck as my primary shotgun. That's one of my own Franken-870s, which came to be thusly:

I bought a stripped new production 870HD receiver from a fellow THR member and built the gun up out of the handy dandy parts box. In its original guise the gun got an 18" Cyl bore bead sighted barrel, that was replaced with one of the 18.5" RS Mod barrels recently received. This gun has one of the 2-shot Remington factory magazine extensions sold off by one of the gun parts discounters a few months ago- the 18.5" barrel is perfectly even with the muzzle on this barrel, where it extended a half inch beyond the originally installed 18" tube. The original barrel clamp with sling swivel base is installed, and there is a sling swivel stud in the usual place in the toe of the stock as well.

This gun has synthetic furniture, a LE-length forearm and a youth size SpeedFeed stock that yields a 12.75" LOP. It has a 6-round SideSaddle. Overall length of the assembled gun is 37.75", I don't have a scale so I can't report its overall weight.

I was pleased with how the gun performed in class, it hadn't had a lot of rounds through it but I had taken it out prior to the class to verify the slug zero according to strict instructions from Louis. I also ran a full box (25 rounds) of the same birdshot loads I'd be shooting in class (Remington Game Loads, 2 3/4 - 1 - 7 1/2, 1290 FPS) through it as fast and I could load them and shoot them to make sure this load would run in a hot gun, as I knew we'd be doing a reprise of the Rolling Thunder drill. (See a full class AAR at Everything went fine with that test, and the slug zero proved to be acceptable as well. I brought the gun in and gave it a field strip and basic cleaning prior to class, then packed it and a spare 870 for the trip.

So why bring all this up again, when four years ago I pronounced myself satisfied with the performance I was getting from factory loads of buckshot featuring FliteControl wads in open choked riot gun barrels? Am I unhappy with the FliteControl miracle all of a sudden?

Not at all. But with ammo supplies being what they are these days, it seems prudent to be ready for anything that comes along, and that includes shoot-what-you-can-get ammo - which might not always be FliteControl. So I figure one more 870 in the stable, ready for any old ammo that comes along, can't hurt. And I just bought another used old style Express gun, which needs a short barrel and some other stuff to be ready to join the stable of working guns here, so... .

The refresher class was conducted at fairly close ranges, and with either birdshot or buckshot I was getting 'rathole' patterns when the call was to engage a specific target to destruction. That sufficed for the experiment, definitely. And I was happy not to be enlarging the 8" holes in the center of the 'negative' cardboard targets we were shooting for most of this particular class (usually the shotgun class shoots on both steel and paper, but Louis said he wasn't dragging out 600 pounds of steel for just one day's use). Targets were regular silhouettes in cardboard with 8" holes cut out of the center - the idea was, you shot to hit hole, not target, and any additional holes appearing in the target said 'you missed.' Holes from stray wads didn't count...

All in all I think this barrel is a good buy, even though it's no longer on sale. You can see it listed at on the Midway site, and it's still listed as "available" right now. Even though the current price of $183.99 is about forty bucks more than I paid back in 1998, I'd still say it's a deal for anyone who is interested. YMMV of course.

And it sure beats calling Remington every month for years to find one in stock, which is what I had to do to get my first ones.

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September 11, 2012, 03:54 PM
Hello friends and neighbors // TY for the tip and link.

Any slug data?
Mod. dedicated, with Tritium rifle sights should be good for slugs too.
At least my best 50yd. slug groups are using a Mod 870 28".

Once you figured out the best slug to use, would you consider 50 yards possible with the same target and goal out of the 18 1/2" ?

AI&P Tactical
September 11, 2012, 03:59 PM
It is not a deal as Midway being the rip off it is, they are charging $34 more then you can get the barrel from Remington for. I recommend calling Remington at 800-243-9700 and follow the prompts to parts. Once the rep answers simply order part F242556 which is that barrel and retails for $150.00. Take the $33.99 you saved go buy ammo and have a blast (pun intended)

September 11, 2012, 04:24 PM
I really REALLY wish mossberg would offer a barrel similar to this for their 500.

Fred Fuller
September 11, 2012, 04:42 PM
they are charging $34 more then you can get the barrel from Remington for

Problem is, Remington says they have discontinued that barrel and they are no longer in stock or available...

AI&P Tactical
September 11, 2012, 06:07 PM
They are on the 2012 revised parts list that was effective March 1, 2012. I buy over a hundred of them a year in Modified and in I/C choke and just got the 30 of the same barrels in. I do not sell them as they are for my custom builds. You will see that barrel on my Tactical III, Police Elite and several other models. If it was discontinued it was in that past few weeks. In fact, they were on back order for about 5 weeks before I got them so I know that Remington did a large production run. I can't see them doing a large run on a discontinued item, but heck, with Freedom Group at the helm anything is possible. Also of note is the 18.5" Parkerized I/C Choke with Meprolight Rifle sights is part F242550 is also on the new parts list.

I certainly hope they were not dropped as I have featured these barrels for many years and there are hundreds of AI&P Tactical Shotguns out there with this exact barrel on them. If this item is discontinued then strike up another blow for Freedom Group for not giving Remington buyers what they want. I am calling in a large order tomorrow and will ask my rep what's up.

Remington does production runs so items would be out of stock until a run occurs. I purchase between $60K and $80K in parts alone a year and what I have noticed since Freedom Group took over is longer waits between runsm thus long time for items to be on back order. What I suspect is they do not schedual a run untill a certain number of an item is on order. I guess I can't fault this as it is a common business practice but I was spoiled by Remington by having my orders filled as I placed them. Guess those days are gone. To prove this point I have had 30 of the 18.5" Bead sight Parkerized I/C barrel on back order for over three months. Before Freedom Group back orders were never more then 30 days.

Fred Fuller
September 11, 2012, 06:34 PM
All I can do is report what they told me when I called... do please let us know what they tell you when you check with them.

AI&P Tactical
September 11, 2012, 08:59 PM
Will do. If they discontinued them I will have to dry out my key board from all the tears before I post.

September 11, 2012, 11:18 PM
I guess I will be taking that class soon, thanks! I'm getting old and take mostly those "refresher" courses lately.:uhoh:
Here is my F242550 barreled final go at an 870 build I did a few years back. Yeah I have shown it before , but you didn't show yours Fred so here goes. Folks this type set up seems to be what actually works:

Fred Fuller
September 11, 2012, 11:33 PM
Not won't. :D Can't.

I'm a technological illiterate and don't have a digital camera (no, not in the cell phone either), nor do I know how to post pics to the board. Copy and paste yes, originals, no.

AI&P Tactical
September 12, 2012, 10:04 AM
You were misinformed. No shock there because that is becoming common with a lot of customer service these days. I just ordered those barrels. They went on back order but they have not been discontinued.

The thing about Midway is they add about 9% over the Remington Retail cost to their items. For Example: the 18.5" Bead sight Parkerized they sell for $109.99 can be ordered from Remington for $101.00. The 18.5" bead Sight with Rem Choke they sell for $167.99 can be had from Remington for only only $150. The 18.5" blued Wingmaster with bead sight they sell for $129.99 can be had from Remington for $117. These can all be veried by the Midway web site and the Remington Parts list. So yes they are a rip off in my opinion as I know the dealer cost of those items and see no reason to increase the price of an item that can be had from the manufacture for less. In fact, most manufacturers sell the items for a high price then the distributor or why would anyone carry thier products? Unless of course you are MidwayUSA. Also, the reason Midway does this is because they give Dealers a discount. That means they add the 9% and then take it of for a Dealer. Not very honest in my opinion.

However, if Remington does not have the item and a retailer does, then the item is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

Anyone can order from the Remington Parts list but a lot of guys don't know that and go to the Remington Country Store. The Country store is ran by a Contractor for Remington and sells common items, over runs, discontinued parts and other things. It is not the parts list. I tell everyone before ordering anything Remington, "CALL REMINGTON FIRST". Then if they don't have the item in stock start shopping.

I am very upset about the back order times. Those 30 18.5 BS PK that have been on back order for almost three months, well, found out this morning that it may be another 45 days. This is becomming common and causeing me to have to larger inventories.

Fred Fuller
September 12, 2012, 11:47 AM
Good advice, about calling Remington first and ordering from the parts list. It's one of the few 800 numbers I have memorized :D.

Thanks for the update,


September 12, 2012, 02:10 PM
Tritium makes that attractive.

I recall when these were well under $100...

The 20 inch barrel allows a longer extended mag tube, plus you can switch chokes. Looks like I can get tritium replacement sights for $85 but they are on backorder.

AI&P Tactical
September 12, 2012, 05:31 PM
I feature the Meprolight Tritium Inserts on my custom guns simply because they are easier to get, small so less obstructive and the price is much better then others out there.

However, if anyone is looking for a great deal on Tritium Inserts look at a brand called Zone 3. They are almost half (or were) the cost of Trijicons and you can get them with different color front and rear. Great value if you can find them. I know they sell them for Remington but not sure about other brands.

September 12, 2012, 11:22 PM
Thanks for the info, just ordered one to take the place of the 18.5" IC bead that was on my HD gun.

September 13, 2012, 04:05 PM
I'm looking at ordering a short slug barrel for my 870 which would be a thick brush hunting gun. Stuck between the one discussed in this thread, and a 20 inch smooth bore IC choke with standard rifle sights. For hunting, are the tritium sights, shorter barrel, and tighter choke worth the extra $50? This gun would not be used for home defense, so that isn't a consideration. Could someone with this barrel post a photo of the sight picture so I can get an idea of the tritium sights?
Thanks, CApighunter

AI&P Tactical
September 13, 2012, 08:39 PM
Pighunter -The standard sight will be easier to pick up as the front has a white dot and the rear has a white triangle. You set the dot on the tip of the triangle and "Boom", dead pig.

The 20" Rifle Sight I/C choke would serve you best as an all around hunter. Slug, Buck shot and even small shot for small game. One barrel with many uses. The part number for that barrel is 24622 and retail is $155, but they are on gun broker for $145.

September 13, 2012, 09:03 PM
AI&P, I found them on Cheaper Than Dirt, for $130. Looks like I will be ordering one before my deer/bear hunt next month. Here is the link:
Thanks, CApighunter

September 14, 2012, 10:28 AM
That's matte finish and a fixed choke, would be nice for a defensive shotgun.

September 14, 2012, 11:30 AM
Doesn't look like the CTD model has the tritium sights.

AI&P Tactical
September 14, 2012, 12:42 PM
No, that sporting barrel does not have Trit sights and that is the point for Pig Hunter. The Police triangle rear sight now standard on Remington rifle sight barrels serves his need better. The Meprolights have what can be a flaw in that there are two small dots on each side of the rear sight notch. Someone with poor vision (old farts like me) do not benifit from this Tritium sight much except at night. I correct that on mine by putting a small white line under the notch. I then have a 24/7 useable sight.

Pig hunter found a great price as that barrel retails for $155.

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