How do I not get my threads locked?


September 17, 2012, 03:24 AM
I deal in guns...among other things like body armor and choice hunting equipment thats my business. You can say hanging around firearms all day long that I am very enthusiastic about the topic. I might even be a little too enthusiastic following the IDPA champions as if they were national heros. Hey thats me and I enjoy what I do. So that leads me to the point of this thread.

At times I write about topics which interest myself and they are also topics which interest other people like "what pistol would you go to war with?" These topics often attract a lot of interest and attention. Personally I find nothing wrong with a spirited discussion. Sometimes we can learn a lot from a spirited discussion.

My question is what can I post so that my thread doesnt get locked? Whats the standard of the site? I know it may seem weird to some people when they see me arguing my love for Sigs or asking others for opinions on their favorite, but like I said thats just me and where I come from. Around here firearms are a rite of passage. Everyone has one here. If they didnt I wouldnt be in business;) Im used to such spirited discussions and comparisons.

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September 17, 2012, 06:14 AM
I would recommend thoroughly reading the forum rules first. Then, spend more time reading threads, and less time posting. Get a feel for the place before you jump into the conversation. THR is not ARFCOM. Learn the history of the forum. Things are done here the way they are for very specific reasons. Read the closing notes the moderator(s) leave(s) when any thread is closed. If you're still not sure, PM a moderator a for further guidance.

Also, looking at you post history, I'd advise you quit asserting your opinions as facts, and quit using such inflammatory language. Your language invites fights, and that'll get a thread locked quicker than anything else here.

September 17, 2012, 08:22 AM
This is a good start:

There are only a few house rules:

1. All topics and posts must be related to firearms or 'Right to Keep and Bear Arms' (RKBA) issues.
This one trips people up a lot. For us this means strictly RKBA issues as applied to the CITIZEN/CIVILIAN gun owner. Not police procedures. Not military issues. Arms and the citizen.

Two other points: a) The thread must REALLY be gun-related. Not "Whoo I'm so excited did you guys see Jeff Gordon kick that field goal in the ninth inning last night? ... Oh and I like SIGs!" Adding some semi- or non-related gun comment does not make a thread THR material.

b) Just because a story you read in the paper or saw on the news has a gun in it doesn't make it a THR thread. We aren't a repository for the world's bad news. Idiots or criminals doing bad things is not "responsible firearms ownership." If there's something to be learned from an armed encounter story, make an S,T&T thread out of it and tell us what you think we can learn.

3. As a family-friendly board, we ask that you keep your language clean, and that starts with your chosen user name. If you wouldn't say it in front of your dear old Grandma, you probably don't want to say it here. This rule includes any inappropriate images.This also includes swear words that you "Bleep" out. (*$&#^@***, etc.) If you have to bleep it to get it past the language filter, DON'T POST IT.

4. Spamming, trolling, flaming, and personal attacks are prohibited. You can disagree with other members, even vehemently, but it must be done in a well-mannered form. Attack the argument, not the arguer.If you're going to say something negative, say it in a way that the other person is most likely to actually appreciate hearing what you have to say. Like a gentleman. And keep firmly in mind that what you might say in jest or with a wink and a grin IN PERSON, might get you a lot of negative attention if you were to say the same words in black and white text here on the forum. You never lose face by saying, "I believe..." or "It is my humble opinion that..." Pitch your argument like it's the word of the Lord and all those who disagree are ignorant worms, and you're likely to have a rough time.

And an edit to say: There are some discussions that we just don't have patience for. Issues that ALWAYS devolve into fights. Threads on some topic about which a hotly contested thread has JUST recently been closed. Etc.

6. We cannot provide a comprehensive list of "Things Not To Say". Posts that are contrary to the above policies, or to the mission of The High Road, may be edited or deleted at our sole discretion. Membership may be temporarily or permanently revoked if such a step is deemed necessary by us. We're a private venture enabled by an all-volunteer staff. Please treat this venue as a polite discussion in a friend's home and respect the wishes of the hosts.

This one's a big grey area. But there are clues to how we will proceed up in the opening paragraph of the rules:

"...dedicated to the discussion and advancement of responsible firearms ownership."

"It is the declared mission of this board to achieve and provide the highest quality of firearms discussion on the Internet..."

We take those concepts very seriously.

All of the Staff is also are very approachable. If you ever have a question about what went wrong, or what wasn't kosher with a thread you started -- ASK THE MOD. They'll tell you, and they'll often be quite willing to discuss with you how you might get your question or topic worked into a more acceptable discussion.

Best of luck, and we're always here to help!

September 17, 2012, 08:49 AM
I think you see this forum as facebook.
Enthusiasm is good. Attention seeking, not so much.
Historically the post to view ratio is somewhere under 5%.
That should tell you most read 95 posts to 5 posts. The aveage thread seldom goes beyond 10 or 15 posts
Fact based opinions are fine. Even koolade fueled fanboys are fun, because they know they are fanboys.
Your love of firearms is not unique here. , and your love of sigs is equalled by others who love CZ, 1911's and glocks.
But this is not facebook.
As UGA, and SAM, said, read the rules, learn the culture, tone it down, and you will be fine here, or not, your choice.

Double Naught Spy
September 17, 2012, 09:51 AM
Looking at some of your threads and posts in your threads, you apparently try to rabblerouse. You use profanity and make insulting comments about people pointlessly. Apparently, you call this "spirited discussion" but it would seem that you are trying to create "spirit" for a topic where the "spirit" created isn't appropriate and doesn't really have an actual point. In some cases, the information isn't beneficial, educational, or even very relevant other than it has guns.

These sorts of thread starts, even if they themselves don't get the thread closed, spur folks to contribute in a like manner...and when threads degrade sufficiently, they get closed.

Your thread on Bill Wilson is a great example. It was demeaning with backhanded compliments and had no real point other than to be insulting to Wilson without any sort of point beyond that.

September 17, 2012, 10:23 AM
Ok, after some review of threads I'd say the biggest issue is "goofiness." Don't post off the wall, goofy stuff. While we appreciate the occasional inclusion of a topical witticism, this is a site devoted to serious issues, and we ask folks to discuss things in mature, serious ways.

As you have been counseled in the past, tone it down. Think of THR as Guns University and each thread as a classroom. Not a frat party, not a locker room, not the basement lounge where the stoners hang out. You wouldn't stand up in front of the ECON 250 class and tell Chuck Norris jokes. So don't do the same thing here. Play the class clown too many times, get expelled.

September 20, 2012, 02:47 PM
THR is not ARFCOM.
One of the reasons I like THR is that there appear to be more level-headed, mature, and responsible gun owners on this forum.

Some of the folks on ARFCOM and The Firing Line shouldn't own a weapon, IMO.

September 20, 2012, 04:09 PM
Im used to such spirited discussions and comparisons.

One man's "spirited discussion" is another's rude insulting immature confrontation.

Shadow 7D
October 2, 2012, 12:56 AM

how bout not being a troll?

October 2, 2012, 02:11 AM
I don't think even that will fix it so we'll just part ways.

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