rcbs pro 2000 auto index ?


September 22, 2012, 03:38 PM
hi, just got this. started to put this together and so far the only problem i had was the small cylinder for the uni-flo had bad threads for the micrometer. having one sent this past week. also there sending me a different ball detent spring.( reviews said original spring was too stiff, made powder jump out of case when indexing) other than that stuff, is there anything else i should be aware of either assembling the rest of the way or problems encountered using the machine. i have a couple of dillons(550`s) so i am familiar with these types of machines although the 550`s aren`t auto-indexing.

thanks for any input from pro 2000 auto users!

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GW Staar
September 22, 2012, 05:53 PM
The most common gotchas is trying to pull an APS strip out the wrong way. RCBS warns, but not everybody has the best direction reading skills. You will break it. Yes RCBS will shoot you new parts free in a couple of days, but why go through that....just be warned and don't.

Also, since every time you move the press handle into the primer seating area...that is moving the handle toward the bench at the bottom of a stroke, you press a primer up past the strip it's mounted in. (case present or not) That means, unless you finish the stroke and set the primer or push it all the way out, it can jam the strip and make it refuse to index or even pull out.

While that sounds bad, the fix is simply to push it back in with a .223 bullet, or any other thing you have handy the same diameter as the primer hole....an Allen wrench, a pencil eraser, a dowel, tinker toy, whatever. Just keep such a thing handy for both sized primers. Try to force it and you will just be taking the primer feed mechanism apart.....so don't.

While that all sounds like a pain, it's just a tiny learning curve and APS, once learned, is well worth it when you buy a year supply of preloaded primers, and enjoy speed and safety not possible with tube loaders.

One feature the Pro 2000 doesn't have, is a way to take the primer advance off line, without having to remove the whole strip. Like, for example, if or when you screw up a powder charge and want to feed a primed case again. You can shape a Popsicle stick to stick in and stop the advance or you can make a more elegant and convenient advance stop by copying my APS mods found in AR15's tacked gateway thread. HERE (http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_6_42/322049_.html&page=1).

I have other "mods" in the "gateway" thread as well if you're interested.
My forum name there is GWhis.

If you reload a lot of pistol, you will eventually want to get RCBS's new powder-through expanders, and extra case-activated lower assemblies (powder dies & brackets) for each caliber, so you can make changing calibers using one Uniflow silly fast.

Have fun with your PRO-2K! Great press. Very versatile and simple. Once you get it set up....it doesn't go out of sync.

More questions? Just ask.

September 22, 2012, 09:10 PM
thanks! already bought 4 diff. powder thru`s and 4 more die plates. ( i do 9mm, 38-357, 44mag and 45acp and a lot of 5.56. hence the die plates.

will check out your link soon. if you think of anything else, let me know.

September 25, 2012, 08:29 PM
1. Keep your shell plates clean. Do not oil or grease the bottom. A few specs of powder between the bolt and the shell plate can cause the plate not to travel completely to the next position. I keep a can of compressed air handy if any powder spills on the plate. When changing plates, take the few seconds it takes to wipe out any powder residue under the plate.

2. To remove an APS strip that is not empty, raise the handle slightly, but not enough to advance the shell plate. I keep a 223 dummy cartridge to push in the primer if it wont slide out easily.

3. Don't forget to install the case ejector pin. It looks like a small allen wrench. Don't snug it so tight you can't move it with your fingers for fine tuning. Each cartridge has it's own sweet spot.

4. I have never used the Station #1 case retaining spring. Looks like a paper clip.

5. I've loaded 40K+ rounds on the PRO2000 without much complaint. However, I would order these spare parts BEFORE
you need them. APS Primer Strip Pusher (#5), Detent clips (#6), Index Pawl (#25), Detent Ball (#5) and Spring (#6)
I overhauled my Pro2000 with all new springs last year. RCBS did not bat an eyelash over the request. The Detent spring and the Uniflow Century spring need to be replaced periodically for best performance.( like 5 or 10k). My weak Uniflow spring allowed powder spillage in 5.56 using ball powder. Replacement parts can take about 10 business days to arrive. It pays to stock up on the little things that could stop you cold.

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