410 slugs


September 27, 2012, 09:07 PM
Does anyone have an explaination for why 410 shotgun slugs are so light??

410 slugs (1/4 oz.) are only about 1/2 the weight of the shot in a 410 field load (1/2 oz or more).

In comparison 12 gauge slugs weigh about the same amount as the shot in field load. 20 gauge slugs are the same, a slug weighs about the same as the shot in field load.

I'm dazed and confused why their should be such a difference.

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September 27, 2012, 09:53 PM
I am guessing in is because of the design of foster slugs, they need a hollow base so they can expand to seal the bore. Also they swage down through the choke, so a 1/2 oz slug would need to be twice as long, maybe causing pressures to be too high? A long, heavy slug at low velocity would probably also be very unstable in flight.

September 27, 2012, 10:34 PM
Trajectory might also be a factor. Could you imagine how bad the arc would be on a 1/2oz 410 slug? Just a thought.

September 28, 2012, 12:50 AM
That`s almost a 110 grain bullet, what`s wrong with that ?

(1/4) ounce = 109.37500 grains

Dave McCracken
September 28, 2012, 08:25 AM
I've been told that the 410 slug was made lighter to keep pressures down in the scads of old, cheaply made arms chambered for it.

Perhaps. I think a sabot enfolding a .358" SWCHP at 1200 FPS would work well at reasonable pressures.

Ballistic Products has some reloading options for the 410 slug shooter....

September 28, 2012, 08:32 AM
I killed a 120lb doe with a .410 slug when i was in 5th grade....my first deer
it fully penetrated at 75 yards and left a exit would about the size of a golfball....1/4oz seemed to work pretty well then...

kim breed
September 28, 2012, 08:43 AM
they work very well on whitetail where legal. great first caliber for a new hunter on a budget.

September 28, 2012, 09:05 AM
I am gonna make some popcorn, and go drag out all of my 410's to clean them, as everybody who knows ya can't shoot deer with a 410, and those who think it too small to be a "worthwhile" small game round, will soon weigh in here. :-)

I don't care if THEY/YOU don't like 410's,... I happen to,..and I know that I ain't alone. I too took my first deer with one,..and many more that followed,..along with a boat load of bunnies, squirrel and other tasty critters over the last 50 years or so,.......

In fact,..it's small game season here in northern Michigan. I think I need to go take a walk in the woods.......


September 28, 2012, 09:11 AM
Noblesport makes 2 1/2" 1/2oz slugs for the 410. http://www.ammunitiontogo.com/product_info.php/pName/25rds-410-gauge-nobelsport-2-12-slug-ammo/cName/410-gauge-slug

September 28, 2012, 09:28 AM
I use my .410 all the time, for just about everything when I can. Many bunnies and squirrels have been taken along with other critters including a coyote with a slug.

Carl N. Brown
September 28, 2012, 10:55 AM
The limitation is making a aerodynamic, self stablizing foster slug design that fits the diameter of the .410 barrel, specifically the full choke.

I have fired a few slugs through my M6 Scout, whose .410 barrel has a full choke. Accuracy beyond 20 yards was bad.

Kinetic energy of the .410 slugs (650 to 750 ft/lb) starts off between handgun performance of the .357 magnum (540 ft/lb) and .41 Remington magnum (750 ft/lb) level and drops off to a bit over 200 ft/lb at 100 yds. I have a few slugs for emergency use only.

At http://mcb-homis.com/slug_410/ run by a fan of the .410, he claims his measured cylinder bore Winchester 9410 shoots 2" groups at 50 yds with Remingtons. Not so well with others. But he recommends a true cylinder bore and some kinda sights for accuracy with the .410 slug.

September 28, 2012, 06:09 PM
There as been some interesting answers, but I'm still confused.

I would have guessed that in powder burning weapon that payload is payload. Remington lists 410 shot shells with a 1/2 ounce of shot at 1200 fps. I'm still trying to figure why there couldn't be a 410 load with 1/2 oz (about 215 grains) slug at about 1200 fps.

"That`s almost a 110 grain bullet, what`s wrong with that ?" Gee maybe sectional density. I would not want a 40 or 41 caliber handgun bullet that light. Part of the low downrange retained energy of current 410 slugs might be because the poor sectional density.

September 28, 2012, 06:51 PM
Slug weight for a given gauge is usually close to the weight of a gauge diameter round ball.

A 12 gauge round ball weighs 583 gr. or between 1 1/4 oz and 1 3/8 oz. We see slugs in 1, 1 1/4, and 1 3/8 oz.

A 20 Ga. ball weighs 350 gr. or .8 oz. We see slugs in at 5/8, 3/4, and 7/8 oz.

a .410 ball weighs 104 gr. Slugs weigh in at 1/5 oz or 98 gr. Heavy slugs weigh 1/4 oz. or 110 gr. If you use a .395 ball you have a weight of 93 gr.

*Weights based on pure lead.

February 6, 2013, 04:38 PM
Hi guys, Im new here. Just starting to experiment with reloading 410/12 ga.

Saw somewhere a guy was using .41 cal 215 gr SWCs with a stump wad, putting the bullet in backwards with a roll crimp to create a slug . A 215 gr lead bullet comes in at almost 1/2 oz. Anyone heard of or tried that? I would guess that powder charge would be the same for 1/2 oz of anything.

In addition, I am looking for some 410 receipes that use Unique (which I have a lot of). I did find someone who suggested that using a 45 LC receipe would be the same as long as the round weight was the same, or a little less because of the shotgun primer being hotter.

I am also looking at replacing the 1/2 oz shot loads in bought rounds with 000 Buck. I have a lot of ideas, just want some additional input. Anyone with any information on these issues, thanks ahead of time...

February 6, 2013, 04:42 PM
You need to look into Hoening Big Bore South!

http://www.hoeningbigboresouth.com/images/the%20better%20410%20slug%2072%20dpi_3.jpg (http://www.hoeningbigboresouth.com/Big410Ballistics.html)


HBBS 410 Uncrimped Heavy Load 375 gr Slug, BC = 0.214, 100yd. zero
Muzzle Velocity: 1500 fps
Energy: 1873 ft-lbs.

February 6, 2013, 04:59 PM
Those looks like they'd be effective. Otherwise, a M1 Carbine is "more gun"!


February 6, 2013, 08:59 PM
Here's a link to some old posts that I made back a couple years ago, with info on my 410 slugs that I tested, along with other posts.



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