Caribou Lance......


October 2, 2012, 05:08 AM
It was a spare thought in my head, Ive hunted so many years, with my rifle, but archery is easy too, so I had to try..........
So hacksaw in hand I slipped further into Bubbadumb, and wacked a stray Mosin M91-30 Bayonett and drilled a place for it to seat in a shaft my son had made for another Harpoon, but I commandeer'd......some lash and peg later and aI had the Mosin Nagant Pointy Death Tool, and Bull Caribou in front of me in the boat......penatration from top shoulder through thorax and stopped by briskek bones from over penatrating, the withdrawl was as smooth as the hypodermic like insertion and Death was done to one Fat Bull.No wounded as the tight knots swim packed, no ricochets, no misses, no skinny or sick, only perfect Bulls , picked from among thousands who are crossing the rivers, streaming south. Natures best food in its best condition, Meat for the Carnivoirs.

It rained so much, weve been drying meat and fish insde with strings and a fan, while were out during the day.

Thats me, and Im not Criminally Insane....just inspired.

Off with the Head, out with the Tounge, and the rest go's in the boat....only the antlers are left behind, for old men to gather and sell.
25 more suscummed over the last few days to the hole a bullet would have made with 99% less damage. Im finally home, here before freeze up comes and makes hunting over thin ice a gamble with your life and I preferr to stay home till the ice thickens....i set Whitefish nets, and traps, and let them hunt.....Caribou Bulls in their pre Rut prime, lotta fat and meat as the coming darkness takes over. Im going into the Arctic winter "Rich", and thats really good after a Summer of none stop rain (snow now, tonight is a 40mph blizzard) mouldy fish, fermented fish (aint all bad) because with 2 months of flood stage waters, we had a terrible fishing season, cathing mostly fish sticks and logs........ and few Berrys or greens grew big due to the lak of sun. Im likeing the local stores fruits and guys have cabbage, potatoes and carrots local grown in trade for fat Bull meats :D

Dont do this at home, it could lead to injury or death and dying by Bayonett is a real danger, if a guy can close with you........I have a new hobbie and bayonett tests confirm it as fact.........Make mine a Mosin!

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October 2, 2012, 06:11 AM
Now that's different!

October 2, 2012, 09:09 PM
Kinda Neanderthal, but as an old pig sticker, I like it. :D Saves on ammo if nothing else. Don't even need dogs, just gangster 'em in a river. :D

October 2, 2012, 11:59 PM
Well done!

October 4, 2012, 01:46 AM
Posted yesterday, 3 views and two responses.....strange... :D

October 4, 2012, 02:34 AM
Thats pretty awesome. Forgive my ignorance, but isnt that the way these creatures were hunted "back in the day?" It almost seems like a trip back into time to do it that way.

October 4, 2012, 09:49 AM
Well, the originals didn't use bayonets, but...heck, Geronimo didn't have wheels on his bow, either. :D I mean, you get the bayonet with the gun, I, myself, have sat around wondering what use I could put to a SKS bayonet. :D Never came up with a good answer. I could stick pigs in the trap with it, I guess, but a .22 is easier. :D

October 4, 2012, 10:29 AM
Wow. That's great!

Art Eatman
October 4, 2012, 10:57 AM
Next thing ya know, Caribou's gonna break a musk ox to saddle and go after polar bears. :D

October 4, 2012, 10:58 AM
That is awesome on a whole 'nother level.

October 4, 2012, 11:02 AM
Very cool, Caribou. Now that is hunting.

October 4, 2012, 11:06 AM
Kinda cool.

October 4, 2012, 11:07 AM
Next thing ya know, Caribou's gonna break a musk ox to saddle and go after polar bears.

Dont forget a Muay Thai kick to the head to render it unconscious. LOL

October 4, 2012, 03:35 PM
There but for the grace of a Southern girl, go I. :D

October 4, 2012, 03:54 PM
I heard the wx had been bad this year with the rain and snow that never seems to stop; didn't you set some kind of record this year for snow fall and late snow? Stay warm and great story, thanks.

Shadow 7D
October 4, 2012, 04:18 PM
yeah, it's bad, the summer King salmon run DID NOT SHOW UP
then the later run of reds and pinks, (BOTH VERY HEAVY/LARGE)
were blocked (the call them dog, cause they caught them for the dogs, better eating on the silvers/kings)

and they were prevented from putting the nets in for the pinks and reds, due to possibility of by catching the kings.....
once the OK came for them to fish again, the rivers were at flood stage

OH and it was raining, and the flys were out (means they can't dry the fish outside/unprotected)
that means lots of subsistence families on food stamps this winter...

October 5, 2012, 12:31 AM
That, Shadow, is exactly why Im hitting the Caribou hard and hopeing for a fat Whitefish run to arrive soon. Gotta know your alternatives and just how much a fella can work, move and store. Even Caribou and Fish have their limits.

One Moose comming up as soon as Nov 1st hits and its Cow season.

October 5, 2012, 01:31 AM
Next thing ya know, Caribou's gonna break a musk ox to saddle and go after polar bears. :D
Oh heck no.. strap a narwhal to each foot and go double whaling!


Shadow 7D
October 5, 2012, 03:47 AM
If you don't like your preserved meat, I bet March and April get's kind boring food wise.

October 10, 2012, 11:41 PM
Heres a few more pix of the trip, a lotta work and no heat ~~LOL!!~~ Coffee and tea sure helped, and being tired helps a fella sleep sound.

October 10, 2012, 11:53 PM
Wowsers, that's a lotta meat to butcher!:what:

October 11, 2012, 04:43 AM
Low 30's in the day, low 20's at night, the ice is thin, darkness is takeing over at 8 minutes a day, but the northern Lights out in full brilliance...........These Big guys hang till I need em :D should do fine untill I can see to Hunt again in Febuary, when the Sun is back up and the Chase is on!

Shadow 7D
October 11, 2012, 05:07 AM
takes some getting used to, half the year, outside is the freezer and inside is staying warm...

October 11, 2012, 05:41 AM

October 22, 2012, 08:54 PM
Cool stuff as usual. :)

October 23, 2012, 09:04 AM
That turned out to be a very productive hunt. Alaska the last frontier. I have made it all the way to Produe Bay on business one year, and got to see the area around Achorage. There is a some beautiful country up there, but living off the land is a full time challenge. As far as the cold you can have it, the reason I live in Texas.

I have seen and worked in lower temp than most would ever see. I did testing on the well heads use on the field which got me into -50F to -75F temps. The lowest my environmental box would go was -105F. I went in at -90 just to see what it was like, all I can say is you want last very long at that temp even with proper gear if you don't have some kind of shelter.

The Northern Lights are one beautiful site to see.

March 25, 2013, 01:03 PM
Caribou, was just wondering how you're doing and all. What's the word way on up there with you? What are you up to!?

March 25, 2013, 04:12 PM
Caribou, your lifestyle is inspiring in many many ways.

It is an eloquent reminder that survival & fulfillment of the human species ultimately depends not so much on how much stuff we own, but on the satisfaction that comes from work, ingenuity and self-reliance.

Of course, nature also has to still be there lending a providential hand. Certainly, the work and voices of the hunting community have been and will forever remain essential to habital conservation.

We have much to be proud of, whether we harvest with a rifle, a bow, or a Mosin Nagant Pointy Death Tool.

March 25, 2013, 05:44 PM
Thats a great hunting spear courtesy of our great Russian friends.

April 14, 2013, 04:38 AM
I've been filming with the wife and a crew for a show on Natgeo called Life Below Zero. Comes out in May.
Fact is, they first arrived while the freeze up was on, and we were quite well stocked up with those 26 Bulls, and what we gatherd and bought in bulk foods, as well as materials for arts and crafts, but they wanted action in a time we just stay home and let the ice thicken. Took some arguing, but I think it got mucho better, story wise, as we went along. We did great, after the floods went down, and we set ice nets for a great catch ofWhitefish.
Trapping went well, though I caught no Wolverine, I'm happy.
The wife nailed a nice Arctic Grey and quite a few Caribou this trip, and we just finished filming, until a week or so, so who knows what'll come along. We're at our oldest sons house visiting his family and did some great hunting with him, as we have a sledload and off for home in the morning, it's been a long hunt.

We did the work, hopefully the editor is kind and truthfull, as there is Zip for drama in our lives.

jim in Anchorage
April 14, 2013, 11:29 PM
I hate to rain on this parade, but I will never shoot another bull caribou again unless it's a B&C rack. Nastiest meat I ever ate.

April 15, 2013, 01:23 AM
Musta been in Rut, Jim........October and November hunted bulls have THE nastiest meat known to man, bar none. Deer down south have nothin over Rutting Caribou in wretchedness, akin to pissing diesel all over the cooking.

But the rest of the year, it's our bread. We catch these bulls at their prerut peak, and using a boat can determine such by smell, seriously, before pitching them.

jim in Anchorage
April 15, 2013, 01:52 AM
Actually it was early Sep. Mulchatna herd in the 90's when there was still a Mulchatna herd to hunt. maybe it was the warm weather, but I got the meat back to ANC pretty quick. No amount of seasoning would help that meat.
Yet every moose I ever shot was a bull in rut, and they were fantastic, not gamey at all.

April 15, 2013, 02:47 AM
I think the Moose is pretty good, if Caribou can't be had around freeze up.

I hunt the Western Arctic Caribou Herd WACH, most likely a different rut timing.

or the bull was part Reindeer gone wild, as they rut and drop calfs 2-3weeks earlier than
WildCaribou. I've seen this among the Reinderr gone wild when the WACH came through in the mid 90s and took all the Reindeer with them.

jim in Anchorage
April 15, 2013, 03:18 AM
Doubt if it was wild reindeer. At that time the Mulchatna herd was booming,5 a day and even same day airborne hunting. I think they numbered over 100,000 Then they more or less vanished. Some think they over grazed and joined the Western arctic herd.

I really don't know if that bull was in rut, but he sure tasted like it. The bulls where running in groups of 2 or 3, if that's a clue.

Saw your TV show thread in Alaska outdoors, wondered if you would mention it here.

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