AR pistol tube


October 16, 2012, 10:49 PM
Anybody ever mill a CAR tube to make it a pistol tube? I'm thinking this is the route I want to go, being that pistol tubes are ~$100 and I can get a DSA CAR extension kit for $30.

I'll be building it on a DSA lower with PSA MOE LPK, and a DSA ZM4 11" upper.

I have a vertical mill, just looking for tips from anyone who's gone this route. Will probably end up using dense foam excercise equipment handle to cover it anyway, but I'd like it to come out clean. I've never milled on 7075T6 before, just soft aluminum & steel stock.

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October 17, 2012, 12:59 AM

October 17, 2012, 01:16 AM
Well, that's better than I'd seen, but still >$65 once you figure spring, buffer and shipping. The DSA CAR kit doesn't add anything to the shipping of the rest.

I should have said before, but this is a temporary set-up until I get around to the form 4 for SBR. I already have a PLR-16 which I feel is superior as a 5.56mm handgun due to weight and ergonomics, but I find myself impatient and with funds in hand to get the upper and other parts, so I'm going to configure it as a pistol for the time being. Hence, I don't want to spend any more on a pistol tube than I absolutely have to, since once I pay the tax stamp, the pistol tube will just collect dust.

It's not that I can't afford a more expensive tube, just that I won't need it soon.

October 19, 2012, 10:55 PM
Well, tube came in today, and went straight to the mill bed. Came out just fine:

BTW, these USA-made DSA extension kits seem to be really good, especially for the $30 price tag!

If only the upper hadn't been backordered :(

4-6 weeks they say. It'll either be clad in MOE fore end or I'll mill the front sight off and install a free float rifle length quad rail. Getting a Noveske KX3 flash supressor either way. Once my Form 1 is approved, it'll receive an ACS-L stock. Opinions?

Rail Driver
October 19, 2012, 11:18 PM
If you like the slim ACS-L, you might want to look into Mission First Tactical - I've got one of their stocks - Solid, lightweight, sturdy and comfortable as well as being competitively priced.

They've got a new unit coming out soon (available for pre-order) that is EXTREMELY lightweight, and just as stout as the rest of their gear.

October 20, 2012, 04:46 AM
Thanks, Raildriver. I'll check 'em out. Reckon I've got 4-6 months to make that decision anyhow.....

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