Reloading the 7mm STW


November 14, 2012, 09:39 AM
I'm getting ready to start the process of working up a load for my STW and want to make sure I'm not forgetting something before I get started.

I'll be using either H1000 or H4831sc since I already have those on hand. I will also be using 168gr Berger VLD's. Would either of those powders be preferable over the other? I normally load the bullets just a little back of the lands, but it seems that I read that these VLD's should be touching or engaging the lands slightly. Is this correct? Anything else I should be aware of? I emailed Berger for loading data so that's what I'll be using in that regard.

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November 14, 2012, 01:41 PM
Of your two listed powders, H1000 would be my preference.
I would wait on Bergers load data. I have had good luck with RL 22 in this caliber.
RL 25 had not come out yet, but is allegedly good with overbore cartridges like the 7 STW.
Oh, I used Fed 215M primers.

November 14, 2012, 10:56 PM
Thanks for the reply.

I had intended on using the H1000, but the email I got from Berger had load info for the 4831 also, so I figured I'd ask. My Nosler manual says the H1000 was the most accurate powder tested for their heavier bullets, while my Lyman shows a mixture of powders being most accurate. Too bad the info I got from Berger didn't specify which was more accurate. At least I have some basic numbers to work with.

Anyone have info about loading the Bergers into the lands? Or am I thinking about Barnes?

I'm just trying to get as many variables worked out at the reloading bench as opposed to the shooting bench. Experience tells me this probably isn't going to be a great deal of fun getting a load worked up.

41 Mag
November 16, 2012, 08:02 AM
Like most rifles the STW is or can be a critter unto it's self. With mine, I have tried several powders, primers, cases, and other combinations and simply have not even come close to the accuracy or velocity I am getting with the now discontinued Federal load using the 150gr Nosler Solid Base.

That said your on the right track, with the powders your looking into. As for the Berger's, here is a link to an article put up by Eric Stecker that should help shed a bit of light on them, Optimizing Precision And Accuracy From VLD Bullets, (

What he mentions has a LOT of truth in it as with my friends 300 RUM, he is seating them a full .125" off the lands, and gets outstanding groups at 300yds and further. SO keep that in mind when you start working on your seating depths. However the one thing I have found is that his jumps can go right over the "sweet spot". I usually load a known accurate load with them and then adjust in .010" or 015" increments, but I have also jumped right over the area I was looking for using this as well. I shoot three round test groups and luckily found the closest groups and by backing down or increasing the OAL by .005" moved the loads into tiny clusters. So the .030"-.040" sweet spot might be an average, but it isn't all together gospel for all.

There is also another thread going on, you may already have seen, which list plenty of loads for the STW as well located here, 7mm STW Brotherhood - For those who shoot the 7mm Shooting Times Westerner (

Well I hope this helps and I hope you find a great shooting load for yours. I know that when I finally run out of my stashed supply of the factory Federal's I will be looking hard myself. If course by then I might also be investing in new barrel to put them down as well.:D:D

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