And another one bites the dust


November 30, 2012, 10:14 PM
Went out this afternoon. Now, I've got a thread on here somewhere explaining how all my stuff is in storage. Only guns I have ammo for appropriate for deer/hogs is my SKS rifle and my Rossi 92 carbine in .357 magnum. Well, today, I decided to take the SKS. I have killed one deer, a doe, with it in the past. I had a scope on it back then. 80 yard shot. It's a good rifle to 200 yards with a scope, but it no longer has the scope on it as I decided it was a better knock about truck rifle than a hunting rifle.

Anyway, I got on stand this afternoon a little before 4PM. I hunt first two hours or last two hours as the deer only move early or late this time of year. I've proven this to myself with the game camera. So, a little after 5, I hear a shot behind me. The guy shot something a few weeks ago, heard the shot and the thump. So, I'm cussin', wonderin' when it's going to be my turn. About 5 minutes later, I hear all kinds of snortin' and carryin' on coming my way through the brush at a run. I had time to get my gun rest up (a monopod) and he comes out of the brush bounding and kicking and snortin'. I saw horns, but only had time to kick the safety off, swing on him, and fire the shot. He was no more'n 30 yards from me on a dead run in an opening in the cover. I hit him back in the spine, anchored him, shot and missed, took more careful aim and shot again and hit him at the base of the neck. He wasn't going anywhere, couldn't move his hind legs after the first shot, but I didn't know that. Most of the backstrap is fine, but took out part of one of the tenderloins with the first shot. I figure that guy shot and missed, got down to check, spooked the deer, then I got him. :D Now, HE'S the one cussin'.

Anyway, he's on ice now. He was a big deer for around here, estimate 120-130 or so field dressed. He's probably 2.5-3.5 years old, a 9 point, about 15" of spread just outside the ears, very nice buck for down there as there is NO kind of management. I've shot some 8 points and 7 points that were as wide, but 9 is the most points I've gotten down there. Keep seeing an 11 pointer on the camera, but he's a sly one, come in JUST after dark, usually. No trophy by trophy hunter standards, but hell, I think he's pretty neat. Wife wants to mount him for the new house. Me, I'd rather just cut the horns off and put him on one of those plaques like I've done a few others. I don't know, might mount him. Only have one mount and a javelina mount, both killed out in West Texas. A deer on either side of the hearth would be pretty cool.

No pix, sorry, my camera is in storage along with most of everything else I own until the move which SHOULD come off sometime in December. Of course, I said that about November a month ago and October 2 months ago...:banghead::banghead::banghead:

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November 30, 2012, 10:29 PM
Good for you MC.
How far away was that other hunter??
Heading out next Thursday for a week in the brush country.
Can't wait.

November 30, 2012, 10:36 PM
He's about 300 yards behind me, but there's a big mot in the way and his place is lower. The brush is so thick down there, I can hunt 2 stands on 10 acres. :D Kinda unique, I guess, but it sure holds a lot of deer and even more hogs. Downer is the management technique, shoot it or someone else will. :D But, I bought it 25 years ago and while 560 bucks for taxes is a bit much IMHO, hell, I'd be payin' a LOT more'n that for a lease. And, it's one HELLUVA lot better huntin' down there than is any east Texas public hunting I've tried. I've got a good location, though, on the fence line of a big ranch and down the road from a bigger ranch. It's in Calhoun County.

December 1, 2012, 10:51 AM
Congrats. Hope you haven't stepped into that hole when you weren't expecting it.

December 1, 2012, 11:30 AM
I figured out subconsciously the hole/hog wallow is there, just to the left of the ladder on my tripod. About bit my tongue off when I found it first time in the dark of morning.

December 1, 2012, 10:38 PM
I used to hunt 13 acres in Alabama because it was what my elderly neighbor owned. i killed a LOT of deer on that 13 acres over the years.

December 1, 2012, 10:48 PM
I would like to believe you but there are no pictures to back up your story. I will take some venison jerky in lieu of pictures. Congratulations.

December 2, 2012, 08:43 AM
congrats, good to know the old truck gun will still get it done, the semi auto does have some advantage in that sort of situation. out of curiousity, what type of ammo were you using?

December 2, 2012, 09:02 AM
I prefer 154 Wolf or Tula, but all that is in storage. I had some of my 20 year old reloads in my other SKS's assault rifle case (it's a carbine I tacticooled with a folder for fun). Those, I forget the recipe, my reloading book is in storage, but it involves the now discontinued Sierra 135 grain .308" pro hunter bullet originally designed for shooting from .30-30 or .30 Herrett pistols. I push it 2200 fps from the 20" rifle barrel, about the same as I pushed it from my 12" .30-30 Contender. It's about 3.5" at 100 yards accurate, the 154 stuff is 2.5" at 100 yards accurate and carries more lead and works well on hogs. I have to set my sight up on 300 meters to hit zero at 100 with the reloads. The 154 shoots POA with the FMJ stuff, another advantage.

Only ammo I have suitable for hunting deer that's NOT in storage (explained in another thread, we're living in a travel trailer waiting to close on a new home for the last 4 months, long story) is the 8 rounds of reloads for the SKS and .357 magnum ammo for my Rossi lever gun I had been using until this day when I decided to break out the SKS. The Rossi has taken deer to 80 yards, it's capable to 100, 4" at 100 yards accurate. It's a lighter, handier gun, but a PITA to unload after the hunt. I prefer the ghost ring aperture I have on it to the stock SKS sights on the SKS, but the SKS works, obviously. :D

Last year, I used my new CVA Wolf to take my first black powder buck, a little 5 point. I have a .308, a .257 Roberts, a 7 mag, a .30-30 contender, all ammo in storage. I don't wanna mess with factory stuff 'cause the guns are all sighted in with my handloads.

December 2, 2012, 09:13 AM
Oh, BTW, Academy ran an add the other day for Tula 154 7.62x39. I went there looking for it, they didn't have any. :banghead: When we get moved, I wanna order some more from They ship post haste. :D Actually, they're in Brenham, might be able to drive up there and get it and save on shipping and go to the Blue Bell creamery while we're there. :D

December 5, 2012, 12:13 AM
You know better.............Where's the pictures????????

December 5, 2012, 03:04 AM
Definitely ... go to the creamery. :D

December 5, 2012, 11:55 AM
You know better.............Where's the pictures????????

My camera is in a box in one of five stroage rooms in a facility in Corpus....90 miles away. :D

The site says they're 9 days in delay on shipment. Politics driven, I'm sure. Can't find if I can pick up there, didn't look REAL hard.

BP Hunter
December 5, 2012, 09:09 PM
I hear you about hearing shots in the distance. Where I hunt, i always here 2 shots. And yes, it is always followed by my cussin.

Congrats on your deer!

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