Your best shots & worst shots


December 6, 2012, 07:07 PM
Thought I'd do this for fun.I want to hear Your best & worst shots or just your best or just your worst:).I'll start,I nailed a squirrel at about 50 yds. RUNNING.One shot from the Marlin 795 did him in.I squeezed the trigger as soon as a I saw his nose in the scope and he did a flip!walked down there to get him and their was one shot right behind his shoulder.My worst shot was on a doe at 30 yds shot right underneath her with my bow didn't take time to range and so I used my 20 insteadof my 30.

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December 6, 2012, 08:52 PM
On game or at a target.

December 6, 2012, 09:44 PM
Best shot was probably a perfect head shot on a pheasant at 98 yards with my Mom's 1940s era Winchester .22. I was about 12.

Worst shot was the one I didn't take at a 170 class whitetail after stalking to within 60 yards of him bedded in a tiny patch of brush. Passed up a neck shot with a .243 because I was concerned about brush deflection. Sat for two hours waiting for the perfect shot. That's when the doe walked over the hill toward me.... I've sketched pictures of that buck. I don't really want to talk about it anymore. I need a beer.

December 6, 2012, 10:02 PM
Best shot, probably 12 years old, shot a bird out of a tree with an iron sighted 22, across the creek, some 50 yards. Had to go get it to prove it to my buddy who was with me and said I missed.

Worst shot, ugh, really? 2 does 10 yards, right behind the stand I was in; I managed to turn around slowly and shoot one; she piled up almost instantly. As I sat there for a few minutes the 2nd one came back, this time right in front of my stand, almost directly beneath me. I aimed (obviously not), squeezed, BOOM. She just stood there. At the time I was using a break action handi rifle so I say to myself, that was wierd, how'd I miss? Managed to reload and do it again! Gad Zooks! What a pair we make; she's deaf and I can't hit her right in front of me! I was about ready to dive out of the stand on her, Rambo style, but managed to hit her the 3rd time.

The guys on the other side of the lease were all puckered up after hearing 4 shots! Talk about embarrassing explaining that one!

December 6, 2012, 10:16 PM
My personal favorite was a 42yd kill on a flying quail with a .410. The dogs had been pointing while we walked 1/4 mile through the mud to get to. The bird flushed wild. since we only shot over points, I took a chance and killed the quail. A lucky shot, iirc, only one #7 1/2 pellet in his head. (unlucky for the quail)

Worst......that's easy.
I missed the last bird out in the Ky State Handicap for a 98. Should have been a 99.

December 6, 2012, 10:21 PM
best shot ever was on my little brother with an apple. he was racing away from me on his bike, and I just whipped it, lofted it up and up and totally by accident, led him just perfectly and hit him between the shoulder blades about 30 yards out and knocked him off his bike...

worst shot was on a nice 6-point buck that was standing broadside 40 yards from me - with a scoped rifle. missed him clean...

December 6, 2012, 10:34 PM
In Wyoming, Antelope hunting 150 yards slightly downhill, 1st shot over his back, about six inches, so he moved closer, at 120 yards I took a 2nd shot under his belly (overcompensated).
Then he moved away to 175 yards--drilled him about six inches back of the shoulder, he wobbled 30 yards and flopped.
Upon further inspection, the belly shot grazed his belly and shaved off his hair.
No blood, just a shaved patch where it grazed him. So the first shot was the worst!! Third shot was the best !!

December 7, 2012, 01:24 AM
Best (fun): dusted a clay in flight with an H&R .410 youth stock. One handed. Gangster style. Couldn't do it again if I tried, was pretty surprised by the fact that I hit it at all.

Best (real world): placing 3 rounds COM to an Iraqi insurgent with an RPG-7.

Worst shot: nothing really comes to mind. A couple years ago, the shots that cold slabbed a couple insurgents would have been listed as my worst shots. But I got over it.

December 7, 2012, 04:07 AM
worst shot- my friends and i hiked up to a cabin up in Juneau, Alaska and i brought my .22 with me. We stayed there 2 days. We would all take the gun for a walk but hadnt seen anything worth shooting at.

My girlfriend is with me and points to a squirrel thats showing us a nut. Its the second day and im wanting to bring something back so im antsy to make a shot and the squirrel moves as i pull the trigger.

just a crappy shot on my end and i feel bad about it. I ended up shaving off a good chunk of his belly skin, and his intestines were hanging out, but in tact. The poor little guy ran across the trail and laid there panting. I took my knife out and bopped him on the head enough kill him and stabbed him in the head just to make sure.

All this while my girlfriend watched in horror. Was not the best hunting experience for her or for me for that matter. It taught me a valuable lesson though... make sure you can hit what youre shooting at.

Andrew Leigh
December 7, 2012, 05:09 AM
No me but too good not to share.

In rural South Africa many young men learn to hunt with golf ball to tennis ball sized stones, throwing sticks, snares or or use a pack of dogs. One of the trackers on the farm we hunt we were to find out was such an individual.

Well out hunting the last time my friend shoots a Bushbuck in thick brush, although hit the buck scampers of and they track it down to a clearing where they find the buck lying down apparently dead. As they approach suddenly the buck starts to get to it's feet. In a flash the tracker picks up a suitable sized stone, calmy hurls it at the buck hitting it on the forehead. The buck falls unconcious and said tracker calmly walks up the to the buck a slits its throat.

Well my friend says he stood there, rooted to the spot trying to replay what had just happened. He told us later that night over sundowners and we all laughed our heads of thinking it to be a lucky shot. The farmer then assured us that this was not luck but that the tracker was indeed deadly with anything that could be thrown.

December 7, 2012, 06:21 AM
Best shot. 100 yards 2x4, 6 inches long. Shot standing with a 3" j frame s&w 38. hit with the first shot. Holstered the pistol and did not try it again.

Worse shot, missed a nice mulie, at 15 yards because I had my scope set a 9X

December 7, 2012, 07:07 AM
Best shot: shooting informal clays with 5-6 people lined up. Kinda of a race to see who gets the first hit. The guy on launcher duty stepped away so I put on the safety on my pistol gripped New Haven 600 (Mossy 500 clone), took 2 steps to my left and pull the launcher lanyard. The other 5 shooters all missed both clays. I casually raised my shotgun one handed, flicked the safety off, and popped both clays with one shot, 40-50 yards out. I KNEW I was going to hit one, but they were lined up perfectly and I got lucky.

Worst shot: 12 years old, first time hunting. Flushed out a rabbit, it stopped about 12 yards in front of me, I pulled the trigger on my 20 gauge, blew up its hind end and it sat there suffering for about 20 seconds until my dad was able to pick it up and snap its neck. I learned that day that shot placement, even with a shotgun, is very important.

December 7, 2012, 07:42 AM
Best shot probably my first bird, a quail at 20-30 yards with a single shot 410,, he was flying away from me in thick brush I could believe I hit him.

My worst shot was definetly my first shot at a dear, a doe, again 20-30 yards. To this day I have no idea how I missed, she was standing still and I was resting the gun against a fallen tree.

December 7, 2012, 09:06 AM
Can't say I have had any real great and or worst shots that I can remember (Not saying I have never made a bad shot, just that I don't remember.) but I do have a couple of semi-embarrassing stories to tell: (I will make them short as possible)

1) **(Heavy cloud cover so visibility was so-so mind you): I was out at the ranch when I was a kid and thought I saw a turkey out about 60-70 yds or so sitting behind a stump so I crouched down and started shooting at it! (Winchester model 67) I saw the bullets hit the intended target but it would not DIE! My cousin walked over to investigate what I was really shooting at and it turned out to be part of the stump that resembled the top half portion of a turkey! So I had to eat store bought turkey that night instead....( and no it's not the same!) :o

2) A few years ago my father purchased a Milled AK-47 so I took him to the local gun range to show him how it works. Up until that point he has only used bolt-action and lever-action. Without having to worry about safety since he has more exp. with guns than I do in terms of years just not overall knowledge I decide to run to the restroom. When I come back I noticed that a couple of gentleman sitting in the next lane to my father doing the exact same thing but with an AR (Guy teaching the other how to use it). The funny part came when as I am walking up to my father from behind I notice one of the guy's next to us looks confused and is starting to look at my father in a strange manner. I told my father to cease fire, because I quickly recognized that he was in fact shooting at the guys target in the lane next to us instead of our target in our lane. The guy said "I knew something was not right"... My father's reply was "well since you got a spottin scope, how my doin!" The look on that guy's face was priceless and the beginner started cracking up! :D

December 7, 2012, 09:24 AM
Best shot was on a wood duck drake through a tiny gap in the trees as he and his hen were coming up a slough 90 degrees to the one we were sculling down. About 50yds, oblique shot and based throwing the shotgun up on hearing them coming.

Worst shot was the only shot that I got on a cow elk this year. 300yds across a canyon, uphill, through a 3' gap in the brush at the shoulder. I only had the guide's shooting sticks which combined with my height and the shot angle forced me to hunch down to line up the shot and my position moved right as the shot broke. Fortunately it was a clean miss. That was after I'd popped 3 coyotes earlier that day with the same rifle at 150yds with my sitting bipod while sitting on a watering hole waiting for the elk to come for a drink. The elk never showed so the song dogs died as a proxy.

December 7, 2012, 09:36 AM
Best shot was a head shot to a rooster pheasent with a Win 94 30-30 at 50 yards.
Worst was a couple weeks ago when I couldn't hit a 100yd target with ny .257 Roberts. Then I realized I was loading 6mm Rem into it. I had both rifles and ammo on the bench and got em mixed up. (Check the specs, basically the same cartridge different caliber)

December 7, 2012, 09:53 AM
One of the other posts reminded me of my truly worst shot.
I was 13 yrs old and my very first deer hunt. There was no such thing as a rifled slug gun, or even sights back then, so I was carrying my Rem 1100 skeet gun with foster slugs. my dad let me out of the truck on the dirt road that leads to our wooded property. In the dim dawn light a doe and fawn stepped out on the road 40yds in front of me. I shouldered and fired at the doe and dropped the fawn. My youthful sense of humanity kicked in when the poor 40lb fawn tried to get up, so I shot it three more times.

It was quite an embarrassing sight at the check station. Nov 1977

December 7, 2012, 10:13 AM
My youthful sense of humanity kicked in when the poor 40lb fawn tried to get up, so I shot it three more times.

I take it you ate McD's that night as well...:D

December 7, 2012, 10:32 AM
Best shot(s):

Went to shoot trap and 5-stand with some cowboy friends of mine. They all knew me as a software engineer and seemed to have forgotten that I grew up on a farm and shot all the time. We did 2 rounds of trap and 3 of 5-stand. I missed 2 birds the entire set. When we started, some of the other guys with us had side bets on whether or not I'd hit more than half of the birds. When we were done, only one guy had beat me by only missing one.

Worst shot:

6 months later, most of the same guys, I hit about 45% doing the same thing.


December 7, 2012, 10:52 AM
Best shot -- eons ago (like 33 years ago), I purchased my first real firearm ever -- a used Model 40 Centennial .38 lemon-squeezer snubbie. A friend of mine who had several guns ragged me mercilessly for the purchase, demanding to know why I bought a gun with which I wouldn't be able to hit anything. He had a Beretta 70S .380, and he told me incessantly that I should have picked a gun like that because I would then be able to hit something (honestly, I bought the Centennial because it was offered at a good price by someone looking to get some bucks).

We were young and poor, so we waited for a day where we could be out in the woods to try out my new gun. I tacked a paper target onto a tree limb and stepped back about 8 yards. I had dry-fired that little gun a lot in the meantime, but had never touched off a live round.

I squeezed down on that long but cleanly-breaking trigger, and let go a shot of 148-grain target wadcutter. I swear, the hole it punched onto the X-ring could not have been more perfectly centered -- a caliper would have shown that it was the geometric center of the target!

My friend sort of did a double-take as he swallowed every word for the past 6 months. He was never a great shot with his Beretta, and he proceeded to spray 4-inch groups at the same distance... :p

...Now, my WORST shot is probably just about every one since... :D


December 7, 2012, 11:44 AM
My best shot was back in Wisconsin in 2000. I shot a nice tender doe in the ear at 150 yards with my Mossberg 500. She dropped like a rock. Worst shot was probably when I fam fired a 1911 in boot camp:neener:

December 7, 2012, 11:53 AM
Best shot was with my PE 90 at 25 yards on a running deer. My hunting partner had already shot it through the lungs, and it comes running over the ridge dividing us. I hear his gun shot, then hear this deer booking it through the bush behind be and to my right. So I stand up, turn 120 degrees and pull off a snap shot right through its heart. It falls down almost instantly.

Worst shot is on the same deer, it's on the ground thrashing around after my first shot, so I decide to put another one in its chest, and I basically miss it (just grazed the side). LOL!

Art Eatman
December 7, 2012, 12:05 PM
My wife did a seriously "best shot" thing. Several couples had gathered up, with the women indoors yakking about babies and such and the men outside shooting skeet.

My wife quickly was bored with the conversations, and walked outside. She watched the shooting for a bit. She saw a .22 rifle leaning against the barn, picked it up and walked to the line.

She called, "Pull!" and calmly hipshot the claybird.

And then quite wisely set the rifle back against the barn and returned to the house. :D

December 7, 2012, 12:44 PM
Best shot? My first zero down in a real match in the 1911 class....

About 2 weeks ago, dawn just broke... small buck comes walking out about 150 yards away. Right where it was supposed to. The wind was gentle and in my face. The deer had no idea I was there... I pull up my scope, shoot.

I text my wife (It was her birthday) and told her I got her a deer for her birthday.

I missed it. Completley.

Went to the range the following sunday and my Savage .243 is as accurate as it ever was. No explanation. Just a bad shot.

December 7, 2012, 12:56 PM
Best shot was a crow coming toward me about 40 feet up. One shot with a llama 38 super and cobbled up lead hollow points. Worst shot a eight point buck at fifty yards using my 58 Zouave that I had been shooting in competition for several years up to 200 yards, and which I had held a NMLRA 50 yard record. Standing deer, unaware and when I fired, disappeared in the smoke cloud. When I got to where he had been standing, no blood, no hair, and a clean trail in the snow into the next county. Looking back at my hide I saw a two inch sapling with a half- moon hole in it, right in line with the shot I had taken..was so focused on the deer I never even saw the sapling. Yes, I did follow the trail a long ways and never found any evidence of a hit. First shot in 1962 when I was 17. Second one about 1970.

December 7, 2012, 01:00 PM
My best shot: Coyote at 440 yards, 25 MPH cross wind. Put a 55 gr. pill from a .22-250 in his ear.

Worst shot: Mule deer, nice 4X4, at about 30 yards. Right over his back and I was so stunned I didn't even think to shoot again.

Unfortunately, both had a witness.

December 7, 2012, 03:37 PM
My best shot was probably a dove at 50 yards with my bow. wasn't even using my own arrows, I was using an older aluminum arrow that didn't even have a field point or broadhead in.

Worst shot was probably a the doe that i gut shot two years ago. I had my scope at 6 power and it snuck into about 18-20 yards and i hit it about 3 inches too far low and back. Never should have pulled the trigger cause when i got on her, all i could see was brown and what i thought was the shoulder. Learned a valuable lesson that day. Found her after about a 400-500 yard track.

December 7, 2012, 06:21 PM
Best Shot: My dad winged a turkey and he couldn't get close enough to finish it. I had a 2X scoped .44 revolver that shot pretty good. I told him I'd get him and my dad said "you'll tear up the meat". So I aimed at the neck at about 80 yards away, pulled the trigger and sure enough, his head fell right off. My dad just shook his head :neener:

Worst shot: After some oral surgery my dad asked me hunt with him. I was in pain and had some meds that bothered me (I had stopped taking them 2 days before, but was still a bit off). So I went into the woods and sat against a rock and went to sleep. After 20 minutes something is making a lot of noise next to me. I wake up to see a 6 point Buck about 20 yards away. :eek:

So using the same .44 as stated above I proceed to shoot at a large deer only 20 yards away. Of course I missed, and I told my dad I was just chasing it off so I could go back to sleep.:rolleyes:

stan rose
December 7, 2012, 07:59 PM
Best shot was probably a two hundred yard off shot at a 12"x12" steel plate with a smooth bore Ithaca Deerslayer. Guessed the hold over and hit twice in a row.
Worst was missing a golf tee at 25 yards with my .22lr for twenty bucks.
Both incidents had witnesses to congratulate and ridicule as appropriate.

Still Shooting
December 8, 2012, 12:01 AM
Best shot (with a little weird luck) was a woodcock in an old, overgrown apple orchard. He busted on the dog, and headed across right-to-left in front of me. I quickly mounted my 20ga. O/U, tracked and led, and just as I was about to pull the trigger the side of the barrel came to a stop against a sapling in front of me. I just leaned left, pulled the trigger, and off to my left there was a "Clank" sound. Went over with my hunting buddy, and we were scrounging in the grass and leaves looking for the bird. Suddenly he said, Nice shot! -It turned out the woodcock had hit the deck inside an old, metal pail lying on its side on the ground.

Worst shot? -A big, 10 point buck about 30 yards away. He was standing broadside, fairly open cover, nothing between me and him. I went to one knee slowly, set the crosshairs on my .270 carefully, squeezed off the shot, and he took off. No blood, no fur, he just motored off over the crest of the knob we were on top of. The next fall, I went back there and stood where I had been on that day. Between me and the buck's position was a forest of 2-3ft high, red-barked shoots sticking up. Had I stayed standing, I would have been in the clear. But when I went to my knee, I put all those sticks between me and the buck. I was hunting with my Dad. To make matters worse, as we walked out to the clearing where the skid road passed by, Dad picked up an old tin can he found, set it up on a dirt bank, and said, "Maybe your scope is off. Try a shot at the can." I raised the .270, pulled the trigger, and drilled the can dead center. It just added insult to injury!

December 8, 2012, 07:30 AM
Best shot - from the hip, I hit a running rabbit in he cane fields with my Single Six.
Worst shot - 1st time shooting my grandfathers WW2 1911 when I was about 15. Shooting at a can about 20' away and short shot by about 10' :).

December 8, 2012, 08:44 AM
I've been shooting so many years, I don't remember having a best shot, at least one that people will believe.

My worst shot was when I about 18 years old and was shooting at a woodchuck about 600 yards away, across a low spot in the field. I was behind a cow barn, lying prone with a small bipod I made from copper tubing. At the time, the only CF rifle I owned was a 2.5X Weaver Savage 110, 30-06 that I'd customized with an epoxy-bedded Bishop stock. I was using handloaded 150 grain Bronze Points.

It was a cloudy April day and the chuck was standing on it's mound. I fired one shot and missed, but my buddy couldn't see where the shot went. I asked him to give me another round and raised my POA a bit more.

At the shot, I saw a blue flash and for a split second, thought it was a kill, but at the end of that second, realized that woodchucks don't flash when hit. Then, the flash got really big and we heard the 60 cycle hum of a power line being severed. OOOPS! The power line was in the low spot, about 200 yards from us, but the lines were below the horizon and one, not much above the sight line of the chuck. My wide horizontal crosswire may also have covered it, but the 2.5x scope didn't pick it up.

The power company guy wasn't convinced that we didn't intend to shoot the wire, knocking out power to 5 towns and calling out crews on a Saturday. I expected to get a bill for the work, but never did. I couldn't have paid it anyway. (Oh, yeah, I think the shot missed the chuck, but we didn't go down to check.)

December 8, 2012, 08:52 AM
My best shot was what I'll call a luck shot.

1985 I had my Great-Great-Grandfathers 1851 Colt Navy .36 cal at the range down home.
I had just loaded it up when a older gentleman come up & told me he haven't seen one in years, long story short there was a target set out to 100 yards & he bet me I couldn't hit it from there.
Before I could decline my dad took him up on his offer, told my dad "I don't think this thing will reach out that far much less hit it."

Well I took a standard weaver stance, held the sight picture a little high to the target & fired.
That little .375 ball hit just about 2" below the center spot & almost centered.

Since then I have had a better respect for my ancestors weapons, they can do more than you can think.

Worst shot was with a Winchester 1886 in .50-110-300 in 1988.
Was shooting at 50 yards at a milk jug & to make it short, that jug lived to laugh at me another day.
6 shots later.

December 8, 2012, 09:00 AM
I shot a crow at 290 yards with a Rem 700 ADL Varmint in 22-250. However, I also missed a big buck (completely) with 3 shots at 75 yards with a Rem 700 in 7 Mag. hahaha...The thing just stood there looking around for 3 shots and I couldn't hit it! :cuss:

December 8, 2012, 09:57 AM
Best shots was likely a great 10 shot group in the 10 ring from prone in a DCM shoot many years ago in the rain and mud.

My worst shot was followed a few days later with a call to Ohler to buy new sky screen parts for my chronograph. Pretty bad when you shoot your chronograph sitting 10 feet from the muzzle.


December 8, 2012, 04:15 PM
Some of us are good at shooting things. Some of us are good at preserving it for posterity. A friend shot this. I made it into a trophy.

It was a good day, we try to remember the best & forget the worst.

Actual range was over 200yds as it was on the berm past the 200 yd line. He took 1 shot & thought it was a miss because the shell stayed put but there was a nice visible splash on the berm. It was literally 1 shot - 1 shotshell hit. I had some of the same bullets so I pushed one into the hole. The shell is rotated 180* on the base in the pics. His name is on the other side. I just don't post other people's info on the net. Side views show the trajectory to some degree. I stick the shells on plant stalks. It was probably leaning toward us a little.

I did another that was a target spotter. He put 5 hits in a row on a 3" spotter at 600 yds in tricky wind. It was for a match that was cancelled but the guys shot a practice match anyway. Target puller and 2 other guys didn't believe it was a OEM rem 700 barrel. The rifle was rebarrelled between the 2 events. Shell was shot with the new barrel.

December 8, 2012, 04:39 PM
One of the best was shooting at man sized targets with my Super Blackhawk at 350 yards.I dropped to the ground in front of my doubting buddies and unloaded a cylinder.First shot hit the ground,but I had my elevation mark.The next five went into the nine and ten rings,with the last shot crossing the "X".I smiled at my stuttering buds and put that gun away! The worst(of many) may have been during a deer drive with the same buddies.I was behind a bush taking care of a traumatic intestinal event that I brought home from an out of state hunting trip.When up from the other side of said bush jumps a buck!I managed to get off two rounds at a close range,but it's hard to move and shoot well with your pants around your ankles.After over 25 years,I still get reminded about that one.

1911 guy
December 8, 2012, 04:44 PM
Best shot(s):
As a newly discharged vet, I went out shooting with my Dad and some friends. One had an AR and handed it to me. At about 50 yards, I crank off about ten shots, pretty quickly. My Dad says "you can't hit anything shooting that fast". A stroll downrange finds all centered in a little more than dime sized.

As a kid squirrel hunting, I had a 20ga single shot. Saw a squirrle fairly close, about ten yards. Thinking I'd save more meat, I aimed just off the squirrel and fired. Full choke, pattern didn't open up much at all and I had a wounded squirrel. Took me two more shots, being a slow learner.

Funniest shot:
Two years ago, squirrel hunting with my Dad. One sits on the side of a tree and I pull up my trusty .22 bolt gun. He falls, lays there, then gets up and scampers up the tree. I see a tail disappear down the fork of said tree. Doing my best Jungle Jim impresion, I climb up and peer down into the fork, where there's a hollow. "My" squirrel is there, dead as a doornail. Can't quite reach him. So it's back across the street to the house, retrieve a ladder and my Grandmas' "grabber" thingie. Climb ladder, reach in with grabber thingie and get squirrel. Almost. Rigor mortise has set in and he won't bend enough to get out of the hole. So I reach down with my other hand, grab the tail, drop the grabber and begin tugging the squirrel. Thump. Thump. Finally squeeze him out of the hole. Then I have to carry my rifle, a ladder, Grandmas' grabber thingie and a stif squirrel out of the woods. Ever tried to carry a twenty foot extension ladder through the woods?

Dr T
December 8, 2012, 05:25 PM
Best shot, worst shot,and luckest shot all rolled in to one happened in early November this year.

I have hunted deer on our ranch for over 50 years. Last year, I was unable to hunt due to an injury, so I decided to change out the scope on my Ruger Frontier from a Scout scope to a conventional scope. When I did this, my wrist was in a brace (and I was in a little pain) while sighting the rifle in up here in the Denver area. I made a mistake: I put up two identical targets side by side. I was literally aiming at the target on the right and adjusting the sights based on impacts on the target on the left. The net result was the the rifle was sighted in to shoot about a foot or so to the left of the point of aim.

Fast forward to this year. My brother and I are sitting on a well pad looking over a game trail, and about 130 or so yards away, a nice little whitetail buck steps out of the brush and stands broad side.

I think: Easy shot, we better get this into the smokehouse soon over in Miles, aim carefully and squeeze the trigger.

The deer gave a little start and started looking around, but is still standing there.

I think: Doggoneit! (this is a family board) I pulled the shot! Take careful aim again, and squeeze the trigger.

The deer gave a bit larger start and is beginning to get ready to bolt.

I think: Pulled it LOW! I aim a little high just behind the shoulder and squeeze off a quick shot just as the deer is beginning to turn its head to trot back into the brush.

The bullet caught him just behind the left ear and came out just at the bottom of his right eye socket.

It was probably also the cleanest kill I have made on a deer.

Just goes to show: It is far better to be lucky than good.

The biggest downside of the whole thing was that my older brother was sitting right beside me and saw the whole thing.

December 9, 2012, 01:57 AM
The 2 best shots that I recall: My younger brother and I were out rabbit hunting, I had a pump Rem. .22 rifle, shooting .22 shorts, and he had his single shot .22 rifle. As we're walking through a stand of cottonwood trees, off to our right, a flicker took off flying, about 40 yards, I snap shot at it, not even shouldering the rifle. "Hey, you got him" he hollered, "No way I hit him." We walked over to that area looking around. "Here he is bud", holding up the dead bird, I'd hit it square in the eye.

Another time, my Pop and I were deer hunting, we'd sat down to scan this steep slope for any deer. While scanning, these 2 raven's kept flying over us raising a racket. As they sailed away from us, my Pop said, "If those SOB's come back this way, I'll blow him outta the air." About 10 min. later, here they both came, still a squawking. When they got about overhead, about 200 ft. high and about 40 yards out from us, Pop raised his Rem. 700 '06 up, followed one of them, then BOOM, that raven absolutely exploded ! The tail feathers floated around up there for about 2 min., then started drifting down in a spiral. About 30 seconds later, Pop looked at me and said, "Didn't think the old man could do it did you?"

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