Reloading help


December 9, 2012, 02:29 AM
So today I got my reloading equipment all set up. I de primed about 10 rounds of .280 ackl. With hornady ackley dies. Once I'm at the full down stroke when I go to lower the case it seems to grab like the deprimer is catching the inside of the neck is this normal or what can I do to fix this problem. This is my first attempt at reloading.

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December 9, 2012, 02:44 AM
Hello, shoot..If you followed the die set-up instructions..the "grabbing" your feeling is probably the expander buttton on the de-priming stem contacting the inside surface of case neck & expanding for proper bullet/neck tension. A bit of lube would smooth things up. I use Motor-Mica..or sometimes a very light dab of Imperial die wax & dip case mouth into the mica. Sinclair International sells a small plastic container of steel balls in moly..dipping case mouth deposits small amount in neck. They also sell a carbide expander ball that helps. The dry type lubes are prefered as there is less danger of powder contamination than using a liquid or even wax. I tumble caes after sizing & before priming so this isn't an issue. Best of luck!

December 9, 2012, 08:52 AM
Like.22 said. Lube the neck.

December 9, 2012, 09:20 AM
I'll go with Mr .22 also.

But since you're a novice, allow me to assist with some of the terms...

That bulge on the decapping stem just above the decapping pin is sizing the inside of the case neck. That's the "case neck expander". By just putting the tiniest dab of any type case lube you might have on the outside of the expander your issue will probably go away.

Most people brush the lube onto the inside of the case, because the expander is up inside the die. But if you don't have the bush set yet, you can easily unscrew the decapping stem complete and add the smallest dab of case sizing wax to the exterior of the stem. You'll not upset the die setting one bit to do this. And you only need to do this about once every 10 cases or so.

Hope this helps! ;)

December 9, 2012, 09:19 PM
Thanks for all the replys I will try a little more lube I sprayed the cases with hornadys case lube but the cases were neck down in the tray so I'm guessing the neck didn't get much Lube on it. Thanks again.

T Bran
December 9, 2012, 09:29 PM
I always wind up with a bit of case lube on my fingers when sizing cases. I simply wipe the case mouth across my thumb every few cases. It really takes very little to lube the neck.
You will naturally develope a feel for how much and how often you need to add a bit to the expander ball.
Have fun.

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