Bullet Selection for Bison


January 3, 2013, 09:50 AM
I need help with bullet section for Bison. After a 2 year wait, the wife finally cleared me for it. Understanding the size and structure of the Bison, I think I might be a bit undergunned but I have to work with what I have.

7mm Rem Mag (assuming primary)
TC 50 Cal ML (Backup)

For the 7, Im considering the following. Hornady 175 Interlock, 160 Partition, and an A-Frame. Im thinking about ruling out the Partition because the front bullet breaks off and less weight reduced pentration.

The TC ill prob stick with my 300gn Hornady XTPMAG at 1850fps but Im wondering if this too is marginal-

Thoughts ideas, recommendations?

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January 3, 2013, 10:23 AM
You don't have to get too fancy get close to an old 45-70 load and you will be fine. If you can pet them a .22 will work, just like cattle.


January 3, 2013, 08:29 PM
A 150 Barnes or 175 gr partition. I'd bet you don't recover the bullet with either.

January 3, 2013, 08:50 PM
An A-Frame is little more than a Partition. An Interlock is more likely to come apart. An Interbond, Accubond or Barnes TSX or TTSX would be my choice if I was against the Partition, but I'm not ;)

January 4, 2013, 09:43 AM
I've killed only one bull bison so I'm no expert. But this is what I used: .308 rifle shooting 180 grain Remington core-lokt. Distance was approx 125 yards or so.

I placed the crosshairs at the butt of the ear and squeezed. The animal dropped instantly and didn't even kick.



January 4, 2013, 11:49 AM
Federal Power-Shok Ammunition 7mm Remington Magnum 175 Grain Soft Point.
Midway USA I think still has them in stock for around $25 for a box of twenty. My cousin likes those for his 7mm Rem. Mag.
My fav. however would be a .45-70 Govt. though.

Art Eatman
January 4, 2013, 12:38 PM
Other threads about rifles for buffalo show a general consensus for anything around a .308 for power, using the heavier bullets.

One thing for sure, buffalo is definitely tasty meat. :)

January 4, 2013, 02:27 PM
Years ago in Alaska the minimum caliber for bufalo if you were lucky enough to get drawn was a 200 gr bullet with 2000 ftlbs at 100 yards my dad got to harvest one in delta ak.It made the boon crocket book he used a 300 hh improved it did just fine the meat was awsome kelly

January 4, 2013, 08:20 PM
The Partition or A-Frame will be fine.

Lloyd Smale
January 7, 2013, 06:56 AM
your 7mag using about any 160-175 grain bullet will kill any buffalo on the planet with a proper shot. dont expect it to drop in its tracks though. they often take hits for even 50 cal guns and keep right on eating till they realize there dead. Ive shot them with everything from a 44 mag handgun to a 500 linebaugh handgun and watched them shot with many differnt rifles as small as a 45 colt or one even with a 708 and to be honest after seeing probably 2 dozen killed have seen very little differnce in reaction from a shot from one gun to another. Put a bullet in the vitals and youll eat buffalo. I remember John linebaugh talking once after shooting a few with 500s and was amazed how little reaction to a hit he got.

January 7, 2013, 04:38 PM
I'd pick the 160 partition or the 175 partition in a heartbeat!

The fact that the nose blows off, is what i LIKE about it! Positive expansion! And lots of tissue disruption when it happens, making for good bleeding. That rest of the bullet will drive on through, just like it should!


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