borrowing an idea...


January 3, 2013, 03:53 PM
I think the time has come to borrow an idea from the BDSM community, specifically the idea of a munch ( In the BDSM community a munch is a low key/pressure get together at a bar/restaurant to socialize and discuss things. This allows the novices and curious a chance to ask questions and the experienced a chance to socialize.

This is something I think we would do well to replicate in the firearms community. It provides a space for one to get out and feel safe asking questions in person and getting to meet other people of a similar interest. It also puts a notably human face on a subject instead of being one just dealt with via text.

Forming one requires the following.

Being at a public establishment, ssuch as a bar/restraunt.
Being open and welcoming to those that come.
Being willing and prepared to answer questions for those that show up.
Keep a low public profile.

And in a similar vain, just like a munch is not a play party, a event of this sort is not range time. This means not openly displayed firearms to keep a low profile and make those who are nervous about the subject feel at ease.

To further expand on the last paragraph, just like a munch may act as a feeder for a specific regularly scheduled play party, I think it would be useful to a have a regularly scheduled range time to help familiarize the novices who are interested in taking their knowledge a step further.

Now I am certain a few people here are reading this and wondering where something like this may be of use. Where I live, Chicago, it would very much be of great service as there is nothing that really allows one to get out and ask questions or learn in person. Just like BDSM suffers from heavy othering in many locations, the topic of firearms and being a firearm owner does here.

Not really sure what to call such a meeting. I am torn between calling it a funch, which sounds sort of silly, and a FDG(Firearms Discussion Group), which has it's own sort of peculiarity to it.

Any ways, what do you all think?

I really hope I've not weird any one out here with this sort of intersectionality, but I felt the similarities made it apt.

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January 4, 2013, 06:09 AM
Perhaps the title "Meet and Greet" can work for your idea?

I like the name Firearms Discussion Group, perhaps Freedom For Firearms Discussion Group can work too? Firearms For Freedom?

I think it's a great idea and well worth persuing.

Pick a family friendly venue to have the meeting at since some parents may not be able to line up a baby sitter. See if you can use a banquet room, or be seated someplace where you can have some sort of separation from the rest of the resturant.

Saturday afternoon/early dinner timeline is good for families that reserve Sunday for church services.

Hold your event the weekend before you plan to go to the range. "Sure, friend, you are welcome to come and check out the pistol I was telling you about. I'm going to be at the range this coming weekend and I'd love to let you put a few rounds through it."

Bring your game face! There may likely be fence sitters that want to pepper you with questions about statistics, what they read in editorials, etc. and be prepared to counter them.
I'd go ahead and prepare hand outs with the stats. that have been posted in several threads on this forum, web addresses where they can follow up on the stats. and be sure to include local info on proposed legislative action, what laws are already on the book concerning gun owners but keep it short and sweet.

When I took the CCW class in my last state, and now my current state of residence, I was extremely glad to put to rest the "Well, I head that if this happens you get to do this..." B.S. that comes from casual conversations.
Put the web addresses in your handout where people can get the facts on current gun laws that they will have to abide by. Squash mis-information and rumor milling and if nothing else you will have done them a great service by that act alone.

Hope this helps you

January 29, 2013, 12:19 PM

Decided upon firearm meetup. Going to try get one going here in Chicago.

Moving forward with this idea on a IL oriented forum. :)

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