Winchester Model 12 Shotgun HELP! Gunsmithing!


January 3, 2013, 04:34 PM
Got a couple of things going on.. Maybe some of you win model 12 GURU's can help a guy out.

(1) I just bout a win model 12 shotgun that has a vent rib that says simmons gun specialties inc, kansas city,MO underneith on the barrel it says winchester mod 12 12 GA Nickel steel. its a full choke restriction.. Serial number on receiver is 26xxxx . From reading up on the gun the serial number is saying its from 1922? is this barrel aftermarket on the gun? or was was it just something win did way back when? gun also has a monte carlo stock on it that looks old as time but in Fantastic shape. any history would be a great help with this. Dont know much bout these guns other than my grandad had one like 100 years ago lol.

(2) i fired the gun a few times today. Gun does not say if its 2 3/4 on it or 3 in anywhere that i can find. Assuming as old as the gun is i doubt they made 3 inch chambers for the gun. SO i fired a federal flight control #5 turkey load and a number #6 into a paper plate at 30 yards! man i was amazed. # 5 were putting around 70 pellets in the plate , n #6 were putting around 80 . Then fired a number 1 buck into the plate at 30 yards. 14 of the 16 pellets were in the plate. GUn SHOT GREAT. here comes my problem on the 3rd shot . the guns action locked up tight. It would not open. I finally got it beat open and the extractor claw on the right side of the receiver , tore a big chunk out of the brass rim on the shotshell. ok no biggy. So i cleaned the gun inside and out squeaky clean. Fired it again . the same thing. action works great by itself, but locks up after you fire it and tears the brass rim on the shotshell! any suggestions????? maybe the extractor broke or something????

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January 3, 2013, 04:44 PM
forgot to mention , the action release button behind the trigger guard , was locked in the in position. like you would push when you wanted to work the action of the gun.. as bad as it sounds, i had to get a flathead screwdriver and put a lil pressure on the bolt to get it to pop open! not enough pressure to hurt anything... but when i would the shell would stay in the chamber and i had to run a arrow of mine down the barrel to push the spent shell out ... thats when i noticed that the brass rim around the back of the shell that the extractor claw grabs was torn.

January 3, 2013, 04:59 PM
The Simmons Gun Co. is probably written on the rib itself right? Simmons would make a rib for your gun in past times. I have an Ithaca 37 with a Simmons rib.

January 3, 2013, 05:07 PM
yes its on the rib itself. ... so the barrel probably factory but the rib is an aftermarket attatchment?

January 3, 2013, 05:11 PM
Monti-Carlo stock and Simmons vent rib is Screaming somebody's old customized Trap Gun.

The barrel is probably original, but the wood & the rib are not.
Ernie Simmons did not start his vent rib business until 1947.

You probably need to find an old gunsmith familiar with Model 12's to give it a good going over.

You normally don't need a screwdriver and arrow shaft to operate one!!

A lot of those old Model 12 Trap guns have seen more shells go through them then the Cabalas sporting goods department.

And a lot of them look really good on the outside, but are worn clear out on the inside.


January 5, 2013, 12:44 PM
You might take a look over at Shotgun World;

Make a post on the Winchester Forum or on the Shotgun Gunsmithing and Restoration Forum describing your problem. Lots of knowledgeable guys over there can help you with your Model 12.

Good luck with it.

murdoc rose
January 6, 2013, 12:46 AM
Pics will be needed to determine if its modified or not.

You can take the barrel off to free it up. Rcs right is probably worn out fairly common for them to be.

Probably not the best idea to stick a turkey load in a 91 year old gun your unfamiliar with.

January 6, 2013, 08:49 AM
Make sure the barrel assembly is seated tight to the reciever. It is possible to install the barrel assembly to the reciever so there is excessive headspace. When that happens the fired shell expands between the chamber and the chamber ring causing difficult extraction as you talk about.

There will be a expanded/bulge just a head of the fired case's rim, look for it.

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