Gun Buyback gets Jacked, A new Trend?


January 28, 2013, 02:44 PM
Ran across this article today. Maybe we have a new trend starting.

"Seattle Gun BuyBack Gets JACKED! Turns Into a Damn Gun Show! LOL

Posted by Ed Brown on Jan 27, 2013 in Featured, LOL |

cash-for-gunsPolice officers in Seattle, Washington held their first gun buyback program in 20 years this weekend, underneath interstate 5, and soon found that private gun collectors were working the large crowd as little makeshift gun shows began dotting the parking lot and sidewalks. "

We recently had one of these buyback in Albuquerque, maybe on the next one I'll set up a table.

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January 28, 2013, 03:29 PM
When I was at the rally in Olympia on the 19th, some people were saying they wanted to go up near the buyback, and tell people they'll pay $100 for guns the cops are paying $75 for. I've heard some people go specifically looking for relics.

January 28, 2013, 03:38 PM
I think the police should play along... why not use it to their benefit? Work with a dealer to give them access to stolen gun records.

Advertise that the police are having a "no-questions asked" buyback program, and set the price low. Have a dealer offer twice the amount, and work in an enclosed space. Do the deal, withhold payment until the stolen gun check clears (shouldn't take more than a few seconds to clear a database if set up properly, so give it a few minutes). If it comes up stolen, signal for the cops to come in and ask a few questions...

It's not like criminals are overly intelligent/informed anyways, I'm sure a sizeable portion would continue to go to the higher-paying dealer EVEN AFTER stories were written about how criminals were caught that way.

Oh yeah... the police don't actually care about catching the gun thiefs... just creates more paperwork... nevermind.

January 28, 2013, 06:02 PM
I think if a buyer wants to check if a gun was reported stolen or used in a crime when buying used from an individual then it should be up to them. The police do NOT need to detain anyone until they get the all clear from somebody else in governement.

I like that individuals are buying guns at these voluntary confiscation rallies!

It's great when a pro-2A person buys a few "parts only" rubbish pistols, turns them in, doubles his money with gift cards from the anti crowd's pocket, then goes and buys a firearm or magazines that they want to ban.

January 28, 2013, 06:19 PM
Wow.... the Seattle gun buyback getting hi-jacked by pro-gun private buyers - pro-gun people rallying at city council meetings.... Washington state is THE place to be!

January 28, 2013, 07:07 PM
I recall such a "buy back" in Omaha in the ealry nineties. I went to the first one with a junk Savage .22 single-shot that was minus a firing pin and had a stripped receiver barrel retention screw. I'd given $25 and was quite willing to take the offered $50 for it. While waiting in line, I purchased a very nice Winchester 1200 20ga. from the lady ahead of me.

When they held another one six months later, a friend and I went with cash. Unfortunately for me, so did a LOT of other people so I didn't score that time.

In both cases, the majority of the people turning in guns were elderly and the guns appeared to be, in the main, what were once called "youth" guns. The young man or women had grown up, the city sprawl had covered the convenient shooting spots, and the guns were leftovers.

I did have the opportunity to be present a few months later when one of the original organizers expressed his anger and outrage that "his" buybacks had turned into gun swap meets instead.

January 28, 2013, 08:26 PM
This is just what we were talking about in this thread a few months ago.

Glad to see this was successful. I would still like to see us join with a PD and work to the same end, if at all possible. That end being "getting guns off the streets and into the hands of responsible gun owners."

January 28, 2013, 08:28 PM
Seattle Mayor "McSchwinn" McGinn was crying to the media about how this, I paraphrase" illustrates the unregulated underground gun market in Seattle".

They also made a big deal about an expended rocket tube, just like they did in Los Angeles.

January 28, 2013, 08:56 PM
hrmmm.....if we use anti logic here for a second....

gunshows = criminals can buy guns no questions asked.

and police gun buy backs are turning into impromptu gun shows...

therefore police buy-backs = guns in the hands of criminals!


Nickel Plated
January 28, 2013, 09:01 PM
Seattle Mayor "McSchwinn" McGinn was crying to the media about how this, I paraphrase" illustrates the unregulated underground gun market in Seattle".

They also made a big deal about an expended rocket tube, just like they did in Los Angeles.
Lol, not exactly "underground" when it's happening right in front of the cops.

January 28, 2013, 09:19 PM
Yes, but why let facts get in the way of emotional pleading.

January 28, 2013, 09:28 PM
Some of you guys are missing the point of these idiotic by back programs. They are NOT to address the problem of gun theft or crime they are only the address what they see as the true evil, the gun itself. They see ANY gun out of the hands of a private citizen as one less murder or crime. In fact, letting responsible gun owners buy them at a fair price not only puts that gun in the hands of a law abiding citizen it saves the tax payers money since the tax payer doesn't have to pay for it. Another factoid they choose to ignore is that usually a large number of the guns purchased are non functioning pistols and rifles and usually 22 caliber rifles. Neither is really a big threat to anyone other than the ignorant politicians and their childish fear of guns.

If these mental midgets would scrap the non-functioning guns and resell the more valuable ones at least the tax payers wouldn't get hosed for this nonsense.

January 28, 2013, 09:30 PM
That's pure genius, to offer $200 for an AR in today's market. :)

January 28, 2013, 09:33 PM
Ah, but John, therein lies the beauty of the "buy backs," at least when they turn out like this one did. They are taking poor, neglected, often forgotten guns and enabling them to find new, caring home with people who will be more likely to use them and enjoy them. Think of all of the children whose mommy or daddy may have found a perfectly good beginner's rifle or shotgun at a bargain price with which they can teach the young man or woman responsible gun handling and proper marksmanship. What a wonderful thing the mayor and the city of Seattle have enabled!

4v50 Gary
January 28, 2013, 09:58 PM
Before FTF were banned in California, some enterprising officers of SFPD went outside the Hall of Justice and intercepted citizens who wanted to turn their guns in for $50. Some guys scored big and the fun ended when the brass learned of it and told them to knock it off (they were on duty so they had to return to work).

January 28, 2013, 11:06 PM
These guys saved some historic firearms.

whatd-you-guys-pick-up-gun-buyback-today-seattle (

January 29, 2013, 03:56 AM
These guys saved some historic firearms.

whatd-you-guys-pick-up-gun-buyback-today-seattle (
So they were paying 100 for regular rifles and pistols and 200 for ones with "assault" features? Looks like some real deals were made by those pictures. Defiantly need to be at the next one here in ABQ :evil:

January 29, 2013, 09:56 AM
Man, I wish we could do this in Illinois.

Unfortunately the waiting periods we have would kill our chances; give a person money and then have them disappear and not bring the gun back to you in 24-72 hours.

January 29, 2013, 10:13 AM
Trent, have a 3rd party hold the gun until it's cleared. You pay, your buddy takes it, and you get it 72 hrs later.

January 30, 2013, 08:44 AM
Don't think that'd be legal. Any transfer has to wait the waiting period.

If your buddy is an FFL, sure. They could book it, then execute a 4473 to transfer to you when the waiting period has elapsed.

But an individual would be in violation of the FOID statute on the waiting period if executed that way.

January 30, 2013, 09:22 AM
I know it comes down to a matter of semantics and its not the spirit of the law, but what constitutes a transfer? Is it illegal to have someone store a rifle or handgun for you? To be on the safe side I guess I wouldn't risk it in your area. It's a different political climate over there.

January 30, 2013, 09:28 AM
Gun buybacks are a funny thing. People who have some rusty old non shooter worth only scrap value get $X for it, and all they have to do is show up and drop it off. People who somehow have acquired a top-end AR, minty HK pistol, discontinued S&W wheelgun, or 4-bore double rifle worth perhaps thousands get the same $X for it, and all they have to do is show up and drop it off.

What a deal!

Of course people show up and intercede between the dropper-offer and the police Of course they offer to buy said high end rifle or pistol for 2 or 3 times $X. And of curse many dropper-offers--who by and large have no idea what they have--can't resist the chance to double or triple their return on said firearm. A lot of these firearms will wind up on "Gunbroke Me" or similar auction site....and probably score huge.

As long as the interceders are not violating any law (and don't use the guns they buy in an illegal manner), they strike me as nothing more or less than very creative entrepreneurs.

It's ironic that these buybacks tend to be such a bad joke on their instigators. Might as well call them "buy-backfires."

January 30, 2013, 09:45 AM
I wish we could "raid" the buy-backs in NJ. :(

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