Another Price Check: Sig P220


January 30, 2013, 02:04 AM
A local FFL & dealer I know has a Sig P220 in his collection that he has offered to sell. Not sure of all the bells and whistles (asked about night sights and for other info, haven't heard back), but he says the gun is about 10 years old and is "95%". Not sure how many rounds have been through it. I am going to take a look at it next week when I pick up a new-to-me gun he is doing the transfer for.

He is asking $650 for it. Not sure how negotiable that is. I hear that P220's are great guns. Wanted to get the thoughts and wisdom of all the fine people on this board.

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January 30, 2013, 02:12 AM
Sigs seems to be all over the board in prices on the used market...

I personally dont know what drives it.

January 30, 2013, 03:52 AM
I wouldn't pay more than $550 for a plain-jane P220.

January 30, 2013, 03:27 PM
It's not an unreasonable price in my opinion. You might counter offer $600 and see what he says. With folks I know well, I am a firm believer both sides need to be happy with the price.

Bongo Boy
January 31, 2013, 01:01 AM
There are a few variations of the P220, although most likely it's your 'standard' model with alloy frame. I wouldn't buy an alloy frame gun at any price, but that's just me. There's really no way to know if that's a good price, not knowing if it's an all stainless Elite model in good shape, a standard model with or without night sights, or what condition the frame rails are in.

In looking at it, I'd remove the slide to inspect the frame rails for wear--it's a place where poor lubrication/maintenance can result is a lot of galling. As for it being 10 years old, I wouldn't worry about that much as far as non-cosmetics go.

My experience with the P220 is that it's a real pleasure to shoot, extremely reliable and function with no issues using all ammo you can throw at them. I'm sure there are exceptions to the one P220 I've owned.

While it's a big gun, it is a great carry if you can handle the size--the DA/SA trigger can be tuned easily to be as smooth as silk, and the DA weight can be brought down to 4- 4 1/2 lbs with Wolff springs. DA is attractive to some folks because of the high degree of safety provided in high stress situations, and of course in those situations you won't know it's DA or SA.

They do have a relatively high bore axis--about 1/2" higher than the M&P in 45, and it is of course a single stack that feels kind of like a double, even with thin Sig grips.

If you like the P220 and the gun is in good to very good condition I think the price is reasonable. I just sold mine for over $900, but it was the Elite model, in mint condition and had significant customization plus $300 in magazines.

Good luck!

January 31, 2013, 01:19 AM
The P220 is a great gun. I bought my second one today. I prefer the older ones, from about the mid 1990s. First one I bought was 550. This one is up at 625. Both appear to be in the same shape. First thing I would do if you make the purchase is get a new recoil spring. Second, get some fresh mags (if you can find any) or mag springs. Any FTE/FTF in P220s are from one or both of those parts, assuming your extractor isn't broken.

The price is a tad high but that's the way it is today and for months to come. For reference, they're selling for 750+ for used, regardless of age or wear on GB. Makes no sense to me, but people aren't being rational.

January 31, 2013, 07:41 AM
Thanks for all the replies everyone. Didn't want to pass up a good deal on a gun, but it sounds like his price is in the proverbial ball park. Just bought a 1911, so I'm probably going to pass unless he would want to do some trading.

January 31, 2013, 05:35 PM
I paid 649 delivered, for a new P220R, on gunbroker last year. The dealer had a bunch of them.

January 31, 2013, 05:55 PM
I've had several P220's. They are great shooting guns. I found a used one about 2 years ago for $600. It was also about 10 yrs old but in like new condition. Standard P220 with no rail. I sold it about sold it about 6 months ago for $650. From what I've seen in my area if it's in great condition $650 would not be too much. I've seen several that I would consider in fair shape for $500.

January 31, 2013, 05:59 PM
it would have to be in "as new" condition for me to pay $650. Offer $550 if it's in really good shape. IMO

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