Does anyone own an 8mm French Lebel revolver?,,,


January 31, 2013, 01:21 PM
Like this one,,,

I own one and occasionally shoot the old gal,,,
I named her Margeaux.

I don't shoot her very often because ammo is very scarce,,,
I have always bought reloaded ammo from Gad Custom Cartridges (

Today, due to a fortunate post at another forum,,,
I found that Midway has new Fiocchi ammo for her in stock (

From what I understand Fiocchi only makes this ammo once every few years,,,
So if you have one of these beauties now is the time to buy.

Just passing this on.



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January 31, 2013, 01:51 PM
I'm in the club. Don't shoot it much but thanks for the heads up on the Fiocchi. I've used Gad custom reloads and found them to be somewhat less than optimum (as in haphazard and wouldn't hit the broad side of a barn) and the fellow I spoke with a bit less than confidence inspiring.

That was a few years ago though YMMV.

January 31, 2013, 02:02 PM
Mine is an 1897 production with frag damage on the side of the frame and on the cylinder. It appears that a reamer was run into the cylinder to remove the "dent" from the frag hit. Great shooter with the Fiocchi, OK shooter with .32 S&W long.

January 31, 2013, 08:53 PM
I find the revolver (a WWII bringback I inhereted) to be well made and sturdy for the period. 1892 St.Etiennes manufacture, that of course is with it's relatively anemic round chambering. I like it.

Lone Star
February 1, 2013, 01:10 AM

Might that be spelled "Margaux", if you refer to the Bordeaux wine district, and its most famous chateau?

I have also only seen womens' names spelled that way, as in, e.g., the late Margaux Hemingway.

Nice post, and I enjoyed the photos.

February 1, 2013, 05:47 AM
I have always wanted a Lebel but never thought about getting one, primarily due to the scarcity of ammo. I will have to look into this Fiocchi ammo situation. Thanks for the info.

Dain Bramage
February 1, 2013, 03:24 PM
Mine is "Lille", a 1924 commercial version.

Something about the 1892 inspires naming.

I have a couple of boxes of the Fiocchi. Wouldn't hurt getting a couple of more. I have a Hornady die set sitting around. I'm going to give reloading 8x27R a shot. Heard that the Fiocchi brass is not great for that endeavor, too thin. Will find out.

February 1, 2013, 03:50 PM
You are correct about the spelling of her name.

Dang it! :cuss:

Now I have to have another brass plate made,,,
To replace the incorrect one on her case.

The picture I posted isn't my gun,,,
I just grabbed one off of the Google image results page.

Margaux is the second gun I ever bought (1963),,,
Back when I was 12 years old I paid $7.00 for it at an estate auction,,,
It came with about a dozen cartridges and a disintegrating military leather holster.

About 20 years ago I found two boxes of 50 rounds at a gun show,,,
I rationed those rounds for a long time but eventually ran out.

Then I found about,,,
He cuts down 32-20 cases to make the ammo that I buy,,,
like rswatsell said in his post, the ammo isn't real great but better than nothing.

I like shooting the French lady so as soon as I get paid again,,,
I'll order another 200-300 rounds of the Fiocchi ammo.

500 rounds should last me the rest of my life,,,
She'll only see the range on my birthday from now on,,,
That's the day I take all of my guns out to the shooting range.

I have some guns that go every range trip,,,
I have others that only get fired on my birthday,,,
Margaux is still a strong gal but after all she is 107 years old.



February 2, 2013, 01:24 PM
When I saw 8mm Lebel pistol, I thought it was going to be about a pistol shooting rifle ammo; French version of a .30-06 pistol.

Janos Dracwlya
February 3, 2013, 12:18 PM
She's a beauty. Thanks.

I'd love to have one of these someday.

February 3, 2013, 10:47 PM
Don't have one. What I want is an 1873 French Ordnance Revolver.
The Chamelot Delvigne just does it for me.

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