Multiple Assailants?


February 2, 2013, 09:43 AM
One of the most unnerving rhetorics I hear often is that civilians don't need more than 10 rounds in self defense situations. I hear it in my personal discussions, as well as recently by John Stewart who lambasted a gun proponent for talking about the possibility of fighting multiple attackers.

As we all know these types of crimes are increasing. Most of the time when I hear of or see a video of good guys using a gun to defend themselves I frequently hear something like "the homeowner shot at the intruders, injuring one while they ran away" or like the video of the eldery man at the cafe who chased off two burglars.

Wanting to be prepared for such talking points, does anyone know where I can find statistics? The closest I could find was on this site claims that 3/7 sexual assaults on women involve more than one attacker.

The other thing we need to point out (successfully on this board but not in the media) is that if AR-15s and 30 round magazines are poor choices for self defense, why do cops and bodyguards need them?

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February 2, 2013, 09:47 AM
As we all know these types of crimes are increasingLet's not repeat too much media hype. The crime rate continues to fall. The news outlets have us convinced that we live in VERY DANGEROUS TIMES...but the reality is that we really don't. When you look at historical trends, we've never been safer.

Now, the rest I certainly agree with.

February 2, 2013, 10:12 AM
Sorry, I meant that crimes involving multiple assailants are a larger and larger percentage of crime.

February 2, 2013, 11:28 AM
The local PD/SD officers I shoot with on occasion tell me the home invasion robberies are better coordinated now involving gang members. They monitor the target street/house for days/weeks and watch for daily routine. They post spotters to watch/alert the invaders. They go in through back patio/kitchen doors where they are less likely to be noticed. They invade with large enough numbers and brutally to overwhelm the occupants. Sadly, home owners/occupants are often injured/killed during the robbery. They are often well armed with get away cars on the ready.

It is for this reason why PD/SD stress that home owners need to be armed, trained and carry even inside the house (they hold press conferences on TV and state with emphasis). Most of the female workers I work with know about the increase in our city's murder/rape/home invasion robbery statistics (it increased significantly in 2012 by like 18% - 80% over 2011 ... yeah, welcome to my world) and carry inside the house.

My wife is a homemaker with 3 guard dogs and security cameras that cover the entire house. But she now practices at the range to engage multiple intruders and carry inside the house.

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