I have a dilemma (thoughts appreciated)


February 6, 2013, 02:36 PM
I love my GUNS!!!!!!!!!!! But I have to many to choose from when carrying . I am a revolver man, but I do own and shoot auto (45acp) Here is my dilemma. My ccw carry weapons I will pick from are:

1.Ruger Speed Six 2 ¾ in 357 (I love this gun. Carrying it all day is a breeze) Federal 125 Hi Shok

2.Rossi 720C 3in 44 Special (Sweet weapon, easy to conceal. Love the “big bore”) Blazer 200 GD

3.Taurus 431 3in 44 Special (I think this is my favorite) Blazer 200 GD

4.1991 Taurus 85 3in 38 Special (light, never know I am carrying it) Federal 125+p Hi Shok OR Rem FBI

5.KAHR CW45 3 ¾ in 45ACP ( I like this gun, it is a great ccw weapon) Federal Hydra Shok OR HST

My boot gun is a Taurus 85 with a 2in. I rotate all these, but what would you, my fellow shooters choose from and why? Thank you

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February 6, 2013, 04:01 PM
Carry on with what you're doing. I consider every gun I own as a carry gun, granted some are a lot easier to deal with than others. I shoot enough to be ok with all my main ccw's and change whenever I fill the need to.

With what you got listed I'd be wanting to tote the 44 spl most but change is good. Nice dilemma.

February 6, 2013, 04:06 PM
Ruger or Kahr would be my choices.

February 6, 2013, 04:10 PM
I'd think the Ruger. A little heavy for my personal taste, but for you it's a breeze, so that's what I'd go with.

Hondo 60
February 7, 2013, 12:56 AM
Ballistically speaking, the energy imparted by a 357 magnum round is quite devastating.
So if they were my guns? Well, I think you already know my answer.

Besides Rugers are built like tanks, they can take a pounding & look none worse for the wear.

February 7, 2013, 05:46 AM

Certainly looks like you have a very nice line-up to pick from. If it were me I would go with the Taurus 431 (I'm also a big .44 Special fan), in a revolver and with the Kahr CW45 for the semi-auto choice.

February 7, 2013, 07:06 AM
The Kahr would probably be the easiest to CC, and I love the punch of a .45. A close second would be the Ruger. Revolver....auto....the eturnal question. Haha.

Deen Macheen
February 7, 2013, 07:13 AM
I am revolver guy also. So I carry either my Taurus snubbie .357 mag in stainless, or for more umphf I have the Public defender loaded with either .410 000 buck or Hornady critical defense 45 long colt. I love them both.

February 7, 2013, 08:39 AM
I think you point any gun at someone and they think twice. I wouldn't carry a .44 just because of size. I don't rotate guns either unless I have to. I don't want to take a second and look at which gun I have and where the safety is on this one. I carry same gun that is big enuf to do damage and good enuf to hit someone in the head if they're holding someone. I carry XDm .40

February 7, 2013, 08:44 AM
I forgot to add revolver I carry in the woods or other places is a Taurus .41 mag 4in ported. I put Hogue grips on it because of big hands and they are really good grip. Size doesn't matter to me. It's shot placement

February 7, 2013, 12:42 PM
There's an old trick to help in making choices - flip a coin, and when you're just about to see if it's heads or tails, you'll be aware that you're hoping it's one or the other. That's how you know what you really want.

Imagine a really scary situation evolving, very suddenly, involving a large and angry opponent. What gun do you want? Carry that one.

February 7, 2013, 01:04 PM
If I had those guns I would carry either one of the 44 Specials, or the 357 Mag.

Why? The 44 Spl cartridge has plenty of ballistic performance, as does the 357 Mag. Ballistically, I would put the 45ACP in the same category. However, the Kahr has the added complexity of being a semi-auto, with hardly any advantage in capacity (I think it's a 6+1 gun). Unless you think the Kahr is significantly more comfortable to carry, I'd rather have the peace of mind that only a revolver provides.

The 38 Spl+P is a step down in ballistic performance with no other advantage.

February 7, 2013, 03:34 PM
Ok........ let me word this carefully. I have been to Flagstaff, and I love it there. I would move there in a second. However each time I've been there, I was rather surprised at the large number of drunken derelict people I found wandering around that town. It seems to be a certain element of the population, but I'm going to leave that be, since I don't want to make a blanket statement that angers anyone. Let's just say drunken derelicts. They asked me for money, and I got to the point where I found it easier to just have a couple dollar bills in my pocket to hand out, rather than listen to some sob story. I have never handed out so many dollar bills in my life, and been so unentertained by what followed.

Ok well, I've noticed they are typically wandering around solo, but I have seen groups wandering around. I have also seen illegals wandering the highways there (more to the south closer to the border) looking for an "opportunity" whether it be a free ride, or a car to steal, I can't say (illegals for sure, wandering through the desert along the interstate on foot, and then you see a cop headed for them real fast). They are typically moving in groups of two to three.

The last time I was in Flag, I was walking to my hotel at about 11:00 p.m. , on a main road, when someone decided they wanted to talk some trash, and was trying to start a physical confrontation with any one he could. I WAS NOT carrying that day since I went out to the bars and had been drinking, though I did have a large folding knife in my pocket.

He spouted some nonsense at me that was very insulting, and I was not in the mood to back down. In addition, the way the guy was talking made me think he may follow me if I didn't stand my ground. He realized he made a mistake pretty quickly. He was about 5'7" or 5'8" and maybe 140 lbs, and dirty. I am 6'3", 195 lbs., with a shaved head, and muscular. He saw his error when I stopped under a street light, which was intentional so any passing cop may better see the situation. He muttered some more nonsense and wandered off all booty hurt that he wasn't as tough as he thought he was.

The point is that while all the guns you mentioned are adequate for self defense, and I am a revolver guy too, I think given your location, I'd be inclined to carry a semi with more ammo. I think your chances of encountering more than one attacker, and attackers that are in an altered state where pain may not be percieved the same as normal, is a bit higher there. Thus, more ammo could be a benefit. I don't know, maybe you are a quick reloader of revolvers. I am not, and that has a bering on what I'm saying.

Definately carry more than 38 special. I'd carry .357, or .44 special at least in your revolvers. Those are certainly proven man stoppers. If it were me, and I lived there, I'b be more inclined to carry a sub compact .45 acp like the one Springfield (that 3 incher)or Glock are putting out. I used to always carry a ruger sp101 or a smith J frame. The town I shop in is getting worse all the time, so I stepped it up to Springfield XDs. 6 shots are better than the 5 I was carrying, and .45 out of a 3.3" bbl is a lot more juice than a .38 special out of a 2" or 3" bbl. If I'll be in an unsavory part of town for some reason, I put the extended mag on for 8 total shots. You may want to consider your Kahr, and carry an extra magazine. I now reserve my .357 for woods duty where animals are a bigger threat than people.

I have been to Flag several times, and the problem individuals have been consistant each trip. A friend of mine lived there. She forgot to lock her door, went in the shower, and found a drunk woman in her living room when she came out. You have an interesting place there that warrants extra thought in your ccw choice. All the guns you listed will definately work, but given the issues I've noticed there, I think I'd want more ammo. JMO

February 7, 2013, 10:39 PM
I would suggest that anything you carry you should also compete with.

Up this way I can't carry. But I enjoy competing with a wide variety of my handguns. But that has shown me that drawing and reloading is far from automatic when under pressure.

For example I only started using a revolver in my IDPA matches and practices about mid last summer. I'm still a LONG way from getting my revolver speedloader reloads to be as instinctive as with magazines in my semi autos.

My draw and first shot was not as much a contrast since my semis are DA first shot guns. So semi or auto that all important draw, sight, squeeze, BANG! first shot wasn't a big change.

There's a lot of validity that any form of competition isn't anthing like a real SD scenario. But since it's hard to get people to willingly stand in front and threaten you so you can practice the various competitions are all we have. It may not be perfect but it's better than standing and calmly perforating paper and considering ourselves as "ready".

February 7, 2013, 10:39 PM
I've got no problem with any of your guns; owned several of them myself. I guess that the Kahr would be last place for me–not because I am a revolver snob–but just because I have heard of troubles with that particular model. If yours is proven reliable with 200 rounds of either Federal loading, then fine by me as well.

If the Taurus 2" was in primary carry rotation, as opposed to BUG status then it would take last place, as I prefer a bit more tube to get the .38 loads up off their knees. I have a 3" chief that I like, though, and I'm fine with that barrel and Remington's FBI loading. As well, if your boot gun is *always* with you as a BUG, then it sort of makes sense to have ammo and speed loader compatibility... two 85s make sense in that regard.

Aside from *maybe* indoors, or more likely hand issues (e.g. arthritis) I'm not sure of any situation where I would choose 5 shots of .44 over 6 of .357, only because I think that either pill will work fine, so may as well have one more round.

But really, I'd take any of them; you have good taste. Carry the one you like to practice with the most.

February 7, 2013, 11:00 PM
I live closer to the border than the OP, and there are a couple of large cities between me and Flag. I love Flag, and if I could make a living there, I'd probably be packing up the house right now.

I would carry any of the guns he put up without a second thought. I usually carry a S&W 642 every day, and add a 13-3 in .357 when I'm hiking where the bears and lions are, or as a hunting backup to my rifle.

But when I am going to one of those large cities, or in the desert or mountains where I've seen/heard about illegals traveling, I pack my CZ75. If its a place where the illegals and the bears and lions might both be ... I have to make a decision, and I usually just follow my gut for the day when I reach into the safe. Last time I ran into an illegal (his group abandoned him after he broke his ankle), it was in the mountains, a couple miles from a paved road or dwelling. I had my CZ that day. Neither of us said a word about it. He was very polite. :D He got carried down the mountain by EMS and Border Patrol.

One of my friends just grabs an AR when hiking. Since he's usually at least casually hunting coyotes (the furry kind), the bulk and weight aren't an issue.

One time, I was driving through northern Phoenix and had to stop for gas. I stopped in the wrong place, I realized, when I saw a large crowd of idle people start slowly congregating in the parking lot of the gas station after I got out of the truck. The station building itself had bars and wire covering all the windows, the doors all barred closed, and you paid through a little slot in the window. It looked like a fort.

I was new to AZ at that time, and had only a 2" .38 in my pocket. My hand stayed in my pocket the whole time I was on the ground, and I didn't waste any time getting out of there.

I really enjoy living in AZ. The gun laws are friendly to gun owners, there's plenty of outdoor recreation, and the people are generally friendly and polite. Kind of independent, freedom-minded, too.

February 8, 2013, 01:05 AM
Only you can choose what is best for you and I would probably carry the gun I shoot best.

If it's just a pure choice I think it would be your 2" Taurus 85 because it's most like my S&W M442 J frame. My second choice would be the 2.75" Ruger Speed-Six .357 Magnum.

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