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February 7, 2013, 11:55 AM
This is a comparison between TAKticals IWB holster and Crossbreed IWB holster. this is also between two different people. Myself and a co-worker.

I will start by letting you know some facts. I am the one who has the Taktical holster. I carried for many years in the early 90's and took a break from carrying when moved from one state to another when financially just never could find the money to take the classes. This is also the largest holster I have ever owned. Previous holsters IWB or OWB were pretty much size of gun only. Also I am not the type to buy a bunch of stuff for one gun. Not a tight wad but definitely don't want 5 holsters laying around for one gun. I looked at about 10 different holsters when I decided to give TAKtical a try. I am 5' 10" and around 190 lbs. I will buy a $80 holster if that is the best for me, but would prefer to pay less just like everyone else.

So a fellow co-worker ordered a Crossbreed so we decided that once he got that broke in we would switch for a week and compare the two. I also would like to say I have pictures but no matter how I take them they come out as two black objects next to each other so I felt they would not help.

I own the TAKtical holster. My holster was bought for a M&P40 full size. Fit and finish of the holster was very nice right out of the box. Very Impressed with the lines of the holster and construction. Turnaround time from order to delivery was on par with what I have read on the internet with other holster manufactures. Gun fit in holster snuggly (not on) and even more so once holster is worn. When I first started wearing the holster (4 O'clock position) it took me all of ONE day to forget I even had it on. It was very comfortable. I am a tee-shirt and jean type guy but do dress up on occasion. When I first started wearing the holster I would wear a tee shirt behind and have a shirt over. But it didn't take me long to realize this holster was so comfortable that I didn't need an undershirt. (I was worried about chaffing and rubbing). I am un able to carry at work but I do leave my gun locked in my car during work hours so I usually just leave my holster on all day. I work tool and die as a machine programmer and operator so I spend about 60% of my day at a computer and 40% at my machine and walking around finding stuff for the day's work. When I am sitting I do not notice my TAKtical holster at all. When gun is in the holster and sitting the only time I notice the holster is when the heal of the gun pushes up against a chair. At the time when I bought the TAKtical holster I had nothing to compare it to so I was "blind" to if it was any better or worse than any other holster of this type out there. But with that said I have been very happy with the TAKtical holster since day one.

Now as far as the Crossbreed (this is my view). When I first saw it I thought "man that thing is big". The person that owns the Crossbreed works with me also and he bought it for a M&P 9pro and I will let his review of both holsters follow mine, so back to my review. When I say it looked big, physically it looked just that, bigger. But when I compared the two side by side the crossbreed was only a little bigger but not much. A tad longer and more leather on the leading side of the holster. The Kydex seems to be the same size but the leather backer is bigger. The clips are designed differently but are a little wider at the widest point. Fit and finish of the Crossbreed is very good also. One thing that stood out was the fasteners are larger on the crossbreed. I haven't had any problems with the TAKtical so don't know long term if this will be a factor or not. Also I noticed the crossbreed has more adjusting holes and they are spaced a little further apart from each other. But with both holsters that does not matter to me because I do not need the top holes or the bottom holes in either holster. Now as far as wearing. When I first put the crossbreed on I noticed it. It was comfortable but I still noticed it. That feeling was less noticeable pretty quick. Until I sit down. Even empty I notice it on. I started right out with that holster (crossbreed) against my skin. Now it doesn't irritate me but I do "feel" it on. It rubs when I am sitting. The front side of the holsters leather rubs my ribs. And with that said I find myself reaching to adjust it on more occasions then not. I also notice it will catch my shirt on occasion and tuck my shirt in behind the leather at the top by my ribs at times, making me think that it may un tuck my shirt. I notice when I sit back in the chair that it rubs a little. And I notice when I bend down to tie my shoes it rubs. These are all things I do not notice with the TAKtical holster. With the crossbreed the gap between the clips and the leather is a little bigger (more space_clips are farther away from the leather) therefore I do notice it is a bit (not enough to affect anything) easier to tuck shirt in around the crossbreed. With the gun in the holsters I do not notice any difference in feel, and both are easy to draw from and re-holster. In fact as far as draw and re-holster I don't know which one I have on. Both are "there" when I reach for my gun. And both are there when I re-holster, not even needing to look for the spot to put the gun in. So with that said I guess my conclusion is:

Would I buy a crossbreed…..yes…probably…would I buy a Crossbreed now that I have tried a TAKtical…NO…..would I buy another TAKtical holster…yes (in fact I am waiting for # three now)…and definitely after wearing them both I will say I like the TAKtical better. What would I improve on the TAKtical. Make the spacing behind the clips a little bigger and maybe do the star type fasteners as on the Crossbreed. I don't know if it will make a long term difference or not but visually it just "looks" like it would last longer because more area of leather is covered with the fastener. But with that said the cutting edge on the star might make the leather give way on the Crossbreed. So which one will last longer is can only be answered by time.

As far as the crossbreed I would make the top of the leather a little smaller (more specific the front of the holster has too much leather on it for me_I was informed that they make a combat cut that cost extra and he did not get this.) and more rounded. As far as the clips, with the cross stamped on the crossbreed it makes the clips "stand out" a little more. I notice it and my wife does also. A lot of times when I have my TAKtical on she doesn't even notice it but with the crossbreed she does. Size wise the clips are shaped different but overall the crossbreed clips are bigger.

Price wise the TAKtcial has the Crossbreed beat by far. You can get a holster and double mag carrier delivered as cheap or cheaper than the Crossbreed holster by itself. And with that said if you add combat cut, smooth clips, and mag carrier to Crossbreed price you would be at about 2 holsters from TAKtical. So my recommendation between the two would be the TAKtical holster.
Now I will tell you a little about the other person and his review. He is a computer I.T. at my work. He is in a chair all day long. His Crossbreed was bought for a M&P9 pro and he has been carrying for a few years. His method of comparing is basically the same as mine. He is 6' 2" and around 170 lbs. This is his second Crossbreed holster, he had one for a gun that he sold and he ordered one the day he bought his new gun. This is what he thought of the two holsters:

I had a chance to wear the TAKtical IWB holster for a few days. I currently own a very similar Crossbreed IWB holster.
The TAKtical feels very similar to my Crossbreed. Very comfortable. My M&P Pro 9 felt exactly the same when worn with either.

Some good points that I notice on the TAKtical were that the cut of the holster made for slightly better access to a full grip of the pistol during access.
I chose to not pay the extra for the “Combat Cut” option on my Crossbreed and I can tell the difference now after wearing the TAKtical.

I believe the ever so slightly smaller size of the TAKtical makes it a bit less noticeable (feel) over my Crossbreed. Not enough of a difference to worry about though.

The only two items I saw that the Crossbreed has over the TAKtical is in the belt clips. I prefer the T-nuts used to hold the clip to the leather. These just seem sturdier. Once they are pulled in they are staying in – like it! The other item is the use of a rubber washer between the clip and leather to help keep the clip in position. I noticed when the TAKtical clip screw comes a bit loose, the clip will swing all over the place. Did not like that at all. But I am sure If I tightened them down good they would stay place but didn't want to do anything to someone else's holster.

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February 7, 2013, 08:52 PM
Link to TAKtical holster maker?

February 7, 2013, 10:16 PM
Link to TAKtical holster maker?

Here ( you go.

February 7, 2013, 11:11 PM
My for sale thread is currently closed. I've had several unfortunate setbacks starting with a roof collapse at my previous residence, some health problems, and stolen machinery. Needless to say, I am very behind on current orders and I will post a thread here when when I am caught up. As always, I can be reached anytime here or at

Thanks, Tom.

February 7, 2013, 11:18 PM
Jeez, Tom, I'm sorry to hear all of that :(

I hope it gets settled back in for you and you come back into good health. Prayers your way.

February 7, 2013, 11:19 PM
Also, if any of you guys use Facebook, feel free to "like" my company page. There are plenty of recent pictures there.

February 7, 2013, 11:28 PM
Thanks hunter, I appreciate that. I'm getting back on track and I will be all caught up and back to a 1-2 week lead time starting March 1st. My apologies to those of you whose orders were delayed. You will be receiving a partial refund with your order. Thank you for your patience.

February 7, 2013, 11:32 PM
Just let us know when you are back on your feet, Tom. I will *hopefully* be getting my CHL over the summer (21st birthday is mid-April), and I will need a holster. Those reviews got you another customer ;)

February 8, 2013, 04:55 AM
Hey tom what is your handle on facebook? I tried TAKtical holster but couldnt find a link..

February 8, 2013, 03:47 PM
Its Taktical Holsters

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