Respectfully, I disagree with our Mod


February 10, 2013, 04:36 PM

With all due respect, I disagree with your statement "While the situation is terrible and those officers involved need to be held accountable this has nothing to do with the mission of THR."

It is my opinion that the current events in California i.e. the gang style shootings being conducted by the LAPD *do* have a direct relationship with our rights to keep and bear arms.

It is *exactly* this sort of governmental heavy handedness that prompted out forefathers to revolt and write our Constitution.

Not intending to argue, could you or someone please explain to me how this is *not* within the boundaries of discussion here on the High Road?

I know the media won't cover it...but here?

Thanks in advance,

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February 10, 2013, 05:17 PM
A PM would have worked very well here. I'll just close this for now. Robert can reply if he wishes of course.

We are here to talk guns, not news, even when it involves guns.

February 10, 2013, 06:42 PM
THR is here for a very focused mission that is clearly defined in the Rules that we all agree to when we sign up. THR is not a media outlet or bulletin board for every news story that involves a firearm. Since 2009 the following has been posted in the General forum:

We seem to be having issues with folk trying to turn THR into some form of news outlet for anything tangentially involving a gun, and that simply fails to support the mission statement of THR:
It is the declared mission of this board to achieve and provide the highest quality of firearms discussion on the Internet
Just because a news story has a gun associated with it does NOT make it suitable for discussion on THR. News stories are suitable for discussion here only when the story contains clear and unambiguous self-defense, home defense, firearms-centric, or RKBA aspects *and* when there is readily discernible detail in the news accounts sufficient to support a rational discussion.

If the news story does not fall within those qualifiers, please don't post it. If you are unsure of the appropriateness of the story for discussion here, then please PM a moderator and ask.

The situations going on right now in CA are indeed tragic but they are in no way shape or form related to the mission of THR. The situation in CA is the result of a deranged individual who has declared war on the LAPD. The officers are on edge and have made horrible mistakes as a result. This, however, is not an indication of gov't heavy handedness as you put it. It is indicative of poor training and leadership. Do not think that I for one second have not been following the story or that I do not care. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I fully believe that the officers involved in the shootings should be held accountable for their actions. But again, the actions of LAPD officers is not a topic for discussion on THR.

There is a thread running right now, or it was, on how CA is using some kind of gun registry to confiscate firearms from citizens. That is something worthy of discussion on THR. That is a true and real issue that impacts all firearms owners not only in CA but the rest of the country as well.

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