Good news, maybe,


February 26, 2013, 11:25 AM
it looks like my county , like many other counties in New York State ,will approve a resolution opposing the infamous NY SAFE Act.
The county legislative meeting last night was really crowded, many people got about 1 1/2 minutes to say why they opposed the SAFE Act. Assemblyman Marc Butler, former President of the New York Rifle and Pistol Association. pointd out that the 32 million dollar funding to pay for all the extra paperwork is borrowed money. I believe that`s the equivalent of a PONZI SCHEME, except that businessmen who do that are usually prosecuted, while politicians who do that usually don`t go to jail and frequently get re-elected by low information voters.
Some of the legislators waffled, saying they like parts of the SAFE Act , and watered down the language of the resolution, but it still passed!
I don`t think anyone thinks the resolutions will cause the SAFE act to be
overturned, ultimately, it will have to be defeated in the courts, but at least we sent a message to Gov. Cuomo.:cuss:
Now, on to the Feb 28 rally in Albany. Again good news, the SEIU decided not to counter protest on the 28th. Let`s see get on the chartered school bus at 6 AM, ride on bus for 4-5 hours or longer,( note to self -don`t forget bottle of water, sandwich,) make beeline for nearest rest room upon arrival in Albany, Stand around protesting, then get on bus ride for another 5 hours or so, drive home from pickup point,have the missus complain about being woken up:fire:,have cat insist I give him his snack before I get my snack! Sounds like a perfect day!
Wake up next morning, every other bone protesting about some grievance ,real or imagined. Aahh, Muscle Rub Cream, the scent of Victory!;)

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March 4, 2013, 12:00 PM
The full board of St. Lawrence County legislators will decide tonight whether or not to approve the resolution opposing the NY SAFE Act. At the last meeting some of the legislators seemed confused as to who votes for them. We intend to remind them it is the voters of St.Lawrence County that elect them, NOT people living in downstate cities and that if they betray us, we will NOT forgive and forget!

March 4, 2013, 12:30 PM
I'd bring a map showing the districts they serve to graphically point this out.

March 4, 2013, 10:49 PM
The Good News is the St. Lawrence County Legislature passed a resolution
I see it as roughly the equivlaent of an aging, deballed tomcat snarling at Andrew Cuomo.
What I wanted was the St.Lawrence County Legislature passing a resolution that DEMANDED REPEAL OF THE NEW YORK SAFE ACT.I would see it as being the equivalent of a healthy young lion ripping Cuomo`s throat out. Not gettin it is the bad news.
I got 5 minutes to speak, before the board voted on anything. I told them A TALE OF TWO CUOMOS.

One night in 1989,while I was driving back home from a business trip to Troy, NY I listened to Alan Chartok interview Gov. Mario Cuomo on the radio. Mario Cuomo said: " You know, Alan, it takes a MAN to build a barn but any jackass can kick one down". Good line, Mario,I`ll remember it., I thought!
Well, a barn is nothing but a shelter to protect grain ,oats, livestock, vehicles and tools - assets that need to be sheltered from the wind, rain, sleet, snow hail etc.
In a a sense it seems Gov Andrew Cuomo is behaving like the jackass his father referred to by trying to destroy the legal shelter the Second Amendment gives to law abiding hunters, trappers, people who shoot skeet, those who shoot trap, target shooters and the folks who re-enact historic battles but especially the people who are forced to defend their families against predators.
I urge you pass the resolution to REPEAL the NY SAFE ACT. That`s right Repel, not amend it!Remember the people of this county voted you into office and if you BETRAY us, we WILL vote you out of office.

I used the rest of my time to read them Assemblyman Blankenbush`s excellent opinon piece.

The ones who sold us out are:
2 no shows;
Scott Sutherland , R district 7
Alex McKinnon R dist 4. :fire:

the Naysayers :
Frederick Morill D dist 6
Sallie Brothers D dist 12
Jim Bunstone D dist 10
Tony Arquiette D dist 13
Gregory Paquin D dist 14
Vernon( Sam) Burns D dist1
Jonathan Putney D dist 15 :cuss:
Stephen Putnam D dist 9
Donald Peck D dist 5

The Supporters:
Joe Lightfoot R dist 3
Kevin Acres R dist 8
Mark Akins R dist 2
Dan Parker R dist 9 :)

As you can see the vote on repeal vs amend ran along party lines. The D`s are afraid to run afoul of Andrew Cuomo. One of the R legislators called Cuomo a "vicious, vindictive thug".

If you look on the bright side we have a target rich environment :evil: 9 dems, 2 repubs we`ve gotta vote out. What a generation of vipers!

March 5, 2013, 12:42 AM
What a generation of vipers!

Yes. Thank you for fighting sir! We in PA are very concerned for our neighbors in NY. I've written Cuomo and most of your other legislators and I hope you guys continue to make progress. I'm pleased to see the resistance you guys have put up thus far.

Keep it up and keep us updated.

March 5, 2013, 08:39 AM
Thank you Prophet. As Benjamin Franklin said " We must all hang together lest we all be hanged seperately!"
BTW. If you look at who signed THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE you`ll see many of them did not sign the CONSTITITION. :scrutiny: Why? So many of them were killed- many after being tortured-by the British!
When we revolted against King George the penalty for "treason" was: Hanged by the neck but not unto death, then getting drawn- your intestines were ripped out of your body and set on fire, then being quartered- pulled apart by 4 strong horses. As if that weren`t enough, I think they cut your head off what remained of your torso.:eek:
I don`t recall the Brits doing all that to our guys, but they did use less extreme forms of torture.
I`m convinced Andrew the Imperious would like to do the above mention atrocities to all of us if he thought he could get away with it:barf:

March 5, 2013, 10:14 AM
Upset Gun Crowd Targeting Legislators heading is the press coverage we got from last night`s meeting.
" St. Lawrence County Legislators who favored keeping pats of the NY Safe Act were membrs of a crowd of more that 40 gun enthusiasts !
All 3 newspapers in this county are owned by the same family. They also own a newspaper in Franklin county.
While you`ll likely all the papers ran the story on different pages in different sections, they all publish only the same one version of the story.
To be fair they did report that someone said - it sounds like the legislative board is being bought by a $100,00 donation from NYS Assemblywoman Addie Russell D.
The $100 grand referred to is for a much need fire training facility.
Supposedly Hamlet( prince of Denmark) said "Something`s rotten in Denmark". I don`t know about Denmark, but my nose is telling there`s some rotten dealing in my own back yard.
Also more than 40 is bovine excrement in my opinion. The place was packed. So either someone`s lyin or they need a reporter who can count past 40.

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