Redhawk 44 Load in my Blackhawk


Billy Jack
March 6, 2013, 12:12 AM
My redhawk load uses an LBT 260 gr WFN bullet sized .432. My new 1972 Super Blackhawk has the same dimensions on the cylinder throats and the barrel as my Redhawk so the .432 bullet will be fine in the Super Blackhawk.

However with the shorter Blackhawk cylinder, my loaded 260 gr WFN round that fits the Redhawk with ease has to be pushed to get it to chamber (to flush up in the cylinder recesses to allow the cylinder to rotate with ease).
Once you get it pushed in it is fine. Of course if you want to take it out unfired it takes pretty good pressure on the ejector rod to get it to turn loose and come out.

As far as firing the gun I really don't think it will matter, but it will make loading and unloading a hassle.

My crimp btw is as far up the crimp groove as it will go so there is no room to shorten the load with this bullet and a standard length case.

I want to use the LBT type bullet in the Blackhawk but think I need a different one. It looks like to me that the 250 gr is the same as the 260 gr as far as the amount sticking out of the case. The extra 10 frains seems to be in the part of thebullet that stays in the case.????????

What I would like to know is what bullets in the 240-280 gr class are you using in your Super Blackhawks other than the Keith style, which I am sure will work just fine because I just traded my old friend out of some of my 30 year old 250 gr Keith reloads that I traded him 30 years ago when I sold my first Super Blackhawk and they shot great today in my new gun.

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March 6, 2013, 12:29 AM
That seems rather odd in my opinion. With wheel guns, the cylinders should be able to accommodate the same loads. Are you sure your brass isn't in need of trimming? If your brass is in need of trimming, it will make OAL longer because of the canelure to mouth orientation point, causing the bullet to contact or jam into the cylinder throat.

Billy Jack
March 6, 2013, 12:44 AM
Actually I thought I read in several places on the forum that the Redhawk has longer cylinders than the Blackhawks and that was one of the reasons that they were better suited to handle the newer style wider heavier bullets.
Still learning of course and not sure of anything yet.

Billy Jack
March 6, 2013, 09:14 AM
It is not a case length issue. An empty case fits fine in both cylinders. The issue is the shape of the WFN bullet. It stays wide much further out from the case than say a Keith style bullet. Using the same cases and a Keith bullet the cartridge easily just drops in all the way.
I would just like to use the LBT wider design and was curious if someone was using a bullet of that type that works in their Super Blackhawk.

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