Sig 2022 vs. Glock 19 vs. XD vs. S&W M&P


March 15, 2013, 12:25 AM
Recently I was in a gun shop that actually had all of the above guns IN STOCK (probably for like 15 minutes but I digress). Anyhow, I decided that I needed a midsized compact 9mm because I have several .40's already but no 9's. I was able to fondle, dry fire and field strip (except the S&W or Glock) each of the guns and do a real A/B comparison. Initially I went into the store to get the Glock. Honestly I own 2 Glock 23s, 1 Glock 26, and a Glock 27. Needless to say, Glock has nothing to prove as far as I am concerned. But when I priced the Glock the $650 price tag just seemed a bit on the steep side for what it is. Nice pistol, but not a $700+ OTD pistol. For that kind of scratch I'll just buy a 9mm conversion and call it a day. So the Glock priced itself right out of competition, right off the bat, but the price wasn't the only was also a Gen 4. Now I can't put my thumb on it exactly, but maybe I've become so accustomed to a Gen 3 that the Gen 4 just seems...I don't Add to that the mixed reviews on the Gen 4 19's having extractor issues and I decided it wasn't for me at this time.

So I moved on to the S&W. Admittedly I am not a fan of S&W period but I was impressed with the trigger on the one I had. Even still, for the price, the gun did not seem better than the Glock by any stretch of the imagination and was priced identically. I don't know much about their reliability, I do know that their service life is fairly recent, and I was not able to find a wealth of magazines for them like the Glock. The value just wasn't there.

Onto the XD. What can I say about an XD. I've owned at least 4 over the past many years and have always found them to be largely reliable, though they do tend to rust up if not properly cared for (or at least mine did). Magazines and holsters are mostly plentiful (even by today's standards) and aftermarket support seems to be strong. Even still, the XD grip reminds me of a Sig meets 1911, except trading in the 1911 crisp trigger pull for a spongy, not quite Glock like, single action pull. I really thought long and hard on the XD. In fact I even had them keep it out of the case because I had every intention of buying it but then I saw the Sig.

The Sig was $50 less than the XD, which was $50 less than the S&W, which was $50 less than the Glock. However, the Sig came with only 1 high cap magazine versus all the others coming with 2. So even at $150 off, I knew I'd be tossing in another $50 to $100 for another magazine or two. I have also owned a Sig Pro in the past. Specifically a pair of 2340's that I acquired from CDNN way, way back in the day. At the time they were my favorite pistol except with 2 major problems. One, they were discontinued and magazines and holsters were nonexistent for them. And two, I couldn't find any extra magazines for them (this was during the infamous Clinton assault weapons ban and 12 round .40 cal mags were nowhere to be found). So I sold them and stuck with my 229s, never looking back. Well here was a 2022, which I knew from research had been adopted by the French Police (to the tune of over a quarter million units), the DEA (though I have no idea which unit or how many), the Colombian Police (probably courtesy of the DEA) and a small 10,000 unit order by the U.S. Army. I also knew that magazines had become far, far more plentiful...perhaps as a result of the government contracts, perhaps as a result of the assault weapons ban sunset, probably a bit of both.

So I take the Sig apart and sure enough, true to the Sig name the gun is just flawless. Not a machine mark or niggle to be seen anywhere. The DA trigger was smooth and long (like the P series) and the single action trigger was just like I remembered. I had the large size Sig Pro grips somewhere in a box at my house, the gun was priced right and the trigger left the XD in the dirt. It was a no brainer, I bought the Sig.

Upon getting home I cleaned the gun up and switched out the grips to the large one I had from my long lost 2340s...and man I am here to tell you, it's like an old friend coming home after years gone by. The trigger is smoothing out nicely with DA dry fire and the gun has become my favorite (yes over my Glocks and P-Series). I'll post a range report soon.

One thing that does bug me however is all the bad press this gun seems to attract. Not only is it the most underrated pistol perhaps of all time, it is also the most misunderstood. Almost everyone, including the venerable Gun Test magazine folks, compare this gun to the Sig P-series of weapons. Well let me clarify this mistake for everyone here and now. It is not a P-series weapon. The gun is designed differently, it takes different mags, it field strips differently and it has a different purpose. Sig did not create this gun to compete with other Sigs, they created this gun to compete with Glocks, XDs and Smith M&P series and to that end they have excelled engineering wise, and failed miserably in the marketing.

Comparing this gun to a P-series pistol is like comparing a Toyota to a Lexus, both are built by the same company, both will get you from A to B, both have legendary reliability, but they are purpose built for an entirely different market demographic. The Sig Pro is my favorite gun BECAUSE it is not a P-series. It does not have the weight, I am less concerned about it being stolen or broken, it does not require the same frequency of lubrication and maintenance (don't run a P-series me). But what it does do, it does exceedingly well. It is most certainly a Sig in every respect, with outstanding quality and workmanship you would expect in a Sig. Just respect it for the purpose for which it was built.

Anyhow, if you are out and about...looking for a mid sized compact 9mm, check out the 2022, you might be glad you did.

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March 15, 2013, 05:40 AM
I've owned 3 of the four pistols you mentioned except the Sig. Never been a fan of Sig pistols to begin with, but the Glock, XD, and M&P are all excellent pistols from my experience.

maybe i'll look at the 2022 at the LGS next time I go.

March 15, 2013, 09:19 AM
I bought a 2022 about a month ago. Still can't pick it up yet from the LGS. :cuss: Maryland has a seven day wait period that is up to about 40 days now with the state police being inundated with gun purchase paperwork. Anyway, I hope to bring mine home soon.

Hope you enjoy yours. :D

March 15, 2013, 09:19 AM
I traded a shotgun for one last month. The trigger is defiantly better than most poly guns. Accuracy was okay, yet the gun was rather blah for me and has been relegated to truck gun. No failures or anything negative to report.

Mags are vaporware. When I get my "in stock" alerts on my phone they are instantly gone.

March 15, 2013, 10:29 AM
Thank you for posting this Orangeninja!

Your list of choices was essentially identical to my final 4 contenders for my first (recent) handgun purchase. It was very nice to be able to see a good comparison between the group from someone who is more familiar with firearms than myself.

I had done a bunch of online research, but had not been able to work out a way to test-fire any of these guns before buying, so I was going on feel in the LGS, internet info, and some advice from a couple handgun people I know and personally trust.

My final 2 were down to the Sig SP2022 and the Gen 3 Glock 19. I really preferred the feel, and the fit and finish of the Sig. However, it was suggested to me by one of my 'advisors' that the Sig, being DA/SA with a decocker, might be not the best option for a first handgun due to it's relative complexity of operation vs. the Glock. The gun is to be used primarily as an HD weapon. Price wasn't really an issue, as the Sig with 1 magazine included was $80 cheaper than the Glock with 2 magazines, so by the time I found and purchased a second mag for the Sig they would be close enough in final price not to matter. I ended up buying the Glock, and am happy with my purchase. But my next handgun is very likely going to be the Sig SP2022.


March 15, 2013, 11:35 AM
My wife bought a 2022 back in September. She likes it. It appears to be a value, compared to Glocks/XD's/M&P's, but then you open the box and see one mag. Then you go back to the LGS, and see they are out, and when they do have them, they're over $50 a piece. Then you look online, and they're around $45 a piece...before shipping. Oh yeah, this was all pre-panic.

If you're buying the 2022 because it's cheap, it's a good deal, unless you're planning on getting more mags, then it's comparable in price to the other guns mentioned. Unless you're planning on having more than 3 mags...then it's more expensive than the other guns. I've been trying to buy more mags for my wife since January, and have only found a few. And those I did find were $60 and over.

I personally don't like the trigger. Never been a fan of DA/SA triggers, and the 2022 feels worse than most DA/SA's I've ever shot. But then again, I'm odd when it comes to triggers, as I absolutely love the NY-1 trigger with standard connector that I have in my Glock.

My wife loves hers. My father in law loves his (it's his cheap shooting gun, as it's the only 9mm he has). I'm not a huge fan, but everyone has their own preferences. It puts holes where you point it, and goes bang when the trigger is pulled. Not much more to say than that.

March 15, 2013, 11:57 AM
All four are good guns. I have a 2022 9mm, a M&P 9c, and seven Glocks. I don't care for the checkering on the XD, but that's the only reason I don't own one.

I chose the 2022 over a G19 because I wanted something different. It's a tremendous value. I ordered mine in with factory night sights, and tossed a TLR light on the rail. It's my nightstand gun. I bought a couple of extra mags from TopGun Supply for $29 each IIRC, and ended up giving one to one of my students who just got one.

The 2022 is somewhere between a Glock and a 1911, or maybe a Glock and a 3rd generation S&W. It's my only DA/SA gun, my only polymer-framed hammer-fired gun, and my only Sig Sauer. If I ran across a .40 version, I'd buy it on sight.

March 15, 2013, 12:28 PM
Really depends on what you like best. I for one will buy a hammer fired gun over striker fired any day of the week, but thats just my preference. I like DA/SA guns better for many reasons. I know the first DA pull will have to be intentional and very hard to fire by being snagged on something, gives me 2nd strike capability if theres a hard primer, other reasons also. Obviously my vote would be for the Sig over the others but again thats just me.

March 15, 2013, 12:53 PM
I just don't find the DA pull hard at all and as DA triggers go the 2022 has an excellent one. But then again I trained for years on a DA/SA platform as a LEO. We carried 229s and 226s. If you can fire a DA revolver, any Sig P series, a Beretta 92, etc. then you can fire this. it's about learning how to use the platform. I will admit though that the Glock is easier to learn if you've never fired handguns before.

March 15, 2013, 02:34 PM
I didn't mean the DA pull on the Sig is hard, I meant as far as the trigger snagging on something resulting in a ND. Much harder for that to happen with the Sig than a Glock or similar trigger. Obviously trigger discipline takes care of that issue with any gun.

March 15, 2013, 02:51 PM
My comment was for Gaerek. I agree with you that Sig has the DA/SA platform down to a science and art. Currently my EDC is a Taurus 85 that I have learned to shoot DA and I carry it in the front pocket without a holster. I also have a Kahr, but would NEVER carry that gun in the pocket without a holster because...well frankly, I pretty much need more trigger travel between that and my family jewels. :uhoh:

March 15, 2013, 03:26 PM
I just don't find the DA pull hard at all and as DA triggers go the 2022 has an excellent one. But then again I trained for years on a DA/SA platform as a LEO. We carried 229s and 226s. If you can fire a DA revolver, any Sig P series, a Beretta 92, etc. then you can fire this. it's about learning how to use the platform. I will admit though that the Glock is easier to learn if you've never fired handguns before.

Oh, I don't have difficulty with the trigger or DA triggers in general, I should have clarified that. Actually, I have the NY-1 spring in my Glock, and absolutely love it, so my preference of triggers is likely skewed from most people. My backup is an LCR, and that's another trigger I really like even though it's heavy and long...but very smooth. Part of the reason I don't like the trigger on the 2022 is because the ergonomics of the gun, combined with the "hams" I call hands make it nearly impossible for me to pull the trigger with my normal grip. I can pull the trigger back most of the way, but just before it breaks, the meat in my hand gets in the way and I can't reliably fire it. I have to adjust my grip which is extraordinarily uncomfortable for me.

I also just don't like DA/SA guns in general. It's completely a preference, but I like having a trigger that is the same from shot one and on. I've "double fired" so many DA/SA's that I just don't like them. I know training can fix that, and get me used to it and stop the double firing, but I prefer not to.

March 15, 2013, 10:22 PM
IMHO the Sig SP2022 is a BEST BUY. IMHO the 2022 has the best DA/SA trigger that Sig has ever produced. Great pistol you won't ever look back.;)

March 16, 2013, 02:31 AM
Can't go wrong with the Glock 19.

Sam Cade
March 16, 2013, 02:48 AM
I've owned at least 4 over the past many years and have always found them to be largely reliable, though they do tend to rust up if not properly cared for (or at least mine did).

XD pistols have been Melonited (Ferritic nitrocarburized, Glock calls the process "Tenifer") since 2006.

March 16, 2013, 03:11 AM
I am a Glock fan myself. I have handled the 2022 and it is a nice gun. A few years back some place was going out of business and had them on clearance for $7.99 a piece. I ended up with about 20 which I sold for a tidy profit. I originally intended to keep them for myself and wanted to pick up a 2022 but I never got a round to it. I just went back to all Glocks in 9mm and am content with that. Though I have been eyeing the M&P platform a lot as of late.

March 16, 2013, 03:23 AM
Glocks have the better trigger, most aftermarket parts, easiest to work on.
I loved my XDM but the factory trigger was sloppy. Tons of take up. Then it's $125 to upgrade it. So I sold it for another Glock. A 3.5 trigger connector for a Glock is only $20.

Then good luck trying to change your own XD series sights on your own! They are pretty much built into the slide and require a gun smith. Glock is DIY.

The Smiths I've tried have a rough gritty trigger. But have the best ergonomics!

Glocks are a very good value. Tons of parts and accessories. Tried and true for over 20 years. Just simple reliable guns.
Though I'd take an XDM with XS sights and a Powder River trigger. But that's $200 worth of upgrades.

In God and Glock we Trust

March 16, 2013, 03:34 AM
Good write up, but holy cow! Your prices! Today, I can buy brand new XD for $429, M/P for $499, and G17 for $545 (admittedly, G19 are demanding a false premium and are hard to find). A 5th to add to that list is the CZ P-07 Duty. $450ish and my favorite trigger of them all (never owned or shot an M&P). I'm blown away by it.

March 16, 2013, 11:21 AM
guyfromohio...I should post some pics of the gunstore shelves here in North Texas. To say the cupboard is bare would be an understatement. When you do find a dealer with something new in stock, they are asking a premium. If the XD were $425 I would have bought it.

As for the Sig, it will be fired soon and I'll give a range report but I expect nothing less than 229 like accuracy.

March 16, 2013, 11:47 AM
IMO the one to get is the xd. Love all my xd's and have been quite reliable.

March 16, 2013, 11:52 AM
I've always liked the idea of Sig for their worksmanship, but every DA/SA model I try has a trigger reach that's a little too long for my fingers, so I just shake my head sadly and walk away.

I haven't seen a 2022, though. Would you mind measuring the trigger reach, please?

March 16, 2013, 11:56 AM
Sig 2022

In order of my preference. The Sig is the only one I've never owned. My ranking it above the XD says more about the XD than the Sig.

March 16, 2013, 12:06 PM
My wife really likes her 2022. I did luck out the the LGS had two mil/leo-marked mags in their mag bin I got for $25 each when I bought it for her. Her's even came with the Sig laser sight, which the cat loves and lets her practice rapid snap shooting with snap caps.

March 16, 2013, 12:15 PM
Congratulations on picking the SIG Sauer 2022. It is well respected among the insiders at the sig sauer academy. (Not necessarily the case with just any sig). It is known as the sleeper sig. I bought mine on my instructors recommendation.

Why the 2022 is such a dark horse in the US when in Europe it is the most common sig is open to debate. The entire French LE are issued the 2022. Consider their options as a well funded branch in a big government.

The low price tag helps us without a doubt, but raises doubts on its own. Could this weapon be really good for $400? Based on my personal ownership and training, I say yes, absolutely. So is Glock 19. Different trigger operation. Good to have choices.

Much of gun ownership is driven by prestige. What makes the 2022 cool is that it's not exclusive. It is underrated and rock solid. It will make you proud when you outshoot the guy next lane with his $2000 rig.

March 16, 2013, 12:25 PM
Between the M&P, G19, and XD.........I'd take the G19 for me. It just felt the most comfortable and parts seemed to be the most abundant.

March 16, 2013, 12:31 PM
I've owned an XDm 3.8" 9mm (full grip) and currently own a G19 (Gen 4). I've fired the M&P 9, and have a fair amount of dry fire (with Snap Caps) with the Sig. If I had to pick a favorite, the trivial answer would be the M&P. Despite an unspectacular trigger, it is an extremely user friendly weapon. It's extremely flat shooting, feels great in the hand, runs well, and is better in live fire than dry. Honestly, I notice the trigger stuff in dry fire, but it works great in live fire.

Despite my enthusiasm for all of the other options, and despite being a Walther PPQ & P99 fanboy at heart, I recently transitioned to Glocks as my go-to. I don't prefer them over a PPQ or M&P. My choice was for one simple reason: resource availability. I was getting annoyed with searching online for mags and custom holsters for the PPQ, and the discussion around Federal or State level capacity restrictions made me think about availability in a more urgent way. Since I picked up my G23, I have already been able to add 5 standard, plus 22 and 31 rd mags for it, as well as an IWB and OWB holster. 2 of the mags were orders, the rest was all off the shelf. Because of frame commonality, my G19 uses the same holsters. In one month with the G23, I was able to acquire more resources for it than I found in a year with my PPQ, and I didn't go broke doing it (I will admit that I paid $100/mag for the 22 and 31 round mags, which I don't regret).

While I don't believe that Glocks are superior firearms to the other options listed here, I have become a believer that they are a better buy, for any person who performs well with them. They are very easy on owners.

No Koolaid here. I recognize that there are many options that equal Glocks, pistol-to-pistol. They really win big only in market support.

March 16, 2013, 12:46 PM
Well I have 3 of the 4 you mentioned - never owned a Glock. :D :uhoh:

I don't obsess over the triggers - I practice like I think it would be used in SD - I prefer using a 'controlled slap'.

Anywho - got a couple of SP2022s - one is my bed gun (replaced an old SIGMA that was due for night sight replacement), with a light / laser combo mounted. A nice, smooth trigger, but it does seem to be getting a little on the big side for CC? It's much easier to practice dry firing with the SP2022, but that 12-lb DA trigger pull will wear your finger out PDQ.
BTW - both were $495, but the first one came with 3 magazines and both grip panels - by the time I bought the second, they had cut it to 2 magazines and it had only the smaller grip panel (both have night sights).

My main daily carry is an XDSC9 - used to be an XDSC40 (pre-Melonite), but when they redesigned the 9's magazines to hold more rounds, I went from the 40 to the 9. Back when I bought my XDSC40, the 9 held only one more round than the 40.
I've come awfully close to buying an XD45 compact, but fortunately, our local shop seems to have trouble getting them - he has no problem getting the XD45, but I prefer the 1/2" shorter grip of the compact - I hate stuff hanging below my fist.

I have an M&P Shield I ankle carry - picked up a used (like new) police special M&P in 357 SIG 'bout a year ago - came with 3 magazines and night sights, under $500.

A lot of my non gun owning friends have come to me over the last few years looking for recommendations. I usually suggest the XD as a baseline, but I now suggest both the M&P and XD - just depends on whether they want a grip safety or not?

March 16, 2013, 09:10 PM
I also was blown away with the prices mentioned here. Six months ago I handled a 2022 at my dealer with a $495 tag. Of course I would never pay $700 for a Glock.
I have a 226 x5 L-1 that amazes me, an older German 226 that I will never sell, and a 2022 all in 9mm. The 2022 is no slouch. If I am packing under my jacket, its the 2022. Anyone that is interested in buying a pistol, but doesn't want to pay the "P" series prices I let them shoot the 2022. Everyone has been impressed. I always felt it was the best bang for the buck.

March 16, 2013, 09:17 PM
Was at the local dealer today - an SP2022 is $479, but now has only one magazine (I assume it still had night sights?).

His XDSC compacts are $475.

March 27, 2013, 01:47 PM
I own all 3, except the sig, I think that they are pretty much equal in most all respects. I tend to shoot most every gun the same after I get 50 rounds through them. My newest one is the M&Pc, which I traded a shield for. The Shield, in 40 was not equal to the other guns mentioned. Even the sights came misaligned, and the mag release is in a bad spot, "with the extended mag, upon recoil, it is easy to hit the release". I made a mental note after releasing it 3 or 4 times, and I still managed to drop it once in 50 rounds. I got rid of it because of this. I don't believe in fiddling around with polymer guns, they either work right or they don't.
The M&Pc is a far more refined pistol with all of the bugs out. I think for self defense they are all reliable and simple to take care of, it's just a matter of taste. I would sell any of them if something better came out with no emotional attachment. Currently I carry a XDS in my pocket, it is a nice gun that shoots where you aim it and is small enough to carry anywhere
2 out of 2 guys who work in my LGS, and myself and another client, had XDS guns in their possession last Sunday.
I never met a Glock I didn't like, they pretty much all shoot where you point them, every time.

March 27, 2013, 06:14 PM
I have stated many times over that the 2022 is one of the very best "value" pistols to be found.

IMO, it is very hard to go wrong with a 2022 purchase.

March 27, 2013, 06:27 PM
I have stated many times over that the 2022 is one of the very best "value" pistols to be found.

IMO, it is very hard to go wrong with a 2022 purchase.

This man speaks the truth

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