Place to Compete Near Olympia, WA


Welding Rod
March 17, 2013, 07:33 PM
I just posted the info below in a thread reply, and afterwards I realized this could / should be its own post. Please bear with me for putting this up twice:

If you are looking for a nice place to shoot or shoot competitively near Olympia, WA you may want to check out Capitol City Rifle and Pistol Club in Little Rock, WA. It is located a little south west of Olympia.

Below are some of the handgun, rifle, and carbine matches they have:

Handgun, 3rd Sunday of every month - We shoot steel targets, a combination of falling plates, pepper poppers, horizontally swinging and dropping plates, pins, and Texas stars. We normally have 2 strings of fire, first single action revolver (although they let me shoot my 92FS auto for practice only since I don't own a revolver), and then about anything in the primary match. Each string has 5 stations, each shot at 45 feet. 4 stations are 12 shots (6 and a 6 reload). Each of these has a max time allowed. I think it is 90 seconds for SA revolver and 60 seconds for the primary match. Number of hits are added for a score. The fifth station is two timed shots on two pepper poppers (2 draws signaled by a shot timer). The shot time for each hit is correlated to a numeric score between 1 and 6. So it is 50 rounds for each string of fire.

That course of fire is shot every other month (odd month).

Then for every other month (even month) the first event is still SA revolver but the primary match is supposed to be a timed event (as opposed to primarily accuracy), with time penalties for missed targets. Lowest time wins.

Strong side holster is required for handgun events.

High power matches the 4th Sunday of each month. Even numbered months are "Old Soldiers" matches. These are shot with WWII or prior service rifles. Two strings of fire, 15 shots each, slow fire prone, at 200 yards.

After the Old Soldiers match is a Carbine Match. This is shot at 100 yards. 10 slow prone, 10 rapid prone, 10 sitting, 10 offhand. Any sights are allowed but their is a small penalty for red dots, and a little bigger penalty for magnified optics.

Odd numbered months are CMP style matches. These are shot with any service rifle (and iron sights). 4 strings of fire: 20 shots prone slow fire, 10 shots prone rapid fire, 10 shots sitting (or kneeling) rapid fire, 10 shots standing (no sling). All at 200 yards.

After the CMP match is a .22 speed match on 25 steel plates. Any sights allowed. 10 at 25 yards, 10 at 50 yards, and 5 (pig silhouettes) at 75 yards. This string of fire is shot twice. Lowest time wins.

Then in April - September (IIRCC) there is also a M1 Garand match on the 2nd Sunday of every month. Course of fire is the same as CMP style.

There is also an annual handgun pin match in about August.

So each long gun match shoots 6 times per year. Ribbons are given for top placers in CMP, Old Soldiers, and M1 Garand at each match. I think they might be given for the Carbine match too this year. The top 5 match scores for each shooter are tallied at the end of the year for CMP, Old Soldiers, and M1 Garand (and I think Carbine this year) and season winners are recognized. Last year we got ribbons with engraved medals and nice certificates. The top 3 shooters' names and season scores went on a permanent club trophy.

They normally give away meat for prizes at the handgun events.

Entry fees are normally 10 bucks for the main event (1st event of the day for long gun and 2nd event of the day for handgun) and 5 bucks for the secondary event of the day.

CCRP is a nice range complex you might want to check out. It is small and friendly, and a nice facility. Great place to get your feet wet. The rifle range has overhead cover and a concrete slab at the firing line, as does the practice pistol bay. The action pistol range for the pistol matches is out in the open, but there is overhead cover for when you are not shooting or scoring. All of the matches start shooting at about 9 AM, but of course you want to get there earlier (by about 8:30) to mingle, get set up, and signed in. The club has loaner M1 Garands and 30-06 ammo for them (and for them only, for like 6 bucks a box I believe). Although if you want one I would contact the match director ahead of time so he can get one out the safe well before a match is about to start.

Here is a link to their website:

Thought someone might be interested.

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March 18, 2013, 10:57 AM
Do you ever shoot at Paul Bunyan in Puyallup?


Welding Rod
March 19, 2013, 11:19 PM
Hi John - No I haven't. A shooting buddy has offered to take me up there a couple of times to try the 600 yard course, but I haven't got around to it yet.

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