Yet more S&W model 10 questions


April 7, 2013, 08:14 AM
So here are a few more questions about my new, old, model 10.

I have determined it is a 1967, 10-5.

Is the action on this revolver the same as a modern made model 10?

Is the main spring tension screw still in the front of the grip frame?

How do you determine this tension to insure a nice pull but a good strike?

Does it still have a hammer with a firing pin?

Is there anyway to find out from the serial number of C979635 who the original purchaser was? I'd like to know what police agency, etc it belonged to.

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April 7, 2013, 08:57 AM
I'll try to answer a few of your questions.

For the history of your gun you will need to write a letter to S&W historian Roy Jinks along with a check for $50. The letters are usually worth it. You can find out the particulars here at the S&W website...

I'm not sure if the new Model 10s still have the firing pin on the hammer. I actually haven't seen one that I've handled yet. Someone here will know though.

The action has changed some over the years but it is essentially the same.

The main spring tension screw is still in the front of the frame.

I would not mess around adjusting this screw. The result will be a lighter hammer strike, and possibly unreliable strikes on primers, not a smoother trigger pull. Your older gun should have an action that is about as good as it gets. Likely needs a cleaning though. A good cleaning can be done cheaply by a local gunsmith who can also check over the gun for any problems. Then just take it out and shoot it and dry fire it some and get used to the action as it is.

If you find the trigger is too stiff for you discuss it with the gunsmith some.


Old Fuff
April 7, 2013, 01:09 PM
The $50.00 S&W letter won't necessarily show what police department bought the revolver (if indeed it was purchased by one) but rather the distributor it was shipped to, and on what date. Most police departments that placed direct orders with the company also had them roll marked or stamped with the department's name or initials.

The mainspring strain screw is not intended as a way to adjust the trigger pull, but rather to take tension off the spring while lockwork is being disassembled or assembled. Using it to tinker with the trigger pull can result in misfires, and in extreme instances result in damage or a broken mainspring.

The basic design of the action is the same as current production, but with few exceptions the parts are not interchangeable. Current and recent production have firing pins mounted in the frame, not on the hammer.

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