New Glock 19 and Kydex holster


April 27, 2013, 03:07 AM
Well I felt there was something missing in my life and come to find out it was a Glock 19 haha.

I had sold my 19c to a buddy that needed a carry gun and I carried a few different pistols over the last 2years and nothing really fit the way my 1st 19 did. My M&P was close but I missed the 19

Due to the craziness in the last 6 months I couldn't find one anywhere for a price in my budget. Well I got lucky and found a NIB Gen3 at the local gunshop and I got started. The plan is to finally build my EDC/do everything pistol. I added a full Ghost 3.5 trigger, extended mag release, extended slide release and I threw my G17 polymer magwell on it for the time being. I had Advanced Performance Shooting undercut the trigger guard and picked up one of thier high output kydex holsters and a mag pouch. APS does amazing work, I've owned 4 of these holsters and will have one for every pistol I'll ever own. The mag pouches aren't any wider than the mag itself and are very light. A set of heinie or TFO sights will go on next. Then I'll decide what I'm gonna do with the grip. A part of me wants a ZEV magwell the other part wants to do a full grip reduction and texturing.

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April 27, 2013, 06:58 AM
What exactly is undercut the trigger guard? I ask as the only issue I have with my G19 is trigger guard where it meets the grip. It angles up and bites my middle finger. Not a big issue. I had sold my glock 23 and also needed another glock in my life. I like the gen 3 models. Night sight and grip force adapter are in it's future. Good luck with yours.

April 27, 2013, 05:10 PM
Look at his trigger guard at the rear where it meets the grip. Basically material is removed from the bottom and it is left thinner. His looks as if material has been taken off the sides as well. Typically people radius the sides a bit as well. If you google under cut glock trigger guard or the like you will find lots of info. The main advantages are it allows a higher grip and alleviates "glock knuckle" for lots of people. I would never pay someone to do it though. Sand paper is much cheaper and it is a easy mod to do.

April 27, 2013, 07:45 PM
They are great handguns. Just picked up another one myself. I like the magwell too

April 28, 2013, 09:43 AM
Thank you all, bowhunter ,as girodin stated, the trigger guard undercut is right where your middle finger meets the trigger guard and the front of the grip. It's used to get a high grip on the weapon and its been done for years. With the mag well on the 19 it really stuffs my hand up high and the undercut gives my fat little finger plenty of room. Also on the sides we removed some more material so you get this nice round angle every where. Training scars and best practices: if this is something you are interested in doing it can be easily by yourself, I recommend a professional but it can be done. Get a wood dowel rod or other hardware the same size as your middle finger, wrap a some corse sandpaper around it and little by little remove plastic from that area. Take a few mins to Test fit to your hand grip it strong/weak hand and normal 2handed grip you can also remove some material from the middle of the trigger guard where your support hand finger goes. Once it is close to where you want it change your sandpaper to a finer grit "I use 2000 grit sometimes" and go back over the whole area and smooth it out. This will kinda polish that area and make sure all the edges are round. Try it I think you'll want to do it to every pistol you owned. Even on my old sig 226 and S&W 5906 I've done this too it's amazing

April 28, 2013, 09:45 AM
Another angle

April 28, 2013, 09:49 AM
The mag well I have on there now is for a full size so it fits a little funny. But glock store has them for compacts $29.99 I think but it may take 3weeks to get it those poor guys are so backed up right now. I just ordered a glockmeister alum one and ill try that out.

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