Ultimate .30-06 Rifle Project


February 3, 2003, 03:05 PM
I am about to embark on building my idea of the ultimate .30-06 bolt action rifle.

I have 3 other bolt action .30-06s but all of them have a subtle flaw or two that makes them less than ultimate in my mind these include a sporterized Springfield (slated for rebuild), a FN Mauser (broken & repaired stock ala UPS), Pre war Model 70 Winchester (keeping as a potential collectors item)...

I have located a standard Pre 64 action (I still have to weasle it off the guy) that has been previously rebarreled- hopefully, this means it has been squared. I'd like to screw on a 22" Lothar Walther barrel somewhere around 2 1/2 contour, mount a set of modest express style sights with band ramp front and possibly a barrel band. The stock is potentially a somewhat plain stick of French or Bastogne walnut, reddish in color to avoid the use of stains, shaped like an English express rifle stock. Rust blue and stock finish by me, checkering by anyone else but me. Weight to be around 8 lbs.

I would like any other gunsmiths opinions on trimming out a severely classic Pre 64 and any suggestions with regard to iron sight/QD mount combinations that are effective. Is my finished weight realistic?


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February 3, 2003, 08:34 PM
Keep us posted as you progress.

I have a Model 70 built in 1949 that is a real nice 30-06 although it is unmodified. I have tinkered with the idea of getting a really beautiful stock for it but have enough other projects in front of it right now.

When you say pre war are you saying pre WWII??

February 3, 2003, 10:39 PM
Yes, the rifle was built pre WWII for USA, in 1940 with a barrel dated 1941. These can be easy identified by the "flag" safety instead of the more familiar 3 position style. I originally bought it for the action as the gun looked trashed/rusted out but all the "rust" was TruOil and it scrubbed off with some paint remover- the gun cleaned up so well, I didn't want to chop it up...

The action I have my eye on is pristine but currently wears a 21" .25-06 barrel and someone took a Surform rasp to the stock for customizing... I don't think I'd feel bad taking that one apart... I want the project to come in around $1000 so I have to get the .25-06 owner to get realistic with his price...

I'm gathering books and resources to know enough to fit the stock to myself or to have it fitted to me- Anyone ever have a rifle stock fitted?

Any thoughts or opinions welcome...

February 4, 2003, 12:00 AM
Take a look at this page to get started looking for a stock.


You should be able to find a fitted stock that needs your attention to finish for a reasonable sum. Trying to actually inlet one to a receiver is a task that requires tools, time and talent. The probability of getting it perfect first time is fairly low, unless of course you are already a woodworker.

The nice thing about the Model 70 receiver is that it is so common, including all of the early variants that getting an inletted stock is easy.

The toughest part is deciding on the quality and grade of wood you want to use:D

February 4, 2003, 02:09 AM
Instead of a semi inletted stock, I'm going to try the method of glass bedding the metalwork into a 'pattern stock'- a cheap copy of the stock made of inexpensive wood. This is sent off to the stock duplicator who mills the wood off the pattern stock resulting in a perfect press fit...

I've finished several semi inlets but the last two from Richard's Microfit were so poor, I think I am going to swear them off. A project rifle, a FN Mauser .270 with a Old Classic AA Bastogne stock from Richards still sits under my bench waiting to be finished- the inletting was off square by 1/16th" and the magazine box inlet was 1/16th" too far back- Doesn't sound like much but a 1/16th" gap in the inletting is huge. I tried to square it up and patch the gaps with dutchmen but it's going to be a "glass job" definitely... The rifle might feed... The wood is beautiful- damn shame.

I'm looking for the old English Red express rifle color with maybe just a few light mineral lines- nothing to fancy, I'll be using this rifle!

When I say fitted, I am refering to length of pull, cast off, drop, wrist thickness, pitch etc. I have determine the average factory rifle does not fit me well. I shouldered a Jefferies made .500 Jefferies express rifle at a recent gun show and had a revelation- it was the best stock I've ever handled, it fit me like dream and, in fact, inspired this project...

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