Breadth or Depth in a C&R collection?


March 18, 2004, 08:32 AM
As I ponder how to spend my tax refund, my mind wandered to what approach to pursue with my C&R collection. Should I go for breadth-getting examples of many different types of guns, or depth, and get many of one kind, made in different years, different factories, etc?

Breadth gives you lots of different kinds of guns, but also requires (potentially) many different types of ammo. Depth simplifies the ammo problem, but just seems to be more dull.

Of course, if I won the lottery, I could just do both...

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March 18, 2004, 09:12 AM
Swiss K31s at AIM for $90. Best milsurp shooter there is...ammo's still available. The one I got is beautiful!

Enfield No5Mk1 "Jungle Carbines" at SOG for $160. Only around 250K of them ever made. Good ones can still be had, but probably not for a whole lot longer...most fun I've had shooting in a long time!

If you want to go cheaper, Mosins are a good bet, but there was millions upon millions of them made, so they ought to be around at reasonable prices longer than some of the others.

Don't worry about depth OR breadth...if you have a C&R, BOTH will happen of their own accord. Trust me on that.

Have fun!

Greg L
March 18, 2004, 09:19 AM

If my collecting was to be drawn out as a line it would look like a meandering stream as it flows through the country (either than or a little kid trying to write his name in the snow :D ). It will be going in one direction getting a few different types of Mausers then it will wander over to the Mosin side, drifting back to the Swiss, heading back to a different type of Mauser, pistols, Enfields, etc. It really depends on what is available through the wholesalers at the time. I'm sure that eventually I'll start looking for a specific type of weapon here & there to fill a hole in the collection (and paying a large premium to do so), but for now I'm just having fun getting a little of everything & seeing how different countries around the world equip their army.


Eskimo Jim
March 18, 2004, 10:10 AM
I wish that I had your problem.

I don't have a C&R yet so I picked up my C&R eligible firearms on my regular permit.

I went with depth for my collection because 1) It's a small collection, 2) I'm really into Enfields. 3) that's the C&R rifles that I knew the most about

I'd pick one make/model and then go from there. If you see something totally different at a decent price, pick it up.

I've tried to read up on any model firearm before I buy it. I probably spend about 25% or more of a gun's cost on books before buying it. I've found that it helped me to find a rare example at a bargain price.

Good luck. I doubt that you can go wrong either way.


March 18, 2004, 10:18 AM
My tactic is going to be breadth, then depth:D
i dont have much money right now but whenever I can scrape together enough to get another curio or relic i think im going to try and spread the collection widely, that way if something dries up and the price skyrockets at least ill have one of something before they are gone

March 18, 2004, 11:09 AM
The type of collection is going to depend on the person. Generally, decide what you want to do. My "collection" currently has guns filling all the niches for tasks that I use them for. With that in mind, I currently have all the guns that I NEED. From here on out, I'm going for the guns that I WANT. Luckily, some of the guns I currently own also fill the requirement for some of the collections I want to establish.

The venues that I'm looking to establish are:

The Rifles of WW2 (M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, K98K, Arisaka, Moisin-Nagant, Carcano, Enfield). I may later change this to include the major pistols used as well and refer to it as The Guns of WW2.

US Service Rifles of the 20th Century (Krag Jorgenson, 1903 Springfield, 1917 Eddystone, M1 Garand, M14, and M16)

and last, but certainly not least.

Pre 1980 Smith and Wesson magnums. (Model 19, 27, 28, 29, 57, etc).

I figure that these goals ought to keep me busy for a few years.

March 18, 2004, 12:00 PM
My main conundrum is between the items I want (there's really nothing I can think of in the C&R realm the I need) versus what's inexpensive right now. I want a Garand (OK more than one), but they start at $400-500. I can get 2 M39s for that, or 5-7 various Soviet Mosins, or 3-5 K-31s, or 2-3 Mausers or SKS's.

I've got 2 K-31s, one each pre- and post-war. I want to get more, especially since they're cheap from AIM at the moment. I really, really want one with a nametag, since neither of mine had one (one had a tag from the Zurich Fed. Arsenal), and then probably pay the premium for an Empire one so I can get a really nice stock.

Then there's the Aztec Mosins-and these cause most of my mental anguish. How can I pass up rifles for $50?

Damn you, opportunity cost, damn you!

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