8mm mauser m48 vs marlin 336


July 2, 2013, 09:41 PM
So which makes a better iron sighted hunting rifle? Tell me why. We will go ahead and assume the 8 mm is using hotter ammo vs the weak stuff

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July 2, 2013, 09:52 PM
What are you hunting?

I would pick an 8mm Mauser over a 30-30 for the increased power if hunting Moose or brown bear.

I would pick a lever-action Marlin for deer in the woods, all around handiness, and easy to carry, 7 fast shots in the woods.

The other thing is, your M48 Mauser military rifle is battle sight zeroed for 400 yards or so and is not easily adjusted to hit POA for deer size game at 100 - 150 yards.

The Marlin comes with adjustable sights already pretty spot on for typical hunting distances.

So, if I wanted a post-WWII military relic, I'd buy the Yugo Mauser.

If I wanted a good to go hunting rifle for typical open sight ranges and game size, I'd get the Marlin.


July 2, 2013, 09:55 PM
If you want a bolt action and more power, the Mauser wins. If you want a lever, the Marlin wins (provided you can find a good one, after Remington took them over or an older one).

July 3, 2013, 12:50 AM
I am assuming a 336 in 30-30.

I have a Mannlicher stocked M49 Persian Mauser with a Timney trigger and a 3x9 Bushnell Scopechief II with the command post reticle. I also have a Marlin 336 Texan in 30-30 with a Williams aperture sight.

My 336 is my go-to rifle. Home defense at our rural VT cabin, out by the fire pit at night, walking in the woods. It goes to the deer stand with me in VT. With Leverevolution ammo it shoots accurately as far as I can see. I have used it successfully on walked up hogs in TX and FL. I can shoot about 2" -2.5" groups at 100 yds under field conditions. Can't imagine a shot on deer that far in New England.

I have only ever used the 8x57 Mauser on hogs from a blind at night. I took a little fellow (75 lbs) at 80 yards at night with an amber scope light - love that command post reticle - which is a tricky shot, at least for me. I load to hotter CIP levels that give you 30-06 performance with 200 gr spitzers. The fireball is most impressive but makes a follow up shot tough. ;-)

So, you can take 336 30-30 out of the box (albeit preferably a pre 2009) and with buckhorn sights, manage minute of deer with Remington Core-lokts that will handle any deer or black bear out to 100 yards after a few sight-in rounds. Add an aperture sight and the Leverevolution ammo and your effective range is limited only by eye sight and ethics.

Take an M48 Mauser out of its shipping case and you will have some very hard work sighting in to 100 yards. Put a mojo aperture sight on it and life gets easier. Scope it well and get used to the trigger and you have a rifle that will accurately take any game in NA at any distance most people are capable of shooting ethically.

So, were I hunting in the Northeast or anywhere in the lower 48 in timber, I would be very happy with a 336 in 30-30. If I were out west or after elk, moose or brown bear, a better sighted M48 would be a better choice.

July 5, 2013, 12:54 AM
I put a Mojo sight on my M98K mauser and a Williams peep sight on my Marlin 375 (336).
100 yard groups are virtually the same, each hovering @ 3"-4" inches off hand with a sling.
The 8mm has a lot more power than a 30-30, for longer shots, but offsets the recoil with the extra weight.
The Marlin 20" barreled carbine is a lot handier in tight timbers. Take your pick or take both.
Just practice and place your shots well, and your golden!

July 5, 2013, 01:20 AM
For me the Marlin or Winchester 94 iron sights are easier to use than most military iron sights. Most people seem to think Mausers tend to shoot high and I would agree but if you take the time to learn how to use Mauser sights they can be quite effective! It is my opinion it takes more patience to master Mauser sights but it can be done. Mojo sights look really interesting and sometime soon I want a Mojo on at least one of my Mosins.

July 5, 2013, 10:26 AM
I like the inverted v sights on the Mausers. Just work better for me. Now I've never used a Mauser as a mouser but I did use a 8mm Mauser on a ground squirrel at about 50 yards. One big red poof and nothing else was left.

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