Let Your Voice Be Heard


B. Bokkin
August 26, 2013, 04:25 PM
I sent the attached letter today to California's Governor Brown.

I am posting today, encouraging everyone to send a similar letter to their elected officials. I'm in California, but this cancer is spreading to other states. Look what has happened to Magpul in Colorado and Stag Arms in Connecticut.

We need to let the politicians know we're coming out in force and voting!


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August 26, 2013, 09:04 PM
THR members have been writting letters, calling elected officials, even going to their offices and sitting down and explaining the political realities to them. They've been organizing email campaigns, letter writting campaigns, leveraging firearms and 2A website mass letter efforts and attending rallies.

We have some good example letters on the Resources page. Yours is an excellent letter and worthy of addition as an example for others to use with their local, state, and federal elected officials. For those members without Word -

I am writing you today regarding recent gun control legislation that has been proposed in our state. I respectfully ask that you veto any new gun control bill that makes it to your desk. I ask this for the following reasons:

• Criminals operate outside of the law and already obtain firearms by illegal means. Therefore, the newly proposed gun laws would do nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining firearms. The proposed laws would only place a burden on law abiding citizens and would NOT improve our safety.

• We already have laws and procedures to prevent criminals from purchasing firearms, such as the Dealer Record of Sale (DROS) and the 10 day wait period. Again, criminals do not follow these procedures or buy guns from legitimate sources, so creating more laws/restrictions does nothing to stop them from acquiring firearms.

• The newly proposed gun laws will hurt California’s economy in terms of businesses and sales tax revenue. Businesses and gun manufactures will simply move to other states. This has already happened in Colorado. The company Magpul is leaving Colorado and moving to Texas.

• Laws cost money to enforce and California’s budget is already troubled. We are unable to enforce the laws that we already have. You know this to be true, Governor, with the court-ordered early release of nearly 10,000 California inmates. How could we possibly enforce additional laws?

• The proposed gun legislation is so flawed it’s absurd. The picture above is of a rifle that would be reclassified as an assault rifle under SB 374. It’s a small .22 caliber hunting/sporting rifle. Really?!?!

• Lastly, I find it appalling that someone born in another country can come to the United States and infringe on my second amendment rights, introducing laws that tell U.S. citizens, including military veterans like myself, what type of firearms we can and cannot possess. It disgusts me.

My two children started school this week, and because of California’s troubled budget, the list of supplies that the school wants us to furnish gets longer and longer each year. Additionally, the pension reform act that you signed into law has placed a huge financial burden on my family’s future.

Will you now allow my rights as a U.S. citizen to be stripped away also? I hope not.

I will be registering to vote this year and will oppose any political official that supports creating additional restrictive laws, including any gun control legislation.

Please do not allow California’s economy, the budget, and law abiding citizens to be further burdened with misguided, flawed legislation. We should try to enforce the laws that we already have. Please, let’s move forward with common sense. More laws/restrictions is NOT the answer.


August 26, 2013, 10:10 PM
"Let Your Voice Be Heard"

I do that everyday. I told the mayor of Circleville Ohio in a conversation about "assault rifles" a few months ago the 2a had nothing to do with hunting. He is conservative but I believe that there are too many people (both R and D) willing to question the need of some of our rights particularly the 2a. It was a good conversation but I felt the need to reiterate why we have the 2a.

August 26, 2013, 11:28 PM
Always remind them you're there, that you vote, and that you'll work to organize others based on their votes. A grassroots activist willing to tell an elected official what will and won't be tolerated and what will make them get up off the couch and out into the neighborhood will get their attention.

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