My EDC Knife Evolution


October 2, 2013, 11:15 AM (

TL;DR warning

Although I have owned various knives- mainly slipjoints as a young man, since I was 10; I often lost them. I decided several years ago that I would start to EDC a knife- knives one of the most useful tools ever. This was after I found THR and was mining as much useful information from the site as possible; such as, you need a 10/22 ;) So, I was at Cabela's shopping for said 10/22 and I bought the Gerber skeletonized knife on a whim. It was $30- I thought it seemed like a decent mid tier knife. I carried it for about a year and it worked OK. It got dull quick, but I learned how to sharpen it. Also, being skeletonized, I noticed it collected a lot of visible dirt inside the frame; I learned I need to clean it.

After reading and reading, I went to a local out boutique gearstore- the local Benchmade dealer. I handle several knives. There were many I liked. I ended up with an Osborne that I resold. It was a good knife and I believe had a reversible clip. This is the stage where I was determining whether or not I need a lefty pocket clip on my knife- and I do. The next Benchmade purchase was a Sibert MPR- no lefty on that one- but it was so beefy! And thick. In the end, I needed a lefty. I ended up with an assisted opening mini Barrage and I carried this knife for 2 years.(mini Barrage $105 -eBay)

Although I had sworn off Spyderco with my infatuation with Benchmade, the Techno really caught my eye. I decided to give it a go. After all, it did have a reversible clip, was a framelock and of an 'exotic' steel- what I really liked was the full titanium frame and the full flat blade grind. This name is my current EDC and the mini Barrage doesn't get much pocket time anymore. I had the knife given a custom 'nuked' finish by Randy Johnson- he anodized the scales and weathered them, carbidized the lockface, made a LSCF backspacer and acid etched and stonewashed the blade. (Techno from Amazon $165, custom work $++, titanium lanyard bead, $+)

I am glad I own all of these knives. I learned knife maintenance with the Gerber. Benchmade knives taught me differences in blade geometry and were my first step the 'next level' in a production knife. The Spyderco Techno has been a dream and is about as far as I think I can go in production blades- but who knows? I really have my eye on a titanium Sage 2. The comparison shows me differences in a weak lockbar vs a strong one- my Benchmade has some bladeplay but the axis lock is a favorite. I am not a hard use knife guy- but I use them. These three have all served me well for periods of time.

And, whoops, my first full custom Neil Blackwood is due in about a month. :D :o

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October 2, 2013, 07:41 PM
Good pics. Would you mind posting the other side of the Techno?

I was organizing and unpacking gear all this afternoon, and was reminded that I only have two non-Spyderco folding knives, both of them gifts (one from Dave McCracken, so you can bet I'll never get rid of that one).

I've been carrying my Lightweight Manix 2 Black for the last few months, for review purposes. Otherwise, I would be rotating between that, a Persian 2, and a Manix and a Manix 2 XL.

I have periodically bought other folding knives than Spyderco to try. Then I give them away. :rolleyes: :D


October 2, 2013, 10:11 PM (

I deploy the knife by starting it with my left index finger via the cutout and thumbhole. I finish the movement with my left thumb. Unless you were asking about something else. ;)

After practice, it deploys fast and easy.

October 3, 2013, 12:16 AM
Thanks. :)

October 3, 2013, 03:19 AM
Considering a Sage 2 in a similar treatment. ;)

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