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Gary Slider
October 14, 2013, 08:49 AM
In late August of this year I had the opportunity to be an assistant at a Mas Ayoob MAG 40 Class. During a lecture Mas stated, “This may upset some people here but we should not call it Constitutional Carry.” That got my attention as I had it listed at that time as Constitutional Carry on Mas stated it would just open a can of worms in a court battle if you used the term Constitutional Carry and not permitless carry or like he stated in the article “The Vermont Model.” Mas has been in the courtroom and knows how the system works and words do have meanings. Yes lots of people use the term Constitutional Carry but just because a lot of people use it doesn’t mean it will not cause you problems if involved in a self defense shooting.

At the next break I told him I had Constitutional Carry on the site and he stated he knew that and that remark was pointed at me about upsetting anyone. Well it didn’t upset me I just wanted the best information possible on the site. So within 48 hours I removed Constitutional Carry from the site and replaced it with Permitless Carry. I received a few emails asking me why I did that. So I ask Mas if he would do a Blog Post on that issue and he has. You can read it Here:

When you look at Vermont they don’t state Constitutional Carry. Their law is silent on carrying concealed firearms so that is what makes it legal in Vermont. Alaska, Arizona and Wyoming don’t state that they have Constitutional Carry but Permitless Carry. Even Oklahoma that will accept a state issued ID from those Permitless Carry States as a valid permit/licenses to carry in Oklahoma call it Permitless Carry. We should call it what the states call it. Mas was right in stating for Vermont we could call it “The Vermont Model.” By the way Permitless Carry in Wyoming is for Wyoming Residents Only anyone else carrying in Wyoming needs a valid permit/license that Wyoming honors. Some are stating Arkansas is Permitless Carry and Open Carry is legal with their recent law change. The state is stating permitless carry and open carry are not allowed under the new law. I believe it will take a court case/s to finally settle things in Arkansas.

ILLINOIS: The Administrative Rules for how the IL State Police will administer the IL Carry Permits are in the process of being written. Until they are completed we will not have the exact procedures for application. They are wanting fingerprints to be supplied electronically but the law states if fingerprints are not part of the application they must accept it but they have 30 additional days to issue the Permit. The Illinois State Police are stating now that you can start applying on or about January 10, 2014.

Illinois has also come up with a standardized “No Gun Sign” for places that post their property. You can view the Info and see an image of the sign here: In my opinion the sign is too small. If you are interested in keeping up with what the IL State Police are putting out about their new carry law this link is the link to bookmark.

CONNECTICUT. The Connecticut Citizens Defense League is reporting that the way the law is worded that you can carry a declared Higher Capacity magazine in your firearm but it can only be loaded with 10 rounds. Connecticut’s law requiring a magazine be “within” the firearm “limits the number of declared ‘large capacity magazines’ one is able to carry, along with the number of bullets it can contain. So it looks like if you carry spare magazines they have to be 10 round or less type magazines or you are in violation of the law. You can’t under the law carry a higher capacity magazine only loaded with 10 rounds unless it is “Within” the firearm. Will this matter to authorities? No one is sure but that is the way the law is worded. The Law states: (7) Pursuant to a valid permit to carry a pistol or revolver, provided such large capacity magazine (A) is within a pistol or revolver that was lawfully possessed by the person prior to the effective date of this section, (B) does not extend beyond the bottom of the pistol grip, and (C) contains not more than ten bullets. will be updated later this week with the Illinois and Connecticut info listed above.

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October 14, 2013, 12:59 PM
Re: Ct information

The CT gov't. FAQ site concerning magazines states "high capacity" mags must be "declared" (registered), but are allowed to be carried loaded with up to 10 rounds in a pistol by a license holder. They may protrude up to one inch below the pistol grip. In that same question, they say "assault weapons" must be carried unloaded and may not be concealed. Not sure what they mean by that. Does having them in a case conceal them?

See question # 13 here:

Lots of good info, and the new laws more clearly explained. In a CYA move, they say it's only for "informational purposes", "does not constitute legal advice". What is up with that? If not them, then who?

October 14, 2013, 01:25 PM
I guess Permit-less Carry probably is a better description. But actually 'Permitless Carry' can be broken down to another category....

Permit-less OpenCarry can also be described for Kentucky as well as a number of other states which allow for open carry without a permit.

October 19, 2013, 10:50 PM
Thanks for the updates Gary.

FYI, Illinois State Police issued guidance on "training credits" on the 17th.

Illinois Hunter Safety course, prior military service, and out of state permits all credit time against the 16 hour mandatory training in the IL statute.

Also, NRA Basic Pistol, PPITH, and PPOTH also credit 8 hours.

You still have to receive training on IL specific laws and range qualifications no matter what credits are applied, and you have to submit proof (certificates) of your prior training WITH your application.

Gary Slider
October 19, 2013, 11:14 PM
Trent, Thank you. I had a couple other items to update later this week but with this info I just added it all this evening. Thank you again for the heads up.

October 20, 2013, 12:38 AM
No, thank you for taking the time to keep all of this straight across the country. I've used your site a lot when travelling - just glad to contribute what I can. :)

October 21, 2013, 11:26 AM
I'll quibble.

Vermont's system is properly called Constitutional Carry, not because there is specific mention of concealed carry in the constitution, but because Article 16 of the Vermont Constitution has been adjudicated by the Vermont Supreme Court (State v. Rosenthal ( to preclude any laws requiring a permit to carry a firearm as anathema. As such, it is the Constitution that is held to confer the right to carry concealed without a permit, thus Constitutional Carry is an entirely appropriate term when talking about Vermont. And none of this is by grace of the Vermont legislature, as asserted by Mr. Ayoob.

Just note that it is the Vermont Constitution, rather than the US Constitution that we are talking about.

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