Evolution of the Safari Part 2...... The First steps


November 1, 2013, 12:07 AM
So our hunter has done some of the foundational research and has spoken to outfitters and Booking agents. He is still filled with questions, but now has some inertia in this.

A logical situation that comes up now. With his enthusiasm and vigor to continue this, getting his hunting buddies added to the trip, or a son, daughter, and or spouse.

The typical next step is to select a few places to hunt and collect a short list of the outfitters in those areas. During this process he will learn what game lives in each place and try to decide which animals he would really like to hunt. During this time the prospective safari hunter becomes knowledgable of the various antelopes. Prior to this he would not usually know the difference between a bushbuck, and a Nyala, or a heartebeast and a blesbok. By now though he is seeing pictures and knowing them each by heart!

The debates between which is most attractive and exciting to hunt with his buddies takes place. Much like the conversations about shooting a zebra or giraffe will come up now.

The Longer more deliberate emails are now going out to the outfitters on his short list. The questions are all over the board. But the common ones are:
If my wife comes and does not feel like hunting everyday, what is there for her to do? What is the weather like, do you have a pool? can we get a copy of the meal plans, do you have 120VAC for my Cpap machine. Can my wife bring her hair dryer and curling iron?

Do I have to skin my own animals or will you guys help me? Can I bring my trophies back on the flight as checked bags? How do we get the meat home? How much is it to mount a Kudu? Is it safe on your camp or will we have to bring handguns with us? Do I need snake boots, can I see the contract language. Do I need to have medical emergency extraction service? Can I bring my Browning BAR. Do you have a gun I can use, how much is it? do you charge me by the shot or for the trip? Can you zero my rifles when I arrive because I am very recoil sensitive. How far is the drive from the airport?

When you say all inclusive, what does that include? Is there tax on everything we spend or is that included? Can we take a day to go shopping when we are there. Can we zip over to Kruger park for a day. Can we zip over to Victoria falls for an afternoon? How old are your vehicles, are they dependable? Do you have gas shortages there. Can I rent my own car and drive there myself, Will we have to hunt on foot, in a blind, from the truck, on horseback, etc etc? Does all your staff speak english? If I don't shoot an animal in the package do I still pay for it? Do you use tracking dogs to find game?

Okay so this cross section of questions is pretty typical, not one fella asking them all, but some come close! There is typically a point man for the group, so most of the time one fella is quizzing the outfitter with the questions gathered by the folks coming. Most guys get more concerned about the questions the wife has, then the questions of the hunt they are dreaming about.

Eventually all the questions are answered and the hunter is about the pull the trigger. Some of the things that are on his shoulders are the air travel, meet and greet service, pre issued gun permits if he so decides, Other overnight and side trip arrangements he or his group would like to have.

Okay now, from this point we have to assume some of the plans to get more involved in the story for what comes next. So we will assume a June hunt, in the northern Province for general bag plains game for two married couples traveling together. I will post that part up next as Part three.

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