Bushnell Fusion 1 mile


November 7, 2013, 07:01 PM
Well, they finally came! I had a hard time finding these anywhere with a competitive price. They were all at full retail everywhere and nobody seemed to even care to discuss the price.

I had used the Fusion 1600's a fair bit but never liked the display or the bluish tint in the view. I have always been a Leica guy so lesser optics always disappointed me. Leica spoils you with an unmatched clear view. Having looked through the new " 1 mile" product released this year they did not have that bluish tint, or the odd focus between each eye.

So now with the brand new 1 Mile version both of those issues have been solved, and the optics are stunning. Even compared to Leica. I think you would need some kind of scientific measurement to see any real difference. I've used them in last light and overcast. Both more difficult then bright and sunny days. I'm so pleased that the glass is this good. Actually it's a bonus I never expected. I wanted the range finder first and the glasses second. What a pleasant surprise that both the glass and the rangefinder are excellent.

I finally decided to get a combination unit with my line of work. Being able to judge a Kudu or other plains game at 400 yards and then actually say the distance to the hunter all at the same time is great and so much faster. I have had plenty of times looked down to get the rangefinder and then I cannot see the animal when I look up again in just 10 seconds. Being able to follow them and range them with a running distance is brilliant.

They also have a couple features I have not completely rung out yet. Real distance with the angles of shooting steep, and a feature that shows holdover for your rifle or bow based on a ballistic table. You choose the one that most closely fits your cartridge or Arrow speed/weight. I Think there are a 1/2 dozen to select from.

The construction meets military spec, it's good, REALLY good heavy duty housing and controls. I don't think Leica/swaro/ziess could do better with this. I know they cannot do better then US military laser spec. Probably some glass quality........ I'm sure they have better glass. But as I said earlier it would likely take some high tech instruments to pick apart any real difference.

I'm nit picking here, but the screw down eye cups are too easy to rotate. They get bumped and end up at different settings and then when you throw up the glasses to look your eyes are not equal distances and it's weird. I think I will just put a rubber band or O ring behind them to prevent this.

Over all they are the best value in a combination unit by far. However, still expensive. Maybe not for the casual big game hunter? For the most serious of us, and those doing this for a living. Well I just don't see how you go wrong with this investment

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Outlaw Man
November 8, 2013, 08:19 AM
Awesome. Thanks for the review. It says a lot coming from a Leica user.

A lot of people consider Bushnell a low-mid level product, but some of their top of the line offerings are very nice and still within a lot of people's budgets.

Glad you liked it.

November 9, 2013, 12:36 PM
Just a quick update follow up they don't not measure close very well. Under 30 yards is inconsistent, under 20 un-usable

For archery hunters there are better options. As a primary bow hunter I need accurate 15-20 25 yard range numbers. These only get quick and solid data from about 25 and further. What a shame!

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