Season done, a year of firsts


December 29, 2013, 01:06 PM
In my county, because the laws are strange, the season ends almost a week before the rest of the state. Sadly, that means my season is done (until urban archery starts), but it was a good one. It was a year of firsts.
This was the FIRST time I've killed more bucks than does. That's actually not a plus for me, as I'd prefer does. One buck that I thought was a doe turned out to have spikes hidden behind his ears that I couldn't see, and another was a "I need meat in the freezer" kill.
This was also the FIRST time I took 4 deer in a season. I know for some that number seems low, but until now my highest was 3. I was pretty proud of that and my wife who doesn't eat venison is well pleased that we'll save on the massive amounts of meat I eat.
Finally, this was the season in which I took four new hunters into the field for the first time, aging from 8 to 21, male and female, and all but one saw deer. Another who I took on his first hunt two years ago rejoined me for the last day of bow season, in which he took his first ever deer, which you can see here: .
So, I'd say it was a good year. I wish I had more does in the freezer, but maybe urban archery in the new year will help address that situation.
I hope you guys had or are having great years on your deer hunts as well. Anyone else want to share any "firsts" they experienced this season?

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December 30, 2013, 09:16 AM
i get three tags a year, two rifle and one muzzle load. i filled all three with out a problem and they were very nice deer, when field dressing them i noticed all were filled with corn. i got a nice large eight point and two large doe.eastbank.

December 30, 2013, 10:05 AM
I'm still trying for my first flintlock deer.I did take 2 doe and a 6 pt buck with the .243.An above average season for me.

December 31, 2013, 04:37 PM
I understand. I usually only have taken one, but I'm living in the woods, now, don't have to go 25 miles to my place, not that it was a big deal. I've taken two deer this season (buck only county, 50 acres minimum to get doe tags), have one buck tag left, but might get to go on a doe hunt at my brother-in-law's ranch. He's over-run with 'em and needs to cull does. He's got 400 acres, says he has doe tags left over. Also says there's ducks on his tanks which he knows I'm a sucker for.

I also got 3 pigs in August, so I ain't hurtin' for meat. Been a good year for me. Glad it was for you, too!

January 1, 2014, 04:00 PM
Was able to spend two weeks this season with my daughter in her quest of getting her first deer. We are in a county with antler restrictions which only allow taking a
1) spike
2) buck with at least one slick or unbranched antler
3) buck with a antlers with an inside spread of 13 inches or greater.

Over the years this has helped for the most part in helping bucks get a few years of age on them. With that said, we saw countless young bucks from spikes to pencil horned 8 and 10 pointers but even being family she had to adhere to my rule of taking a mature deer of at least 4 1/2yrs.

She would ask repeatedly if that buck was a legal deer and I would reply yes but it's to young, let em grow. Being a new hunter and wanting to get her first deer she was growing frustrated by the day. In the 2 weeks we were together I taught her a lot and we witnessed lots of cool things, some that I haven't seen in 40 years of hunting. It was a blessing to be able share the time together. She even passed up on a few hogs waiting for the big one.

On the last morning of her being able to hunt she finally got her chance. Bucks were running does in a frenzy all week. All we needed was a hot doe or two for some live bait and the right buck and we were set. We got to a stand before daylight and got settled in. With the sun rising we could see does feeding in front of us along with a couple of small bucks. About 20 minutes go by and she nudges me and says look at that buck coming from the right. I threw my Zeiss's up and studied the deer a bit and gave her the green light to take him if given the chance. That particular buck would not stay still for nothing as there were obviously some hot does present. The buck continued to run does in front of us with him stopping at 25 yards but due to placement a shot wasn't possible. This went on which seemed like eternity with him out of position or not saying still long enough. He finally chased a doe out of sight 200 yards down the sender. Poof just like that he was gone, our high hopes just sank but knowing the rut inside I figured he would be back. Just a few minutes later I see a doe appear running into the sender in the area were that buck disappeared. I told daughter to be ready for the buck was probably right behind her. Sure enough the doe took off and the buck appeared. One last time I started to ask her if she was on the deer and before I finished the little 260 Rem went off and the buck crumbled and was DRT. The shot was 129 yards and she hit him high in the shoulder taking out the lungs and part of the spine.

We sat there trying to gather in what had happen in the previous minutes, it was crazy fast action ending in a blink of an eye and trigger pull. The buck was a mature 5 1/2 year old 11 point.

Another first was that the boss informed me that I was to pass down sausage making down to her. On the day before Thanksgiving, we ground, stuffed and had it in the smokehouse. 100lbs of sausage/snack sticks, just the daughter and myself.

So from sitting for hours at a time in a deer blind to hanging the last link of sausage in the smokehouse she experienced it all. Well we both did and we will always have some great memories of that time.

January 2, 2014, 12:16 PM
Great times are spent with family.

I know you took photos of your daughter's deer. So let's see them.

January 2, 2014, 01:17 PM
I get your reasoning behind the 41/2 year thing but I think young does taste the best.

January 2, 2014, 09:22 PM
Great times are spent with family.

I know you took photos of your daughter's deer. So let's see them.

I posted this buck in another thread but since requested here I'll do it again.

Here's her first deer before and after.

I get your reasoning behind the 41/2 year thing but I think young does taste the best.
I practice taking out older does, preferably barren ones. In the past couple of weeks we have culled several does that were 8 1/2yrs +. These are ground into burger so tenderness isn't a concern.

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