What next for 2014


January 5, 2014, 12:56 PM
Last year was a bumpy ride for gun owners here in Colorado. We took a sucker punch from our "representatives" early in the year but managed to retaliate, removing three legislators from office and costing our Governor many nights of sleep. The vast majority of our Sheriffs stood behind us against anti-gun legislation, and those that did not will hopefully be looking for new employment come their next election cycle. Magpul is leaving the state taking with it about 200 jobs and who knows how many support/service jobs from small companies that did contract work for them, not to mention the tax revenue. And despite the laws that were ramroded through, a proud young socialist was able to buy a shotgun (as recomended by "Uncle Joe" walk into and unsecured school, and take the life of someones wonderful daughter. All the time in full compliance with the new laws that were pushed through to make us safer, and once again stopped by "a good guy with a gun". To highlight the shenanagins, one legislator who received angry corespondence from a constituent and felt "threatened" immediately requested a security detail from the State Patrol. Granted, the guy that sent the threat should have known better and did our side no favors, but isn't it conveinient that she expects armed secrity provided at our exspense, while she works to take away our rights to provide security for ourselves?
So what comes next, I may be naive, but I have high hopes for the start of a pro-gun pushback that will take the wind out of politicians that think they can rewrite the rules and do anything they want. We have a chance to replace our Governor next November if the opposing party can field a candidate that can't be torn to shreads by the Denver media. There is talk of repeal either by legislative process or ballot initiative to rid ourselves of these stupid restrictions, and the law suit against the state continues even though they found a judge to say that some 55 of 62 elected Sheriffs have "no standing" to be a party to the suit. Imagine that, the very people that have to enforce this crap and know the true causes of "gun crime" have no standing. No wonder our laws are so screwd up.
On an individual level, I vow to be politically active, a prolific contributor to any media that will deal with the subject of gun laws, and to bring into the shooting sports as many new people as I can. Remember your Sheriffs, they hold a lot of influence. Make sure you get people in those positions that will stand up for YOUR rights, not just blindly enforce the bilge that comes out of your Statehouse. Identify the Sheriffs that are just there punching a ticket and working toward a high paying job as a big City Police Cheif, Get them out of office and and replace them with an Oath Keeper. The enforcement of unjust laws can only occur if there are people willing to enforce them.
When I see the pictures of Conneticut residents lining up like sheep at a mutton plant, to register their guns and mags, I pray that we in Colorado never have to face that choice. We can bluster all we want about "rissing up" in that senario, but how many of us really want to have to make that call? Do you show up at the registration office locked and loaded walking into something that you know you will never return from, or do you just ignore the order to register, and wait for the knock on the door? Will you meekly surender, or start a shootout with a 30 man SWAT team while your wife and kids are sitting on the coach watching TV? Not a decision I ever want to have to make, we loose either way. Better we get off our collect behinds now and get a handle on our elected officials. Change the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens, yes, I know many of them seem hopeless but I think we may be able to bring a lot more on board. Most of all, remind people that this is not just a gun issue, its a freedom issue. While many people don't think much about gun rights, they are starting to think about freedom, privacy, and keeping their hard earned money. And there is evidence everywhere you look that defines what our "dear leaders" have iin mind for our future, and despite what the bubble headed news anchors and the Koolaid drinkers say, none of us want it. :uhoh:

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January 5, 2014, 01:26 PM
Amen Brother! Yes, here in Colorado the geographical minority has far outweighed the rest of the state. Those that have stepped too far and too hard on the toes who they "represent" have started to feel the pressure of their constituents pushing back. I pray that those, on both sides of the aisle, outside of the Statehouse, continue to wake up and get educated further and, come this November, we shall reverse this leftward course some have been steering this great state toward for far too long. It breaks my heart that the people have allowed this for some time now and, through complacency, affected the rest of us. Time to get active, time to get vocal, time to get back to the CO and US Constitution!

January 5, 2014, 02:24 PM
As many state legislators get ready to go into session this January you must be vigilant. We can no longer wait for someone to point out what the other side is up to. We must start watch bills that are pre filled before sessions start. Lear the committee chairs and members who will consider any ani gun bills. Start visiting them. Forget emails. Handwritten emails and visits are far more effective. I'm not saying emails are not worth the effort but its the shear weight of them not what they say that carrys impact. So if you intend to send an email don't send one. Send 100.

We have an advantage but we never use it. Look at those you shoot with. They are the core of a group that can grow. Organize. Organize. Organize.
Work at your local level. Get your local LE on your side if possible. If you can get a resolution from your local government supporting the RKBA. Organize visits to your legislators when they are in session. Meet in your capitol with groups and fan out to visit everyone in your legislature. Plan,Plan and plan some more. Coordinate with groups in other cities. Converge on your legislature on the same day to lobby. Remember its your government.

January 5, 2014, 04:08 PM
There is a group here in CO that is trying to introduce a ballot measure to prohibit campus carry. As a 30 year old veteran and full time student at Boulder I am doing everything I can to fight them.

January 5, 2014, 05:35 PM
There is a group here in CO that is trying to introduce a ballot measure to prohibit campus carry. As a 30 year old veteran and full time student at Boulder I am doing everything I can to fight them.

Not going to link to them either, they need no publicity. That group files their first listing of expenses and contributions on Jan 15. It is then we see if they have any hope of doing what they want and if so, who is backing it.

I'd almost want to see them successful and get CCW on the ballot. A nice reminder to every gun owner right there on the ballot. (am assuming it would be voted down by a good margin)

January 21, 2014, 10:12 PM
No updates on their website, I haven't seen them on campus at all trying to collect petitions, no media exposure. I've spread word amongst the Student Veteran Association to keep an eye out for them. Hopefully its dead on its feet.

January 21, 2014, 10:15 PM
If it is any indicator of their lack of publicity, their Facebook page only has 36 followers. Each of the Recall movements was well into the thousands after they had been around for about a day.

January 22, 2014, 12:02 PM
They listed a grand total of $605 in contributions for Q4 2013.

total of 10 doners, 5 of them lawyers

January 22, 2014, 04:52 PM
I weep for you Colorado. I just found out Calguns has an Amazon store you can shop through to give them a chunk of your spending as a donation. I went ahead and made some purchases I had been putting off plus I made a few more that I didn't really need but still wanted. I just hope the general members of the foundation can't see my individual purchases. :what: Calguns actually fights the good fight and has taken some matters to court and won so I stand behind them for that.

So I hope you all get some Calguns like setups so I can give my little bit. The NRA is a good institution to belong to but we need guys on the ground and in the tenches so to speak. Writing that once a year $50 check to the SAF and being a member of the NRA just isn't enough anymore. We've got to make those suckers pay, in the courtroom at every turn.

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