Georgia HB 875 Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014


February 6, 2014, 04:20 PM
For you Georgia folks, Committee Meeting is about to start.

Watch it Live Here:

The Bill:

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February 7, 2014, 05:44 PM
HB 875 passed the House Committee last night pretty easily, even though we have had a lot of opposition from Moral Monday, Moms Demand Action and Gun Sense groups, etc.... at the capitol. They are more organized and vocal this year than ever.

With Campus Carry provisions taken out of this years gun bill, this has a high chance of passing. It now needs to get of the House floor through the Rules Committee for a vote and then move onto the Senate. If you live in Georgia, please contact your House Rep and ask for their support of the bill.

Gun bill gains panel?s OK (

These were great quotes:

While Wednesday’s hearing was dominated by opponents, including many members of the state’s faith community, Thursday’s session mostly featured supporters such as Elizabeth Finch, who said she often volunteers late at her church in Marietta and wants the right to protect herself while walking to her car.

“I shouldn’t be denied by law the right to equip myself for my own proactive protection, whether it be at a grocery store, a place of worship or my house,” said Finch, who identified herself as a National Rifle Association-certified instructor and the leader of a women’s shooting club.

While lawmakers heard from clergy members opposed to the bill Wednesday, faith-based leaders who support the measure came out Thursday.

Mike Griffin, a lobbyist for the Georgia Baptist Convention, said his employer backs the measure sponsored by Rep. Rick Jasperse, R-Jasper.

“It’s a sanctity of human life issue as far as I’m concerned,” said Griffin, who is also a lobbyist for Georgia Right to Life. “The Second Amendment right ends up protecting all life.”

Video here: GA Legislators Debate Religious Displays, Guns | Video | (

February 7, 2014, 05:48 PM
For those from Georgia who would like to re-live the committee meeting from yesterday you can do so here:

You will need to skip forward to the 24:50 minute mark, which is when the hearing begins.

pubSafe020614on gahln606 - live streaming video powered by Livestream (

February 7, 2014, 07:49 PM
I will contact my representative.

February 8, 2014, 10:12 AM
Good luck guys, keep up the good work and see this thing through to the end. Let people know at your local gun shops, facebook if you have it, friends and family, coworkers, Church members.

When we needed our Governor to veto a bill last year, I typed up little cards, 8 to a page of 8.5"x11" and cut them out saying to contact the Governor and veto bill XXXX with his office number on them. I put them on the counter of local gun shops that would let me.
The Governor did in fact veto that bill which would have stripped us of our Rights.

February 17, 2014, 04:11 PM
HB 875 was heard in the House Rules Committee this morning. It was favorably passed out of Rules and will go to the House Floor for a 2 hour debate and a floor vote tomorrow Feb 18th, 2014. No amendments will be allowed from the floor.

It should be a very spirited debate, but in the end it will be passed by the House and then sent onto the Senate. Those of you interested in watching the floor debate and vote can do so here tomorrow:

House Chamber (

If you haven't already done so, please contact your State Representative and ask for their support of HB 875.

February 18, 2014, 10:55 AM
Let us know what the outcome is today if anyone gets a chance.

February 18, 2014, 11:17 AM
This is what Georgia HB 875 Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014 will do:

Churches / Bars
Removes churches and bars from the off limits list and treats them like every other piece of private property in GA in that the property owner has the right to eject a person from their property.

Government Buildings
Allows firearms in government buildings that are not restricted or screened by security personnel during the hours the building is open for business.

Public Housing
Require public housing to allow tenants to have firearms in their dwellings unless required by federal law or regulation.

Changes to school safety zones:
Licensed holder who is carrying on elementary school shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
Any licensed holder who violates post secondary school safety zone shall not be arrested but shall be fined not more than $100.00.

For a person who is not a license holder the penalty is not more than $10,000.00 and imprisonment for not less than 2 nor more than 10 years or both.

A duly authorized official of a school can authorize a person to carry a weapon in a school safety zone, at school function or on a bus or other transportation furnished by the school
Allows local school system to allow teachers and administrators to carry in school safety zones and determine what training the school will require. Those selected to carry will remain unknown to the public.

Removes fingerprint requirement for license renewals

Provides for issuance of GWL to a person who is at least 18 years of age who has completed basic training in the armed forces and is either actively serving in the military or has been honorably discharged from the service.

Allows a person who has had his/her GWL revoked to be issued a GWL if the revocation was more than 3 years of the date of his or her application.

Restricts any person who has been adjudicated mentally incompetent to stand trial or who has been adjudicated not guilty by reason of insanity at the time of the crime.

Allows GWL applicant the right to sue if they feel they are wrongfully denied a GWL and to recover their costs and reasonable attorney fees if they are the prevailing party.

Prohibits any person or entity from creating or maintaining a multijurisdictional data base of information regarding persons issued GWLs.

Airport Carry:
Codifies airport carry in non sterile areas. If a person knowingly enters airport screening with a weapon will be guilty of a misdemeanor unless it is with intent to commit a separate felony offense.

GWL When Carrying:
Requires carrying of GWL when carrying a weapon or for exempt persons, proof they are exempt.

A person carrying a weapon shall not be subject to detention for the sole purpose of investigating whether such person has a weapons carry license.

If a person is caught carrying a weapon without a GWL the fine in court will be $10 if GWL is produced and was valid at the time of the arrest.

Defense of self or others, shall be an absolute defense to any violation of off limits places.

State Preemption:
Preemption law more clearly defined in our favor. Includes firearms and other weapons. Clarifies that no agency, board, department, commission, or authority of this state other than the General Assembly, by rule or regulation shall regulate firearms or other weapons in any manner. Municipalities may still regulate whether or not you may discharge a weapon within their boundaries.

Gives the right of any person who has been aggrieved as a result of a violation of 16-11-173 may bring action to enforce this statute shall be entitled to equitable relief.

Mental Health:
Requires GA Courts to notify FBI if a person has had involuntary commitment to mental institution, been adjudicated mentally incompetent to stand trial or has been found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Declared Emergency:
No one, while acting during or pursuant to a declared state of emergency, shall:
Temporarily or permanently seize, any firearm or ammunition which was not prohibited by law at the time immediately prior to the declaration of a state of emergency
Prohibit possession of any firearm or ammunition or any component thereof or
Prohibit any license holder from carrying any weapon if such carrying was not otherwise prohibited by law at the time immediately prior to the declaration of a state of emergency;
Require the registration of any firearm.
Strikes firearms and ammunition and components from the Governor’s Emergency Powers Act.

Codify into law some common law prohibitions that prohibit a person from being arrested if they go to a prohibited location to save someone’s life.

Clarifies that private property owners my eject a person from their property but may not criminalize carrying.

February 18, 2014, 11:40 AM
House Floor debate is starting now.

February 19, 2014, 03:56 PM
For anyone interested in Georgia.

Georgia Carry : An information clearinghouse for Georgia Firearms License issues and news » Blog Archive » HB 875 Passed Out of House by 119-56 Vote! (

HB 875 Passed Out of House by 119-56 Vote!
February 19th, 2014

HB 875 was voted on the floor of the House today, 02/18/14 and was passed by a vote of 119-56. This is 2 more Representatives than voted for HB 512 last year. HB 875 will now be sent to the Senate for action.

First, HB 875 will be read in the Senate and then assigned to a committee. Although we are not sure which committee it will be assigned to, we believe it will be the Senate Judiciary-Non Civil Committee. That is the committee HB 512 was assigned to last year. We will keep you posted on the progress of the bill and let you know when to contact the appropriate committee members and your Senators as well. If you have not been contacting your Senator, please contact them and let them know you support HB 875.

Thanks to all of you who contacted your representatives and made visits to the Capitol to help get the bill this far in the process.

HB 875 was first read on the Senate floor this morning and assigned to the Judiciary Non-Civil Committee.

February 20, 2014, 09:04 AM
Thanks tmoore!
You guys are almost there, contact your Senate representatives and spread the word to others, one hard push to secure your Rights and have a good foundation to build on in the future.

Keep us up to date!

April 18, 2014, 11:02 PM
Georgia Carry : An information clearinghouse for Georgia Firearms License issues and news » Blog Archive » HB60 to be Signed Wednesday, April 23! (

HB875 was turned into HB60 several days before the end of the 2013-2014 Legislative session.

HB60 to be Signed by Gov. Deal on Wednesday, April 23!

It is no longer necessary to call Governor Deal concerning HB60. Below is an invitation GCO received from Speaker David Ralston for all members of GCO to attend the signing of HB60. The invitation below is self explanatory.

On behalf of the bill sponsors and myself, I would like to invite you and your membership to Ellijay next Wednesday, April 23rd, at the ETC Pavilion on the Coosawattee River where Governor Deal will sign House Bill 60, the Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014. The bill signing ceremony begins at noon. After that, a BBQ lunch will be served open to those who can join us.
The address for the ETC Pavilion can be found below. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you and everyone in Ellijay next week.
Speaker Ralston
What: Bill Signing Ceremony for HB 60, The Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014
When: Wednesday, April 23, 12:00 p.m. (noon)
Who: Speaker Ralston
Governor Nathan Deal
Members of the General Assembly
Where: ETC Pavilion on the Coosawattee River
255 Legion Road
Ellijay, Georgia 30540

Click here for a link to the Google Map

Thanks for all your efforts to get HB60 signed. After the bill is signed on Wednesday, we will have to wait until July 1, 2014 for the bill to take effect. Founding Board Member and Atlanta Gun Rights Examiner Ed Stone is planning a series of articles explaining what HB60 does for the people of GA from a layman’s terms so we can be prepared when the bill becomes law. We will also have a session at the 6th Annual GCO Convention on August 16.
Hope to see many of you at the ceremony!

April 19, 2014, 06:54 PM
Huge victory!

April 23, 2014, 06:29 PM
There were 350+ people there at the signing and then for the BBQ. It was a beautiful day in North GA for restoration of our rights.

We still have work to do, but it was a great day.

April 24, 2014, 07:55 AM
I think the one statement the gov said sums it all up..."This will give added protection to those that follow the rules from those that dont".

May 25, 2014, 02:47 PM

Praise the Lord And Pass the Ammunition: Georgia HB60

The Georgia General Assembly passed House Bill 60 which made changes to Georgia’s firearms carry laws. For the most part, my opinion is that this a good piece of legislation in that it clarifies some ambiguities, and more importantly, it clearly codifies into law what the courts have already ruled: there is no firearms exception to the Fourth Amendment and the mere presence of a firearm alone is not sufficient reason to detain a citizen.

Unfortunately, there is one portion of the bill that will prove to be problematic. Currently, all places of worship are “off limits” for Georgia Weapons Carry License (GWCL) holders. Under HB60, the governing bodies of places of worship may take the affirmative step to allow firearms carry on their premises and at their services. Unless this affirmative step is taken by a respective place of worship, it will remain an off limits location.

More at the link.

May 26, 2014, 06:48 AM
Is there a form to fill out and file?

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