Hawaiian Sling


February 14, 2014, 03:05 PM
Anyone have one of these?

Here's what I would call an exotic weapon ... I am going to get the 5/8 in. diameter, 6'6" long model http://www.spearfishingworld.com/polespear-solid-fiberglass-with-6mm-thread.html and the 1/2" diam. in 2'6" length, with these tips ... http://www.spearfishingworld.com/trident-lionfish-speartip.html and this one in the equilateral configuration http://www.spearfishingworld.com/beuchat-trident.html

"That's gonna leave a mark!" or to quote the Department store Santa from the movie "You'll poke your eye out, kid!"

Thinking of (tagalog) "pangingisda sibat silat" .. "The martial art of fishing spear fighting"

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February 14, 2014, 05:09 PM
Keep in mind that they may or may not be legal in different marine jurisdictions.

We couldn't use them in the Cayman's this New Years.

February 14, 2014, 05:44 PM
Here's another source for pole spears.

February 14, 2014, 07:40 PM
I'd have to learn how to swim & dive before I could use it for anything at all.

Well maybe now that I think about it more.
It would be fun for picking up wind blown trash in the lawn with that Lion Fish head on it!


Shanghai McCoy
February 14, 2014, 08:43 PM
We used to make simple pole spears for reef fishing on Guam and also Oahu. Easy to use and pretty effective on the smaller fish. Speared an octopus once, now that was a handfull...:eek:

February 15, 2014, 02:13 AM
The three prong is useful for spearing small reef fish, but probably wouldn't make an efective weapon. Unless you can make that first shot very accurate.

February 15, 2014, 07:07 AM
I doubt the OP is thinking about it as a defensive tool (except against lion fish).

February 15, 2014, 11:29 AM
55-60 years ago a friend made one, I recall he used a long piece of red inner tube & bamboo, spear was just a sharpened rod. We used to swim/free dive in a old quarry that had a population of large carp. Bill would shoot one every one and a while. He got the idea from a book/magazine no internet then.

February 15, 2014, 12:05 PM
He got the idea from a book/magazine no internet then.That brings back memory's!

When I was about 8, the guy next door made a spear gun from plans in Popular Mechanics or something.
His was quite a professional looking deal with aluminum pistol grip & trigger, four surgical tubing bands, and a 5/16" steel 'spear'.

When he got it done, he took it out in the driveway to test it by shooting it at his garage door.
All the kids in the neighborhood were on hand to witness the big event.

Dang spear went through the door, and the trunk lid of his new 51 Ford on the other side!!

That was the end of the live-fire demonstration that day!
Don't think he ever shot it again, and I don't think I ever saw it again.


February 18, 2014, 02:47 PM
That alternate site is three to four times the price for the poles. Plus shipping from Hawaii is going to be way expensive to the East Coast here.

I am not thinking of dive fishing with this setup (more like from a boat. dock. or shore - fresh or salt) - frogs, turtles, fish - but also small game - used more like a spear than the actual sling. I could see squirells, rabbit, quail, ducks, possibly geese, racoons, etc.

But as I implied, one impresive fighting weapon. Against a firearm, not so, but against most other hand-to-hand weapons, it would be formidible. Stabbing, definitely ... slashing, not so much, but very scarey! The 5/8" diameter shaft would work for blocks and parries.

February 18, 2014, 07:11 PM
The expensive pole spears are worth the money if you dive and spearfish. A simple carbon fiber or fiberglass spear is more than enough for out-of-water spearing. That's what we call "torching" in Hawaii where we walk the reef at low tide at night and spear fish and octopus.

Spearing frogs, turtle and fish in shallow water from a boat is the same concept. We use the three prong head that spread apart and hold the fish. Cock the spear with the rubber tube and let fly and it will generate decent power, especially outside of the water.

February 27, 2014, 10:32 PM
When I was a kid growing up in Colorado we had a cabin in the mountains and I used to skin dive in our private pond. I made my own Hawaiian sling from a ski pole and braised a tri-point 12 tip on the end of it. I then attached rubber tubing to the end and held the pole in my hand instead of using a hollow wood thing to shoot through. I stuck a lot of suckers and carp with it. The tips would expand after they hit the fish and most of the time would hold it in place.

March 3, 2014, 02:54 PM
As luck would have it, the definition of archery fishing (bow fishing?) here in PENNA., is broad enough that it covers my fishing blowgun, as well as the polespear (I recently learned there is a difference between a Hawaiian Sling and a Polespear , my bad). I'm limited in the species I can take in any of these methods, but no more need for bait or lures or other expensive tackle. I'm getting an aluminum three piece pole (more expensive than the two solid fiberglass I originally spec'd out by a few dollars), but it can break down to three sizes (http://www.spearfishingworld.com/3-piece-travel-polespear.html ), and the two spearheads I ordered will fit on any configuration. Plus, who wouldn't want to walk around the shoreline of a lake or stream with one og these? ROFL!

I'll need to test the balance, but I believe it'll work as a throwing spear for (ok, not in the rule books, but in a survival situation) small game (squirrel, rabbit, raccoon, pheasant, quail, goose, etc.) also. I should have this delivered in about three days or so.

March 3, 2014, 07:16 PM

Check out this auction. It's a 3 piece fiberglass 7 feet. Cheaper and free shipping.

The problem with aluminum is that once it bends, it's hard to straighten. But aluminum is faster.

March 6, 2014, 05:18 PM
It came in. Awesome, can't wait for opening day! LOL. It's actually a polespear. 6'7" plus the spearhead. I've already removed the rubber band, since I'll be using it from the shore, not diving. When I was in college, we had a lake with bluegills. They would boil the water (feeding frenzy) like a blood thirsty school of piranha, when you threw in Sugar Pops cereal. Need to try that technique again.

March 9, 2014, 01:31 AM
Try it with the rubber band. Seriously, just stretch it and let it fly, even out of the water. Makes things much easier.

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