OH - Private shoot at Briar Rabbit


April 2, 2004, 01:26 PM
Some folks at AR15.com are working on setting up a day to have a private shoot at Briar Rabbit in Zanesville. Brian from Bulletcamp will be bringing his reactive steel target systems down for us to play on. You can check out the thread here (http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=8&f=12&t=177740&page=1) or PM me for more details.

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April 7, 2004, 12:17 PM

So far the tentative date is set at May 7th. Anyone interested in coming should chime in here or on the thread on arfcom.

3 gun
April 13, 2004, 04:26 PM
You can count me in. Having seen Brians work at TUSCO (http://www.geocities.com/tuscorp/) I can only wonder what he will have for us at BRIAR RABBIT (http://www.briarrabbit.com/) and all the room they have for use. I'll bring something for every range, hate to miss out by not packing enough.

April 15, 2004, 12:14 AM
We are bringing down the 10- plate targets with the judge system. This will allow four people to shoot at the same time, and will tell us who the first place winner will be. This system resets in less than 10 seconds. All you will have to do is reload your clips as fast as you can. We are also bringing down some of are spring reset set plates and pepper poppers along with other various steel plates so that we can set up a course that you guys want to set up. We will also bring e-z-e up tents incase of rain. So bring lots of ammo. More than you think, you will need this. This is not going to be like you average shoot, {load you clip, sit in line for 20 min., shoot, then do it all over again.} we run 240 people threw every hour. This translates to 1920 people per eight hours; yes, you read that right, that many people can and do make it through the 10-plate course in 8 hours. So make sure that you bring lots of ammo, and be prepared to shoot a lage amount of ammo (1000 rounds) that you thought was impossible on steel before.

Bullet Camp Targets inc

April 15, 2004, 12:19 AM
We will be bringing down our 10-plate race plates just like we run at Tusco. Also, we will be bringing down our reaction simulator with possibly the ball launchers. Our pop cannons will be travelling with us, so if you want to shoot them bring your own pop. (You know, the stuff you bought forver ago and never drank? This is way better than drinking it.) It's just like sheet shooting except with an explosion of liquid. We will have .22 race plates, so bring plenty of .22 ammo, and if time and shooters permit, we may bring down our resetting rifle targets. It would be great if you guys could reply as to what you would like to see the most so we can give you that, from three-gun tactical to just informal plinking. We're here for you! (Sounds hokey, but quite true.) Brian

it would be great if any one who is interested in comming to post on this thread so i know if we need to bring down more than the normal 6000 pounds of steel for this shoot

April 16, 2004, 09:53 AM
And it would appear that Brian has found THR. It's about time.

April 16, 2004, 10:36 PM
Sounds like fun. More deatails and i could probably make it.

April 16, 2004, 10:48 PM
i will be at tusco rifle club this weekend look for the guy with the bulletcamp tagets t shirt or ask around for brian oldani and i will anser any questions that any one has about the shoot at briar rabbit i am also looking for input as to what you guys want to run down there, so don't hesitate to post or talk to me. this shoot was the idea of "lisureshoot" on ar15.com and i thought it would be a great time to introduce some people to the systems that we and did not run at tusco. so if you can make it post a reply and come on down and bring lots of ammo, you will need it.

will post more of what is comming down and what to expect and what to bring down as i get replys on what you want to run

bulletcamp targets

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