UPS lost my business - go FedEx!


Poor Knight
August 2, 2014, 05:47 PM
I was sending in some equipment I used on an Africa hunt that needed repair and was under warranty - a pair of gloves, some binos, and a rifle scope. Leica provided a pre-paid UPS return label for the binos so I went to the UPS store. They refused to ship the "rifle scope" back to Trijicon because it was a "firearm":fire:!
I was shipping a couple of other things as well so I left and took my business to FedEx -- where I had no problems, plus it was cheaper. I won't use UPS anymore.

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August 2, 2014, 06:29 PM
Years ago my son and I started a home business to allow him an income that didn't require physical excursion. We cut Vinyl for signs and got our foot in the door with a Tour Bus company. Material they wanted to use required me to order it from the manufacturer, and there was a dead line of three(3) days. I ordered material and paid thru the nose for over night delivery. The next day after four o'clock came and went I called UPS and was told the driver could not find my address. At the time we had a house in a small town right on MAIN ST., every house had numbers clearly displayed and with our business of doing Vinyl graphics our House numbers were very distinctive. On the day the Tour buss was schedule to leave on it's first trip we finally received the material. I refused the shipment and spent time on phone with UPS office and received a refund of the shipping charge. I will send anything but never will UPS ever get a single penny from me.

August 2, 2014, 06:47 PM
My recollection of the story is a bit fuzzy, but when I was in college one of my acquaintances had quite a few tales of UPS - he worked in a distribution center, and then later as a driver. Among other things, an unspoken practice (in that site) was that if a box broke open, the contents were fair game. And interesting looking boxes tended to "break open" a lot. That was a few decades ago (lawd, time marches fast), and I've had had very few positive encounters with UPS since.

Most recently this week, I lost several hours of work waiting at home for a delivery (mags and other accessories) that didn't arrive. After several calls through the UPS food chain, I got several follow up calls from a supervisor - she was genuinely sympathetic and concerned - manifests and the website said the packages was out for delivery for several days, but physical inspection did not turn up the box. With polite but consistent followup, however, the package mysteriously appeared and was delivered.

Shippers (particularly small biz) using UPS should NOT put identifying information if they are in an "interesting" product line - i.e. don't print "Joe's Gun Accessories" on the label - just "Shipping Dept." and an address.

August 2, 2014, 06:59 PM
This is a business complaint over a simple misunderstanding that could be resolved by going back and shipping as an optic and not appropriate for Activism (

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