parallax adj help


August 4, 2014, 11:29 AM
Can someone give a quick review on parallax adjustment on a 3x9 adj objective rifle scope. I bought a used V9 in excellent condition this spring for use on 22s. When I shot today, I could not get the parallax out, at 30 yards. It did not seem to matter what power. In fact, I found it odd that I could not even get the cross hairs well defined until I set the obj on 100 yards instead of 30! Or, is this V9 not a very good scope? It is all steel and made in El Paso I believe and approx. vintage of 70s! Anyway, any suggestions besides using for a hammer? Thanks, Tom

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August 4, 2014, 01:13 PM
Try setting the AO on infinity.

Then pull up and look through the scope at the blue sky.
If the x-hairs are out of focus, adjust the eye-piece in or out, then look at the sky again.

Keep doing it until the x-hairs are clear & sharp.

Do Not try to adjust the eye-piece while staring through the scope.
Your eye will try to compensate for the out of focus scope much faster then you can screw the eye-piece in & out.

Once the eye-piece focus is set for your vision, the AO distance settings 'should' also be right.

But maybe not.
The old V-9 was an one of the early variables.
And they didn't quite have it all figured out back then.


August 4, 2014, 06:46 PM
Thank you sir! I will try again tomorrow. Tom

August 8, 2014, 02:40 PM
Your scope should have an adjustment for Parallax, an adjustment for magnification and an adjustment for reticle focus. The Parallax/focus adjustment is the one with distances marked on it, a ring at the objective end of the scope or a dial on the side of the scope. Magnification is obvious.
Reticle focus is the rearmost adjustment on the eyepiece and secured with a locking ring. It is adjusted by holding the rifle up at a light sky and QUICKLY look through the scope at the reticle. (DO NOT continue looking as your eye will automatically compensate for the reticle focus) Do this quickly and for very short periods of time, adjusting the eyepiece until the reticle is focused when you look quickly Then lock it in place with the lock ring.
Then mount your scoped rifle on a good rest. Find a verticle post or pole or any clear verticle item at 100 yards. Align your scopes verticle crosshairs with the verticle post. Then carefully, without touching or moving the rifle move your eye back & forth behind the eyepiece, watching the crosshairs on the post.
When Parallax is dialed out, the crosshairs will not move as you move your eye back & forth. You can adjust the Parallax ring or dial until the reticle does not move as you move. Then at that distance, Parallax is adjusted correctly. Parallax settings WILL be different at longer or shorter ranges.
I usually use a little dot of white out to mark the correct position of the focus / parallax ring or dial.
NOTE! you may not be at the marked distance when you have dialed out the parallax. Only two of my scopes actually coincide with distance and parallax free settings.

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